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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The handsomest man in all of Europa Mr. Uli Ziemons and DJane Olga Damnitz came to the Cheese Endique Trifecta to film the walls of shame of my studio that will be part of my new piece in Los Angeles at MoCa called dejecta/protecta. The wonderful Frau Damnitz besides being a celebrated turn tablelist is also quite an accomplished camera person, production coordinator and designer on films, theatre & art projects. We all had a grande time together and after shooting went to a local boite on the Hauptstrasse for some much deserved grub. Don’t recall the name of the restaurant as it was the only one in my neighborhood open, but they sure make a mean Wiener Shnitzle.
This evening I was feeling like having a guilty pleasure so I went to Potsdamer Platz to Cine Star where they show original language films and saw the tired American Sci-Fi film Skyline,by the Bros. Strause which is quite a stinker, let me tell you. I should have skipped this one. Poor Donald Faison of TV’s Scrubs fame and the Amy Heckerling teen comedy Clueless looked bloated with his bouncy manboobs and all-around confused demeanor. Luckily his character was killed early on. Before going to the flickers I ran into sexy Uli in the Arcaden and he was looking mighty tasty.
Was checking out Lady Bunny’s blog at and she posted a clip from You Tube of The Beverly Hillbillies TV sitcom from 1964 that featured an 8 year old Teena Marie tap dancing like a totkin Eleanor Powell. Had no idea that Ms. Marie had done any acting let alone tap dancing. Thank you Lady Bun Bun for that.
Also got a sweet message from Ms.Rosenda Moore in LA. Rosenda is a longtime MoCa employee and is an LA native who has lots of memories of a lot of the places and events that I have experienced and write about frequently in this very blog. Here’s what she had to say in a vivacious emug:

Memories again reading your blog. You are so in my memory banks, when you mentioned places I have not seen in over 20 years. Circus Disco, Peanuts and The Bitten Apple (I remember cha-cha'ing there with some brotha who had the nerve to critique my limited dancing skills on a crowded dancefloor one hot summer night when he should've been thankful I even stayed with his skinny ass all night long) and Madame Wong's (West AND East) and Catch One. Damn, Catch One always had killer DJs playing the best house music. My friends and I worked in retail at Bullock's dept store in Century City, and went out after work many, nights, dancing and laughing and have such a great time. And Hiroshima did a show at LMU when I attended school there.

Funny how remembering the beautiful soulful songs by Teena Marie opened up more memories.
In reading news articles about her, she was far more talented than just her sweet voice. Amazing.
Breathe In The Love, Breathe Out The Jive.

Actor and bon vivant James Franco contacted me asking if I would be his date to this year's Academy Awards presentation. Of course I am flattered, but the Oscars is the last place on earth i would ever want to go. Even if I was nominated for an award. The ceremony is so dull I haven't watched it on TV in over 30 years, so I couldn't imagine sitting through it in person. If Mr. Franco wants to get together with me for some hearty fornicating I am game.

Monday, December 27, 2010

So sad to hear that Lady T. The Ivory Dutchess of Funk, Ms. Teena Marie died age 54 in Pasadena.I loved her songs Lover Girl, Square Biz, Portugese Love, I’m a Sucker For Your Love, and Fire & Desire duet with Rick James her mentor.Teena Marie was a definite part of the soundtrack of my high school.Some of the kids who went to my school and were a few grades ahead of me were good friends with Teena Marie and her black posse. She was also was close with the Japanese kids that were in the orbit of that band Hiroshima from the late 70s, and I saw her many times before she was famous hanging out at The Mirror Go Round in Santa Monica, The Bit n Apple on Wilshire & San Vicente, and during her lesbiana period at Ginos II,Marilyn's Backstreet Disco in Pasadena, Peanuts, Circus, Catch One & Horizon. I don’t think it was a big secret that she was mostly a dyke,she also use to hang at that little black gay thug club in Inglewood near the racetrack -- the name of which escapes me now. I probably first met Ms. Teena Marie in the mid 70s when I was about 15 years old through this insane woman I use to work with named Chaz Boilini in Aunt Monica(nee Santa Monica) at Equifax Insurance Investigating firm which was in a small office building on Wilshire near Bundy next door to what was Humperdink’s Restaurant & bar (owned by Ingelbert Humperdink) that later became Madame Wong’s West. Equifax is still in business but now is a huge credit reporting agency. That crazed Chaz Boilini was a Venice Beach nutter originally from Chicago. She had even attended the Chicago Art Institute and knew Cynthia Plastercaster. Chaz and Teena Marie had worked with each other at the Great American Food & Beverage Company as singing waitresses in Westwood. If anybody out there remembers TGAF&BC you are OLDER then time immemorial. I hate it when I get flooded with all these memories. Mammaries like the colors of your mind . . .
Received a cute little note from Tavia Nyongo the performance studies professor from NYU who is part American and the other half Kenyan just like our president and is even related to Obama.

Dear Ms. Davis,

Greetings from the Bay Area, where I've been spending the first part
of my holidays with family before heading down to Hell Lay for the
Modern Language Association meetings. Pasty English professors
blinking in the California sunlight will be quite a sight I expect.

Before I left New York I had a delicious brunch in SoHo with Anna
Mülter who was in town on holiday. We caught up on Berlin doings and I
was excited to learn from her that you managed to resolve your housing
situation. Anna and I went to see Peaches and Dynasty Handbag and she
went to several others, including Young Jean Lee, the enfant terrible
of downtown theater at the moment who had a lot of older feminists up
in arms over what they saw as her lackluster tribute to their
pathbreaking greatness in her latest show. I missed it, unfortunately,
because I was taking my new date, a tall, honey-voiced Texan, to see
The Black Swan, which was sheer glorious trash, especially the scene
in which Natalie Portman goes down on herself! The Texan is a talented
violist who manages some of the most famous classical musicians in the
world by day, and by evening gigs around with a rotating collection of
NY-area rock and experimental bands.

I have news and a small request: I am delivering a lecture soon on the
work of African American emigres from LA to Berlin in which I plan to
discuss your work alongside that of rocker Stew and the novelist Paul
Beatty. Just what is it driving artists into the arms of Old Europe? I
am planning to focus on your work as a film curator and the Rising
Stars, Falling Stars series of screenings, performances, and soirees
in which you curate and performatively improvise upon the canon of
European high culture with your punk and diva sensibilities. I also
wanted to mention the classes/lectures on "Josephine Baker/Jean
Harlow: Screen Goddesses Caught between Black and White."

