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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Invited to Anna Muelter´s lively 21st birthday soiree at the Austrian boite Ginos in Kreuzberg. Miss Anna Muelter is Berlin´s #1 go to production gal at the Hebbel Theatre, and one young lady that all of CHEAP depend upon. We first started working with her in 2007 with CHEAP Blacky, and now none of us can imagine life without her. Anna also works with superstar Peaches.
At the end of March i will be going to Zurich, Switzerland to collaborate with Bruce La Bruce and Susanna Sachsse to work on the male hysteria project Macho Family Romance, but before that Anna has been coordinating everything with the Jack Smith Live Film Festival curated by Ms. Sachsse and her boyfriend film historian Marc Siegel that will take place in two sections in the Spring and Fall at the Arsenal Institut für Film und Video Kunst and Hebbel Theatres. Helping Anna celebrate her birthday in high glam style at Ginos Southern German Cookery in Kreuzberg was handsome Israeli dancer Aasaf Hochman and his beautiful honeypot Alexander the Great of Macedonia, curatorial assistant Nadja Talmi, Forum Expanded´s Nanna Heidenreich with famed DJane Olga Damnitz, set designer Senol Senturk, filmmaker and musician Tim Blue, Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, the sexy Ms. Sachsse, gorgeous Turkish artist Nevin Aladag and juicy art presenter Stefanie Wenner.
Last Saturday sexy bubble butt Nanna Heidenreich decided to have a post birthday bash for the Doll Vaginal Davis at her spacious Bergmanstrasse graveyard compound. The food was mega delicious featuring roasted Chicken Tikka with two kinds of three cheese mashed potatos, carmelized onions and a gamey glitter salad. Of course the fancy French Champagne never stopped flowing. Getting down in helping to raise the dead: Tim Blue and his new LA fashion designer boyfriend Cornel Collins, Scandanavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, DJane Olga Damnitz with roommates Senol Senturk and Natasha of Persia, Nicole Wolfe´s demure Danish artist girlfriend Eline MacGeorge with her sweetie pie Irish pal, naked big peniled DJ Acme Singt, sculptor DeRohan Chabot with super hunky Israeli actor Liron Levo who used to be the beau of actress Natalie Portman.
Went to the premier of Alexander the Great of Macedonia´s new feature film The Logic of The Cat. The German/Greek co-production is amazing. Filmed on location in Athens during the student uprisings and features a young Greek Adonis with a penis bursting out of his skimpy underwear. The boy reminds me of a younger version of Greek filmmaker and curator Vassily Bourakis. Seen at the casual private screening: “It Girl” Anna Muelter, Assaf Hochman, the boyfriend of the director, French/German Julian, the directors best friend who is young, beautiful and very well hung, the films handsome director of photography and his pretty girlfriend, artiste Philippe Comtesse and an assortment of UDK bright young things.
This Saturday i will be hosting the first Rising Stars, Falling Stars for 2009 with a screening of the Japanese film silent A Page of Madness from 1926. So tell all your Berlin pals to flock to The Arsenal Institut fur Film & Video Kunst this Saturday 10pm at the intimate Theatre 2 in Potsdamer Plotz at the Sony Center. After the screening la diva will host a wine and mood stabilizing drug reception in the Rote Foyer.