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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Forgot to mention that before going to HAU 3 i stopped at the WAU Cafe for some delicious cake and coffee. Everyone was sitting outside enjoying the lovely spring day. Ran into cute Israeli artist Imre who is the boyfriend of filmmaker Lior Shamriz. Imre is working as a film editor and part time for the WAU at the HAU 2 Foyer bar, and still occasionally bartending at Barbie Dienhoff.
I flirted with my favorite WAU waiter the tiny and sexy blondine Benny with the pretty blue eyes. Also hung out and sat next to at HAU 3 the delightful and charming curator Dorothee Wiener, with her distinguished looking male escort. Dorothee is extremely beautiful,elegant and patrician. Found out that we are both born the same year.
Went to HAU 3 to see EIN WARNGEDICHT or Warning Poem by young handsome Turkish filmmaker and stage director Tamer Yigit. I have been wanting to see something by Mr. Yigit for some time as he is quite an alluring, brooding presence at the Hebbel Theatre. Warning Poem was being presented as part of an international festival for curators and programmers so the proceedings which were in German had English untertitles--thank god.
It was wonderful to see a piece with some young, fresh,and very intense Turkish performers who were also major Ms. Gorgeous. Their youthful bravado was a complete utter treat to the senses. The hornpig in me kept hoping that the two lead actors with short dark hair would take off some clothing. The boy playing Tony had one of those rock hard lean bodies and flat abs that you could wash your clothes with,plus a bubble,sniffable butt to build a dream on. He was extremely lovesexy in that ultimate bad boy big dicque arrogant manner that completely drives me crazy. The other dark haired lad was classically handsome, with a manlische square jawed Yilmaz Guney matinee idol good looks. The scruffy long haired kid playing Knut was chunky, but funky and had an endearing smile that lit up the house. The only girl was strikingly beautiful, with a lovely singing voice and a magnetic stage presense. She deserved more stage time, but certainly held her own amidst all the machismo posturing from the young men. My only complaint being that the cast screamed a great deal where restraint and reserve would have been more affective. Also having the live guitar playing and other soundscapes continuously during the recitation of text would have created a nicer sense of layering with the poetry. Its so standard German theater to have only quiet during the speaking of text. When will they learn that approach is very dull and boring. If I was working with this fantastic cast i would have them showing the audience their feelings via gesture,and tableaux,keeping dialogue to a minimum.
In all i was excited to finally see the work of the enticing Mr. Yigit and kudos to him and his juicy cast Almila Bagnacik, Ömer Tarakci, Talu Emre Tüntas and Haydar Yilmaz.
Malcolm Maclaren died recently. I have only had one encounter with the punk rock maestro.In the early 80s at the Gagossian Gallery in Beverly Hills there was a Richard Bernstein exhibition of his Interview Magazine cover paintings.I came to the exhibit with the Afro Sisters, and the crowd was very hostile toward us and our look. One must remember that dressing ala the early 1970s wasn´t considered retro in the early 80s as some people were still sporting those fashions on a daily basis.
I think i was wearing a multi-colored caftan, and the Sisters were in performance costume mode donning super micro-minis with matching shiny pleather jackets & boots. This brittle blond art gallerist friend of mine was dating Mr. MacLaren at the time and she met me and the Sisters at the entrance of the gallery and escorted us to the VIP area where we partied royally with Christopher Makos, Andy Warhol, & Grace Jones who was coming on very strong to my Afro Sister „Pop That Cherry“ Jefferson aka: Priscilla Hazelwood. Mr. MacLaren was left speechless, and just looked at me the entire evening in a daze.
Took Anna Muelter of HAU out for a belated birthday breakfast at this cute little cafe on the canal banks. Anna is so sweet.The weather was perfect and we sat in the direct sun. Afterwards we took a girlish stroll and Anna showed me her new split level penthouse flat that she bought next to the Kreuzeberg hospital.
Filmed a new movie project directed by French beauty Pauline Beaudry and her handsome German ex-girlfriend Renata Lorenz.In this short subject I play the early 20th Century black vaudeville star Ada Overton Walker.I performed a distilled version of the cakewalk that left me with swollen leggs and feet for a day afterwards. Tan Bihn Nguyen designed the hair and make-up which was wonderful. Tan Bihn is a genius. Also starring in the movie is the amazing Spanish dancer Arantxa Martinez.
Der Spiegel writer Felix Knoke and his good friend and roommate Jan came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta the other day and we had a lovely time drinking and chittle chatting until the wee hours. Felix is adorable and he and Jan perform as a pick up band with my dear girlfriend Ms. Glen Meadmore whenever he performs in Europe.
Don´t know if this is real or not, but i got a very official looking letter requesting an autograph picture from someone representing Hamden bin Mohammed al Maktoun who is the Crown Prince of Dabai. Someone could easily be pulling a big practical joke on me, but all i can say is that i hope this Saudi Prince is goodlooking and well endowed.