To the latter end I was wondering if I could trouble you for a couple
pieces of info: do you have copies of the "texts" you read for
screenings of 'Othello' and 'What 80 Million Women Want"? I'd like to
quote from them if I may. Also, I think you have a description of your
Screen Goddesses class on your blog: but if you have a longer version
of that text I would love to see that too.

Okay, hope the Berlin chill doesn't take the bite out of your
Sylvester. Through my poor planning I won't be in LA when you are here
later in January. Some jet setter! But I will be in Berlin May 15th
for the summer and hopefully through December 2011, so I look forward
to seeing you then if not before.

Much love,


Monday Frau Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of Kollective CHEAP hosted a divine early dinner party at her eastside Hufelandstr compound.There is no table like the table of La Sachsse whose cooking is Granada, and presentation impeccable.It was a CHEAP reunion of sorts with the entire gang present including film historian Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim translator to the shtars with hot beau Piero Bellomo, the Bros Blue Tim & kJohnny, the lovely Salome Gershe and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathous of The Arsenal. The menu consisted of a winter Thurington warm salad that is a specialty of the part of the East Germany town of Jena that Susanne hails from. This was followed by a riche honey toasted chestnut soup that coated the throat and stomach like the spermatazoa that David Bowie ingested from Iggy Pop back in the 1970s. The main course was rack of ganymede lamb with a hearty Tremaine bouillabase wine sauce that was all terragoned and thymed out with baby love carrots, teutonic greens, truffles and Witch of Endora endive. Yummy! For desert were Prussian jeweled Noel dainties, cookies and scones.PERFECTION!!!! The thoughtful Ms. Sachsse even gave me a lovely gold dipped make-up brush which i will treasure.
Unfortunately I had to eat and run because I had a date with Leslie Caron starring in GiGi at the Arsenal as part of the Vicente Minnelli festival. Not only was I engaged to the gamine Ms. Caron but Maurice Chavalier, Hermoinne Gingold, Louis Jourdain, Eva Gabor and a very young and hungthrobby Jacques Bergerac who I wanted to lick off the screen.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve dinner at Piero Bellomo’s of La Collezione was enchanting.Helping Piero with the delish menu was his beau Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim.For the first course Daniel made FagionSi Linguini from scratch just like a Southern Italian washer woman. The dish was cradled in fresh and dry Shazaki mushrooms—superb. Next came more traditional fare reflecting Piero’s German background in the form of Rot Kohl, wirey brussel sprouts, hog boiled potatoes and homo healthy baked chicken breasts with herbs. The handsome Piero’s mother is a blondine German who lives in Italy, and his late father was Italian but spent most of his life in Berlin.Piero and Daniel have been a couple for over ten years. Sweet Piero is one of the most sincere, and generous people I know of in Germany, and over the last four years since I’ve been living in Berlina he has clothed me from his personal kolleczione that also includes housewares. So thanks to Piero when I am in boydrag I always look lovesexy chic and stylish. Also at the little gathering was Piero’s tight bodied dancer friend Daniel who is Andulusan.Daniel brought to table his Northern Spain dance partner in his newly formed Flaminco troup. Senorita Laura is simply ravishing and vivacious and her juicy handsome lover Yuri came with his best friend the studly French actor Yannick Renier who looks so hot in that awful film Plein Sud that I saw at the Berlinale last year.Of course I didnt tell him that.
Joining us later for a mindblowing dessert of almond pine nut tart was Piero’s muscular Greek opthamologist Elestheris.
Having grown up for the most part as a Jehovah’s Witness, Christmas is a very foreign concept to me.Piero gave me a beautiful flannel hot water bottle covered in diadems which I have christened my new teutonic husband Edsel. Herr Edsel is going to come in handy this winter.Catching the bus home the temperature went down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit, and tonight it drops down to 14 but still I will meet Piero and Daniel at the Arsenal to continue watching Vicente Minnelli films with a screening of the Oscar winning musical of 1951 An American in Paris starring bubble butt Gene Kelly and French gamine Lesley Caron with that homo wit humorette Oscar Levant.Too bad modern movies don’t have any Oscar Levants in them, they are greatly needed in Hollywood.I was friends in the 1980s with Gene Kelly’s son Tim Kelly who use to do several underground dance clubs like The Nairobi Room and Rhythm Lounge SoHo among others.Tim had the same built as his father with a hairy muscle butt that just wouldn’t quit. His hair was curly while his fathers was straight.I even went to a New Year’s Eve party in the mid 80s at the Kelly mansion in Beverly Hills off of Sunset Blvd that had a maze like garden. That house later burned to the ground.
But getting back to Christmas. I really don’t have any Christmas memories as it was just like any other day growing up.We also never celebrated birthdays or other commercial holidays that have some loose connection to Christianity. My cousin Carla Duplantier of the LA punk rock band The Controllers also was a Jehovah’s Witness and my colleague at the LA Weekly the black writer Donnell Alexander was raised a Witness.Witnesses don’t grow up with the same religious damage that Mormens who leave that faith tend to fester in.Especially if they turn out gay, like Carla and I. Since JW’s are so rebellious and outside the norm in their beliefs, that background helped me not feel displaced by standing out and being different. Plus the religion is routed in constant study,reading and supplication. Being a child who was a complete bookworm I could relate to that on all levels, and theocratic ministry school was just like a theatre class to me. If I hadn't been a Jehovah's Witness I would have never invented the character of Her Most High Right Reverend Saint Salicia Tate. I also enjoyed prosletyzing on the weekends which was called field service that consisted of going door-to-door early in the morning talking to complete strangers about their favorite topic in the world-God.
I was such a cute, articulate child with a magical smile, that people were always charmed and invited me inside their homes, and being a nosy bitch of a kid I loved seeing how other people lived, especially those in single family homes.Having grown up only in project housing or apartments all my life the thought of a house with a front and backyard really intrigued me. My sisters are still Jehovah’s Witnesses, and its brought comfort to my oldest sister who is now 71 and dying of breast cancer. When she was in the hospital at Cedar Sinai in October she was joking with all the nurses and doctors and telling the people from her congregation when they called her room that she didn’t know why she was there.It must be that the doctors are madly in love with her.So she still has a great deluded sense of humour.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank god my back problems have subsided a bit.Berlin is not the best city for gimpdom, especially with all the snow and slippery clumps of ice everywhere, an Olympic athlete would find it difficult to circumvent this city in winter.I must be nuts for moving to a cold clime.
Poor Daddy Ron Athey has been having quite a hard time in London because of the unusual frost like conditions.I love the messages that the Dadster sends to me via emug occasionally in his inimitable style:

