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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


Took handsome little Papa, Frank Rodriguez out to eat at Zero One in the building that use to be the Mongolian BBQ shack, that is on the corner next to the Coral Sands Shopping Sex Center and Grocery Museum. I wanted to go the Korean BBQ on 8th Street but Frankie pie had already been there with his hot boyfriend P's, visiting Montana clan.

I was immediately put off by the hostess who wouldn't let us sit at this window table. She said it was reserved, but no one came to sit there during the course of our meal, which in the case of what i ordered was horrible. I hate asian fusion food. The trendy decor also turned my stomach and although he was somewhat cute, the DJ spinning for the diners was playing awful music, and he seemed like he was wearing a buttplug. The cute boy waiters were all very nice, and i shouldn't have been so bitchy to them just because the ugly hostess was being cunty. I should have spoken up and told the boys my concerns, but i figure the place won't even last two months, so why bother.

Monday, April 12, 2004


My birthday was in February and I'm still milking it in April.
My darling Anderson Cooper took me to dinner in J-Town and then to REDCAT at the Dizney Hall to see Peach Blossom Fan, the Chinese Opera that Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields, wrote the music and lyrics too. We were having so much fun at supper that we lost track of the time, so we missed a couple of minutes of the piece which was beautifully staged and mounted. One of my amazing Platinum Oasis installation artists Michael Casselli (of the burning electricity room) handled the technical direction.

The cast was mostly made up of wide-eyed, bushy tailed Cal Arts Theatre students, and recent grads, which was a little sad, as most of them have no stage presence or oomph to carry off something of this nature---the exception being the pintsize ganymede baby dyke looking boy, who perfectly showboated as the Emperor Fu Norton. The lead actress was a black girl who looked like a tranny, she had a pleasant singing voice, but I felt couldn’t hold the precise movements together and came off a tad flat. Her male suitor fared much better, his lankyness and asphalt hair collick making him the perfect dashing young poet lauryette.

The older equity waver actors really did it for me. Nothing can compare to having a little gravel and texture. especially the settled aged women---the over-the-top black lady who played the Plum Pimp Mama and the knockout dagger Mar'Lou Rosato as the Provincial Governer/Prime Minister.

Stephin Merritt outdid himself with the music and lyrics, the rhymes where delicious in true Merritt fashion. I’m sure he was groaning at some of the rendering by the Cal Arts kids who are too mainstream theatre queeny in their approach to fully do justice to Stephin’s ill musical vision.

I’d sure love to see a Merritt/Ang Lee musical moving picture collaboration. That would be granada!