homegirl i got a bad cold over a week ago that was threatening to turn into bronchitis, winter wonderland was never in my vocabulary let alone desires.
why aren't i grand enough to have a hustle in oz or south america this time of year, or cape town for that matter. yesterday i had to do a talk at queen mary with kira, sick as a dog. i put on underwear, long underwear, a lined track suit bottoms, t shirt, long shirts, hoodie, with an ugly wool sweater over that, wooly cap, coat with big hood, gloves, two pairs of sox, and i had a newish tattoo which i can't cope with thinking about whether its healing or not so i just bandaged it back up for the second day.
my stupid birthday was thursday, which i didn't feel like celebrating this year. i'm super sour-puss. 49, i suppose i'll be a desperate attention whore when i turn 50 and have a month of celebrations in various cities.
luckily thursday i had a marathon phd philosophy seminar followed by a holiday party with food. i am digging that program as much as i hate this weather. and now xmas and new years holding everything hostage just when i got my hustle in gear to book some gigs for feb. uggghhh. i'm going to try to take a nap.
Got word from Los Angeles that the legendary gay bar The Spotlight pub is closing after being in operation since 1963.This would be a shame as it’s the last of its kind in Hollywood proper.The Cahuenga Corridor use to have lots of gay dive bars, but they have all been bought and turned into horrible celebrity rat traps that attract the likes of the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons and that ilk plus the retarded bridge and tunnel crowd from exurbia.It’s a sad day for Hollywoodwoodland when the Spotlight closes in early January.Too bad I won't get a chance to visit the bar one last time when I am in Los Ang next year.
Little tiny Alex of Macedonia whose real name is Tielemarchos Alexiou invited me to his new SonnenAllee flat for a scrumptious Greek passive feast. Also on hand was Alex’s cute Korean/German professor from the Frei University Suigi.Alex is an amazing chef, and I adore his new spacious compound.
After dinner was a private screening of his new Chocolate Grinder Kollective film that he made in the summer in his homosexual homeland.The movie is loosely based on the writings of Jean Genet and is very stylized in the way that most student filmmakers these days seem to function. His cinematographer Tasty Tim Shenkl really can make things look beautiful with black&white photography that shimmers in a James Wong Howe or Leon Shamroy like manner.At 70 minutes this was Alex’s first attempt at a feature film.I would edit it down to a 10 minute short and work it as a video installation.
Today is Christmas Eve which like Latin America is more important then Christmas day.I have been invited to a dinner party hosted by the great Italian/German fashion designer Piero Bellomo.The French actor Yannick Renier will be at the party, and I am anxious to meet him.He was so masculine and humpy in the films Plein Sud and the Christophe Honore’ musical Love Songs starring Louis Garrel.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My lower back has given out so I am an old lady in pain. Not glamorous for the winter solstice let me tell you. Getting older is no William Holden picnic let me tell you. With problems with my knees due to gout, and having just had my wisdom tooth taken out what is next? A Liza Minnelli style hip replacement?
Speaking of Minnelli on Minnelli before my newest ailment I was able to meet up with the CHEAP collective Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, Marc Siegel and fearless leader Susanne Sachsse along with Piero Bellomo, Assaf Hochman and Little Alex of Masadonia to see the Vincente Minnelli screening of The Bad&the Beautiful at Kino Arsenal. This is part of a rare salute to the faggot father of Liza May and husband to Judy Garlandish. I hadn’t seen The B&B for many centuries. Lana Turner was looking a little double chinned in some scenes but was still giving good face. Even better was hornpig Gloria Graham who won an Academy Award for one of the shortest performances on record. Ms. Graham is famous for the scandal of chucking her husband director Nicolas Ray for his 13 year old son, whom she later married. She is my all time heroine. Some of the other Minnelli films that will be shown are Lust For Life, The Cobweb, Two Weeks in a Small Town, An American in Paris, Gigi, Some Came Running,Brigadoon,The Band Wagon and Madame Bovary.
One of my hot and sexy young phd students at NYU Leon Hilton who is related to the famous hotelier family wrote a nice piece on David Wojnarowicz and the politics of representation up on Bully Bloggers, a site run by some NYU professors that will also go up on the Social Text site later. Below is the link so please check it out my darlings:
German Experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his brilliant art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta for a formal dinner that was filled with lots of laughter and intimacy. I am not the best cook,but thanx to the Turkish market OzGida and the very cute, young butcher boy who always flirts with me and gives me the best sweet meats i was able to make my Lamb Obscura Cutlets with soy and olive sauce, a frazzle cucumber & leak kurbist salad, roasted katzmajama veggies and prickle pasta salad. It actually turned out very nice. Wilhelm & Annette brought me a lovely tea&saucer set and the latest copy of their tome Jenseits Der Trampelpfade Heft 12 with the legendary Mario Montez on the cover.
Judy LaBruce is in town editing the Arte film she made in Paris with Beatrice Dalle, and working on the new opera project starring CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse. She contacted me and I suggested she come over to the Cheese Endique Trifecta, for a girlish one-on-one, but the farmers daughter has a case of cabin fever and wants to haunt the Nollendorf rent boy bars like Tabasco and Blue Boy. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little flesh for LuLu, but in my current state of disrepair a romp in the sleet and snow and 14 degree farenheit weather is completely out of the question, so I had to wish the Canuckian directrix luck, pluck and gander

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Jewish Muslim helped me last night into the wee hours designing a new Rising Stars, Falling Stars promotional flier that looks pretty sensational, plus Danny helped with some other tasks for my upcoming museum show at MoCa in Los Angeles that is called dejecta/protecta. Those of you in the LA area reading this should run and purchase tickets immediately as the Jan 22nd performance is divided into four different sections which have very limited seating, so first come first served.
Just got word from fearless leader of collective CHEAP Susanne Sachsse that we have the funding for our new project The Communist Bigamist. This is good news in that finally a performance piece associated with CHEAP that can tour easily. Our collaborations with Judy LaBruce always turned into a three ring circus with too big of a cast which made touring difficult, though with CHEAP Blacky, and The Bad Breast we did actually tour, but not that many places. Why go through all that work just to do a couple of cities in Europe when you can do the entire world.
Had a sweet meeting with the amazing Evelyn Ruessler who treated me to a scrumptious late brunch at the Anchorclause on the Canal in Kreuzberg. We had the place almost all to ourselves and were able to have a sexy and joyous girlish time catching up on our busy lives and chittle chatting. Sublime.
The day before had a big rehearsal with my art band Tenderloin. It will be the last time we all see each other as Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras will return to Canada for the holidays. I am so jealous that Joel and his humpy big dicked, muscular and super nice boyfriend Enrico Dallman will be spending New Year’s in the rain forest of Costa Rica. They deserve a nice time with each other in the lap luxury of love. My other bandmates Felix Knoke and Jan Klesse are both going home for Christmas and New Year’s so I wont see them till next year. Felix cooked a delish holiday supper of Spatzel which is a German mainstay. Jan just graduated from law school, and Felix works as a journalist with Der Spiegel Online. It was also nice hanging out with Felix’s beautiful girlfriend Joanna. Tenderloin may make its stage debut at the party nite that writer Travis Jeppeson curates at Monster Ronson’s. Also on the bill will be Gio Black Peter of New York and Mr. Glen Meadmore from Los Angeles making his Berlin debut.
Monday I had a dear gathering with film historian Marc Siegel and two of my Staedel Schule art school students from Frankfurt, the vivacious and pretty Romanian/German Andrea Bellu and humpy American intellectual Zac Dempster. A wonderous time was had by all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Got a sweet note from the great Billy Miller who will be returning to Berlin Feb. 12th till the first week of March for his big Bob Mizer exhibition at Exile Gallery. Billy says that the super cute Christopher Trout of the Mizer Archive will also be in tow, and that he will warm hearts with his eyecandylishessness. Can’t wait.
Was just sent this announcement from Yusi the guru of the Basso Kollective about a documentary film on the legendary lesbian performer Valeska Gert who was the sadistic headmistress in the G.W. Pabst film Diary of a Lost Girl. I already have plans so I won’t be able to attend but perhaps my Berlin readers can make it. I gather its at Basso, but I am not sure as the emug didn’t specify.

montag 13. dezember : monday december 13th : 2010
21 Uhr : 9pm

Wolfgang Müller präsentiert
dokumentarfilm von Volker Schlöndorff, BRD 1977
in deutscher Sprache : in german original / no subitles

in the context of his fu seminar, wolfgang müller will screen the
stilistically ambitious documentary (photography: michael ballhaus) which is the only extensive interview available with the godmother of performance,the incomparable valeska gert at the age of 85.unfortunately the rare tv production is not available with english subtitles, but nevertheless is even worth to see without understanding due to the radiant protagonist.

im rahmen seines fu seminars zeigt wolfgang müller den raren, stilistisch ambitionierten (kamera: michael ballhaus) dokumentarfilm mit der urmutter der performance, der unvergleichlichen valeska gert in ihrem einzigen aufgezeichneten extensiven interview im alter von 85 jahren. fünfzig minute mit dieser frau mit der einzigartigen explosiven ausstrahlung.
This sex story courtesy of a homophile pal of mine in Los Angeles who is a pure unadulturated horndogdacus with a swollen muscular body, and an outrageously huge uncut penis who is constantly on the prowl for close encounters of the buttsticle kind.
I never know if his tales are true or not, but either way they are a great titular read so who cares if he’s a bit deluded. Enjoy:

So my Boo was out for the evening.I stayed home made myself dinner, had a beer and then decided to stop by the Flatline Leather Pub.
Made my way thru the old men and onto the outdoor patio. I was immediately chatted up by a super slim/lean 20 something Blatino pommo with an Afro. He had a smoldering slick body. No time was wasted as he took me by the hand and into a bathroom stall and commenced to suck my dick working me until I unloaded on the floor.I was still hard so he continued sucking.
We made our way back out to the patio. I then noticed his snug ass.
He started rubbing up against me. It wasn't long before I
was stiff again.We went back into the restroom stall where he
stripped down to nothing. I took control of that smoking body, with a hole that was boiling. He pulled out a condom, and I plowed him. The whole process was intense. It reminded me of a restroom ass eating session in Vancouver with another steamy young man.
This boy was one restless bottom bucking,grinding,twisting and churning. He was as light as a feather so I could easily hold him up and spread his bountiful ass cheeks in all directions and completely ram his twitchy young hole. His dick was uncut, fat and even bigger then mine.
It was like he was having an epileptic fit as he dropped that nut. I'm not big on kissing, but we smootched, and his pillow lips felt great as we continued in the rhythms of our fuck. This seemed to go on for quite some time.
Nobody knocked on the door of the bathroom stall so we were left quite alone.
Back at home I rewarded myself with a Gin&Tonic.
So there you have it. Every damn dog has his day. And this day included a piping hot, cute latino with a big unhinged Mexi-fro.
Last night was Rising Stars, Falling Stars and our tributata to frisky queer Prussian feline, Felix The Cat. The Berliner Morganpost a local daily newspaper gave us a pick of the weekend, but said that we were screening Fritz The Cat, the porn version of Felix. Au contraire le maire! The scintillating Bros. Blue Tim & k-Johnny gave off a lot of lovesexy energy in their musical accompaniment last night at the Arsenal and were in fine studly form heating the room.
The cast of juicies at the post screening reception in the Rote Foyer included Jan Klesse of the hot new band Tenderloin,fresh and pretty Nadine of Neu Koelln,young Dutch artist Annette Kohl and her cute Spanish gal pal Amelia with a tender posse of baby dykes in tow.
German prima ballerina Trixie Schoenherr was looking beautiful with her sassy self. She gifted the Doll a pair of glistening Christmas drop earings that I shall treasure. Next year the divine Miss Trixie will present a new movement piece that will feature costumes by Evie Ruesseler.
Enjoying a sweet flirtation Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Internet Radio Show and Staedelschule muscle pup and artist Zac Dempster, vivacious Technical University Literature Professor Roman Lach who is a childhood friend of Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. Ms. Stefanie just came back from Cairo, Egypt where she was working on a project through the Goerthe Institute and brought back some lovely Cleopatra Queer Oil and native bellydancing headgear that will look scrumptious on the Vagimule.
Lovely to look at and delightful to know: Ms. Nazli Kilerci who comes from Kurdish political royalty in Turkey was turning many heads, along with young French patrician artist Christophe DeRohan Chabot, wonderful Arsenal projectionist Alex Boldt and Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in Europe were being very playful as well as pretty Garret with beau who were sipping the ever flowing vino.
Ms. Davis is on antibiotics to prevent an infection from complications from the pulling of a wisdom tooth, so all she could drink was mineral water. Everyone was all agag to see humpthrob French actor Gaspard Ulliel who was with fashionista date Roksanda Illincic. Even sexy battling coke whore art dealers Sam Orlofsky and Cory Nomura were star struck. Next month Rising Stars will present an Alfred Hitchcock salute to the true genius behind his cockian ouvre---namely his lesbian wife Alma.
Had a late brunch with writer Travis Jeppeson at Avallon the nice little Turkish boite on the Mehringdamn Corridor in Kreuzberg. Travis is curating the occasional party at Monster Ronson's and wants to have Glen Meadmore perform on a bill with Gio Black Peter and the hot new band Tenderloin featuring 19 year old German Black Forest girl Dagmar Hopfisterei. That should be quite an evening.
Was Skyping with the uber talented New York writer Glenn Belverio who told me he had an Anderson Cooper sighting around the corner from his east village compound off of Avenue C. The silver Fox Mr. Cooper was with his boyfriend the muscular French owner of the gay pub Eastern Block that use to be The Wonder Bar. Gloria Vanderbuilts handsome son is certainly kept filled with semen from his manly prize, the lucky stiff. I remember when Coop use to date Treffley Beddard back in the 1990s when i was hosting Club Sucker at the Garage. I wonder what ever became of Ms. Beddard? If any of you out there in internet land know please zip me an emug.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Had to go to the dentist to have my wisdom tooth removed. Thank god I have health insurance here in Germany. Dr. Mueller came recommended by the great Nanna Heidenreich, and removed the tooth so fast I didn’t even realize he had taken it out. Of course now I feel quesy, but he gave me some pain medication and some antibiotics as now I have this big gaping hole in my mouth. Does that mean that I can fit larger appendages in the olde clap trap? Wonders never cease.
The other day I had a nice visit from young scholar Tobias Rauscher who paid me a sweet visit to the Cheese Endique Trifecta. We had a lovely time talking, eating and drinking memosas. I love mentoring young German youthquakers.
Had a sweet interview with Manuel Schubert the host of the internet radio program Film Highlights on Multikult FM. See below to hear it for yourself. I think it came out nicely, and suggested some classical music by Alexander Scriabau which really added to the interview, but I will let you be the judge of that.

[START]-->| Rising Stars, Falling Stars - Dezember 2010 - Vaginal Davis - Felix The Cat by filmanzeiger |<--[END]
Manuel Schubert • filmanzeiger • filmhighlights • Schwule Filmnacht • Celluloid Against Aids
» "filmhighlights" auf multicultFM -

Film historian Marc Siegel sent this out on the CHEAP collective mailing list about Rising Stars, Falling Stars this Saturday.

Dear CHEAPies,

For all you cat-lovers, even for those of you like me who are allergic,
Vaginal Davis presents an evening of beastiality and experimental music. Yes, her monthly utopian chit-chat and silent movie event at the Arsenalwill focus this cold December on that perverse silent film feline, Felix theCat. In the Doll's words herself: "This is a special program of delectable animated short subjects from the years 1920-1928 featuring the queerest of all queering felines with live musical accompanyment by those studly geniuses of experimental soundscapes The Blue Bros. Tim & kJohnny. After the screening join the demented Ms. Davis in the Rote Foyer Litter Box for a special wine and
katnip reception"

A great way to wind down after the Texte zur Kunst 20th year art criticism marathon at HAU!

Hope to see you there!


Rising Stars, Falling Stars Sat Dec 11th 9pm
Potsdamer Str 2
Sony Center Filmhaus Kino 2
Arsenal Inst fur Film und Video Kunst
in Historic Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

CHEAP looks forward to...

*Susanne Sachsse singing Schoenberg! Yes, La Sachsse has secretly been
receiving voice lessons from a Serbian Dominatrix Diva to prepare for the premiere of a radical new production of that perverse Austrian atonalist's PIERROT LUNAIRE on March 6, 2011 at HAU! Conducted by melancholic beauty Premil Petrovic and directed by the eternally and seductively washed-up Bruce ”Judy” LaBruce! not to be missed. (regarding perversion: did you know that Schönberg saved his urine so that it can be used to water his plants even after his death? Visit Schönbergs urine collection at USC in Los Angeles!)

* While in LA for the twelve-tone urine tasting, check out:
A performance by Vaginal Davis
in conjunction with The Artists Museum
Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8pm
Ahmanson Auditorium
MOCA Grand Ave.
Inspired by Andy Warhol¹s screen tests, and the midnight performances of Jack Smith, this expanded cinema piece is a new work created by Vaginal Davis, an originator of the homo-core punk movement and a gender-queer art-music icon. Berlin based, Ms Davis made her name in LA's club performance scene, and has earned herself a similar notoriety as a cultural antagonist and erotic provocateur, renowned for her performance,experimental film and video practice. This original work will be staged at MOCA for one night only and will feature production and costumes design by lovesexy, young Jonathan Berger, with special appearances by WuIngrid Tsang hosting a Richard Serra Minimalist Nouvelle Riche CaliforniaCuisine Feast, a reading by Larry Bob of Holy Tit Clamps, a lecturina by Dr. Robert Summers on Judy Garland Modalities, an interpretive dance by Jean Spinosa(Wigout) as Lucia Joyce,16 mm films by Janie Geiser&Lewis Klahr , musical madness from Glen Meadmore,Mark Simon and The Boyfriend, and Julie Tolentino with Pigpen Myers Rifkin.

O and I got an update from that extroidinary artist Heather Cassil who has almost met her Kickstarted fundraising goal, so read below and donate donate donate.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I'm writing to you to thank those of you who have pledged to my kickstarter fund VERY VERY MUCH for your support. It means the world to me.

I am one week away from the deadline where I must make my goal. As I have mentioned with kick starter, if I don't make the goal then I don't see the funds. Any of them.
If any of you have been waiting around to see if I could use the pledge.. I CAN!! for those who can not pledge then please spread the word.

America is a crazy place where art funding is hard to come by. Even when art which exists outside the market does make it to the surface, so often it is cut down. look at the Catholic League and conservative Republicans for asking the Smithsonian to remove David Wojnarowicz's video, "Fire In My Belly," from its National Portrait Gallery! We are constantly under attack. It is because of and in spite of a climate such as this that I feel compelled to push forward with my work. People like you, and small efforts like kick starter are part of the answer.

Take a look at my video if you have not all ready:

Spread the word.
I'm close...but not close enough.

PS: Some cool incentives for pledging:
All of the previous rewards PLUS signed limited edition CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE poster, printed on archived photo paper. PLUS a vial including droplets of sweat produced during the performance.
All of the previous rewards PLUS!!! A limited edition signed artist print from the exclusive CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE photo series, choose a day of the performance (your choice) and receive a framed photo grid of the 4 photos, from 4 angles, documenting that day.
OMG! Everything from the levels below PLUS a private screening in your honor with Q&A hosted by the artist!
Everything from the levels below PLUS 6 personal training sessions with the artist, TOTALLY SERIOUS PERSONAL TRAINER, SHOWING UP LOOKING CUTE AND MAKING YOU SWEAT TILL YOU BEG ME TO STOP.

Spread the word.
I'm close...but not close enough.
PS: Some cool incentives:
All of the previous rewards PLUS signed limited edition CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE poster, printed on archived photo paper. PLUS a vial including droplets of sweat produced during the performance.
All of the previous rewards PLUS!!! A limited edition signed artist print from the exclusive CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE photo series, choose a day of the performance (your choice) and receive a framed photo grid of the 4 photos, from 4 angles, documenting that day.
OMG! Everything from the levels below PLUS a private screening in your honor with Q&A hosted by the artist!
Everything from the levels below PLUS 6 personal training sessions with the artist, TOTALLY SERIOUS PERSONAL TRAINER, SHOWING UP LOOKING CUTE AND MAKING YOU SWEAT TILL YOU BEG ME TO STOP.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Last night was Daniel Hendrickson’s yearly Muslim Hannukah Party at his lovely Neu Koelln compound. The mannorah was lit and everyone was in a festive mood wearing their their best designer abaya as we feasted on borst soup and latkas with the puddy for dessert. All of collective CHEAP was on hand including gorgeous fearless leader Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marc Siegel, and Tim Blue who announced breathlessly that he is moving back to Portland Oregon next Thanksgiving. Mr. Blue has been living in Berlin for 7 years now, and I somehow find it hard to believe he will return to the U.S of A. I like Portand, but living in America is not a real viable option these days. If you’re already here, you’re better off taking your chances remaining.
Also enjoying the MuslimHannukah festivities at the Hendrickson atelier: the beautiful Ms. Nazli Kilerci just back in Berlin from Istanbul, juicy Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental with hot gal pal DJane Olga Damnitz, Slovenian philosopher king Slavoj Zizek and 17 year old twins Salome & Richard Gersh. The twinnies are the kids of Frau Sachsse, and Richard brought along his very beautiful steady girlfriend Fraulein Vicki----ah there’s nothing like young love. Wish I was in love with someone---well endowed.
This Saturday Dec 11th 9:00pm its Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Kino Arsenal 2 where we will have a tribute to that frisky fey feline Felix the Cat with the screening of a delectable sample of short subjects from the 1920s with musical accompaniment by The Blue Bros.-Tim&kJohnny.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

One of my sweet young talented students and collaborators Marc Arthur a very sexy and sexual young man with incredible genitalia is mounting a new experimental version of the class tale of Peter and the Wolfe in New York. Because there is absolutely no funding in the states any more young artists are using the internet to generate funds for their projects, and its working really well. If you want to help a young artist realize his project please click on the links below and donate any amount of money as every bit will help in this horrible climate that young creatives are faced with.

Dear Ms. Davis,
Thank you for putting this on your blog! Here is the official link you can post:

You can also click "grab a widget" from that page
The Story behind the call for funds:

For the past three months I've been developing a production of Peter and the Wolf that I am thrilled beyond words to tell you about (or maybe I have already told you). We have an amazing cast of mostly child actors and ballerinas, a production team that I am so honored to work with, and a beautiful 120 seat theater in the lower east side where the show will be produced this March. Please check out our website for more information:
As you may know, producing a show like this in New York can be very expensive. We have no outside funding and are relying on individual donations to cover all of our budget. Today we are launching our fundraiser through Indygogo.
Here is the link:
This is your chance to be part of the process. Every dollar helps. We need donations but we also want to get people as excited about the show as we are. Please help spread the word and link our campaign to your Face book, Twitter, blog or manhunt account. Or just send it along to people who you think would be interested in the project.
With love and appreciation,
Marc Arthur
On a similar note the incredible young feminist artist Heather Cassils is close to reaching her goal for a new project with donations through kickstarter. If you want to support Heather and I know you do, as she is someone I have known and loved for many years and is one sensational talent who keeps churning the decibel level of her mind boggling ouvre. Below are some words from her and some other information on what is happening in the arts community in the US of A.

Hello Creative Community and FRIENDS,
I wanted to say THANK YOU to those of you who have shone forward with your support and pledged to my Kickstarter fund. Not only does it mean the world to me, but it also marks your action, commitment and belief in me as an artist. This gives me fire in my belly and strength to carry on a creative practice which is very much about inserting a QUEER presence in the art world. I'm writing to let you all know that I have almost reached the half way mark but have $2835 to raise and only 13 days left to meet my dead line. If I do not reach my goal, then no ones cards are charged and I do not see one penny.
Show your support.Check out my project and the video that breaks it all down: Yours Truly,Heather Cassils Check out more art at:
Please pass on my project on.Thank you so much. In solidarity
Its world AIDS DAY and I saw a post on FB from Jennifer Doyel of MAJOR importance. Doyle posted:
"Call the National Portrait Gallery at 202-633-8300 to protest the removal of the David Wojnarowicz "Fire in My Belly" video from the "Hide and Seek" exhibit. Press 1, then 2 for the director's office. You can try to leave a message (right now their mailbox is full) or try for an operator (none available at last check). Tie up their switchboard for World AIDS Day!"
As another artist and curator AL Steiner noted: "99% of queer art exists (solely ) outside "the museum". But our lives and bodies are attacked when we're visible. You know this. Put his video back and then burn down the museum or cancel the art degree programs at your school or do what you will. But this is about curators finding a voice when under attack by public (or private!) representatives. This is the most impt.- or maybe sole reason- to curate. Queers (whether curators or not) find we're under attack daily so, often, finding a voice is part of our "practice"; the administrative and academic arts community largely failed to find the language nec. to do this in the last round(s) of attacks..."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lovely time at HAU 3 last night for the last program curated by film historian Marc Siegel for the Vietnamese in Berlin Festival. Things started off very elequently with the 14 year Blindness Series by LA artist Tran T.Kim-Trang. It was nice seeing her as we worked together in the early 90s on several projects with LA Film Forum along with Anne Bray of LA Freeways Cinema Service. Forgive me if I get the names a little mixed up as its been almost 20 years,and I am afflicted with junior Alzheimer condition.
It was wonderful getting glimpses of Los Angeles from the late 80s and early 90s in Tran T’s stately video work.
Closing the program was the hilarious ouvre of lovesexy Nguyen Tan Hoang who teaches at Bryn Mar College on the east coast of the US. I adored his salute to late 70s early 80s blue movie starlet Kip Knoll called K.I.P (2002), Pirated!(2000) 7 Steps To Sticky Heaven(1996) and Cover Girl: A Gift From God(2000) which was a very revealing and witty expose on the American, blond/caucasion singer Dalena who has become a huge Vietnamese pop star.
Seen in the audience: Big HAU boss Mattias Lienthal with his right hand gal Anna Muelter, Little Alex of Macedonia with his Chocolate Grinder Kollective collegues Tasty Big Peniled Tim and Julian Radlmeier, humpy actor Unax Ugalde,musicians Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington of the dull, but popular US rock band Linkin Park,Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, sweet independent film curator Nadja Talmi, filmmaker Renata Lorenz, UC Berkeley Scholar Damon Young, Kate Hers, Daniel Hendrickson, and Sexy Sascha Woelke with his super hot girlfriend Christina Rogers.
A few weeks ago Ulrich Ziemons, the handsomest man in all of Europe came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to take pictures of my famous studio. Afterwards we went to eat at the juicy Thai boite Papaya. This Sunday a photographer with the German arts magazine Monopoly came by to capture the Doll’s infamous Rote Insel atelier. The photographer wasn’t as good looking as Uli, but he was very masculine with large hands, feet, broadshoulders and rugged square jawed yumminess. The weather outside is in the teens, fahrenheit which is very cold for this time of year. O if I could just get some big muscle bear daddy to whisk me away to his lair.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Since I am not a user of MyFace or other social networking systems I am always late in getting certain types of information. But was emailed the news this morning that Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Coil and X-TG has died. He was 55 years old and reportedly left this mortal coil in his sleep. Sleazy was a very enthusiastic fan of my work as a nutty performer, writer with my zine Fertile La Toyah Jackson and Shrimp, the Magazine For Licking & Sucking Bigger and Better Feet and attended my zany clubs throughout the many years Bricktops at the Parlour, G.I.M.P.Unltd.@ Zen Sushi, Club Sucker at the Garage, Café Hag@ Café Kafka and my home gallery Hag@the Villa Rosa. I will miss dearly this talented and completely amazing man who leaves the planet way too soon.
Last night attended the Vietnamese in Berlin Festival at HAU 2 that featured a rare screening of the celebrated feminist film by Trinh T Minh-ha Surname Viet Given Name Nam(1989). This excellent program was curated by film historian Marc Siegel who introduced the movie and moderated a discusion with the artist after the screening of this poetic and moving cineaste treat.
The doll was accompanied by Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim to the Academic Shtars and Salome Gersch the 17 year old daughter of intermedia actress and director Susanne Sachsse. We were joined by filmmakers Pauline Beaudry and Renate Lorenz, Anna Muelter, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective boys Julian Radlmeier with Ukrainian filmmaking wife Tatiana and Tasty Tim the hunkiest cinematographer in Berlin.
Cute and sexy bubble butt Arsenal projectionist Axel was taking care of the 16 millimeter print so the the screening went off without a hitch. Saturday Nov 27th at HAU 3 the program continues with films by Tran T. Kim-Trang and Forever Bottom boy Nguyen Tan Hoang.
There is a cute pic of the doll by Tania Schnizler that was taken in the Cheese Endique Trifecta, with a short interview in the December issue of Sieggessaulle Magazine in the . . . Meine Stadt section. Pick one up or check it out online.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This incredible news sent to Dr. Robert Summers about the first solo show of the great Canadian artist G.B Jones in Los Angeles this December.
Dear All,
See Below (signatory) and disseminate widely and wildly. GB Jones (a / the feminist-queer artist and aesthetics subject) is having a show in LA (!!!) and she wants me to help spread the news (with others). She is absolutely amazing.
Quick bio: She started the queer 'zine J.D.'s with Bruce LaBruce, which is an important visuality from a queer moment in the 80s-90s -- as too are her brilliantly amazing drawings that queer, feminize, reverse Tom of Finland's drawings: she replaces the male body with hot, butch lesbians. Indeed she has created other queer visualities. And she completed her decade-long (or longer) film "The Lollipop Generation" -- which is absolutely amazing -- and with contains cameos from queer aesthetic subjects such as HRH Vaginal Davis.
Please Spread the word, and I hope to see you THERE.

See Below.As ever,
Robert Summers, PhD
Research Scholar
Center for the Study of Women
University of California, Los Angeles
e: (please contact for mailing address)
Art History, LAS Dept.
Otis College of Art
9045 Lincoln Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045

This from G.B.Jones herself:

Hello Robert,

Hi there! I hope you are doing very well.
My big news that I had to write you to tell you about is -I am having an exhibition in LA! Please let everyone you know that you think might be interested know about it. There will be complete sets of J.D.s available for sale too, and previews can be arranged with the gallery if you get in touch with them. I hope you can go!
PAST PRESENT FUTURE G. B. JONES1980s 1990s 2000s 2010sOPENING DECEMBER 13 2010 / 6-9PM
Lexander is proud to present, for the first time anywhere in the world, the most comprehensive exhibition of the work of G. B. Jones, spanning over three decades of representational resistance. The opening reception will be held on December 13th from 6 to 9PM.
G. B. Jones is a multitalented artist working in the areas of drawing, design, film, music, and publishing. She has been producing drawings since 1985 and her work has been extensively exhibited in both group and solo exhibitions throughout both North and South America, Europe, and Australia. Her work has previously been featured in group exhibitions in Los Angeles at Stuart Regen Gallery in 1992 and at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) in the 1990s and 2000s.The current exhibition includes selections from a number of series of her drawings, including the Tom Girls (1985-2002), Crash (2003-2004), Symbols (2004-2007), and Excesses and Extremes (2007). The full series of drawings from Fonthill Abbey (2005), The Farm (2005), and Tribute to Felicien Rops (2005) are being exhibited. The current exhibition also marks the debut presentation of the Svastia series, which explores new territory in drawings such as That Dark in September and Monotheism.For more information, please visit the gallery website at
And this from the famous Love Camel in London who wants to move to Berlin

Oh Doll,

would you kindly circulate this e-mail to the Cheapies & Co. and anyone who could help?Thx and kisses

Help Berlin to adopt the Love Camel

The Love Camel is contemplating (and is very good at it) to move to
Berlina-ta-ta in order to engage in interracial humping with the
beautiful Angela Merkel and needs all your knowledge and wisdom.
The Love Camel needs to find any means to sustain his precious humps
and therefore he needs information about websites, magazines,
newspapers or any other kind of sources that will help the Camel to
bring home his bacon fat. The Camel is looking for money generating
intellectual activities within the Arts, films or that relate to his
multilingual skills, for the Camel, apart for his notorious and divine
Italian and English blabbering, has studied German for 5 years long,
long time ago and it is in the process of refreshing it at a Camel
Any help will be generously rewarded by the Camel, who will let you
stroke his otherworldly humps - just once, obviously.
Forget fucking children in need, help the Love Camel instead.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Had wonderful Tenderloin rehearsal where we re-shaped a new song I wrote called Austerity,Austerity. This song has a great grove to it. Felix Knoke also created a little Tenderloin logo that I will have to send to Larry Bob so he can put on the web site. I am so excited about the Tenderloin explosion. Thank you everyone for giving me feedback on our song Cheeseburger Spit.
On Thursday I met with Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras at Café Rix on Karl Marx Str in Rixdorf area of NeuKoelln for coffee, and then we went back to the Diaper’s compound for a delicious Quesadilla dinner made from the strong and sexy hands of Mr. Gibb himself. Cat Stevens was the soundtrack music playing in the background.I adore Cat Stevens who is now a convert to Islam and goes by a different name that I can’t remember at the moment.After dinner we went to West Germany niteclub which was turned into an art opening called Love Speech. One of my Weissensee students Annette Knol was part of this group show, but I didn’t see her and so we left and had drinks at The Nobel Elf aka: Mobel Olfe. I normally don’t like going to this bar on Thursdays as it gets too crowded and way too cigerette smokey, but it was early in the evening around 8pm so I was able to handle it. One of the bartenders named Dennis a cute little pud of a man is opening up his own restaurant and pub nearby which I think is called Flachbau Sued am Kotti at Admiralstrasse 1-2. Baby Diaper Joel Gibb and this performer from Canada who is Russian called China Woman who just moved to Berlin will innauggurate the place with a short performance on Dec 4th.
Tuesday I went to dinner with my CHEAP collegue Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim and his longtime beau the handsome Piero Bellomo of the Italian/German design house LaColleczione to the cute Thai Restaurant on the Hauptstasse called Papaya.The food is simply fabulous at this place. Sitting near us was the British/Sri Lankan pop star M.I.A. and her husband the Seagram bootlegger heir Ben Brofman. Years ago I had a flirtation with the young Mr. Brofman, but of course he didn’t recognize me out of drag. Piero and Danny are going down to Stuttgard on the weekend for a lovers getaway, and to see some visiting Cubano friend who is a concert virtuoso on the violin.
Received another cute little emug from Ron Athey in London who wants to join forces with my performance persona of St. Salicia Tate with his Holy Eunich character. The last time these two entities collaborated was in our epic techno rock opera Epiphany back in the mid 90s. This is Ron’s new proposal:

The Most High Right Reverend St. Salicia Tate and The Holy Eunich present The Largest Spectacle of Charisma To Grace Planet Earth featuring 24 Magical Elders of Zion,
144 Candlestick Christians (burning live on the stake),23 Automatic Writers,
Glossalalia Choir and Tambourine Arkestra,Special Guest Star: Rotonda, The Fattest Woman on the Planet to ever Receive the Gift of Stigmata,Prophecy & Discernment,
Psychic Surgery Tent with 100 Surgeons live and direct from the Filipines,
Special Late-Night Annointing in the Smega of an Albino Intersexed Wonder (just like in the Fellini movie Satyricon)Hazmat Baptisms in a Pool of Fire plus Ecstatic Ann Miller Tap-Dancing
Rattle-snake bites and strychnine cocktails and lots of quasi- ye olde gospel songs updated for relevance, not to mention St. Salicia sweat-staining some of the most gorgeous couture gowns ever assembled in the finest silk and blood diamonds ever mined in South Africa.
St. Salicia's hair and make-up designed as a courtesy by Hump the Grinders Hair Wars winner from 2003/4

If that's not enough, and it isn’t Oversexed trapeze wearing nothing but decontructed Mormon sacred underwear with embroidered talismans will fly through the air delivering healing oil/thin wafers/booze and pigment shells.

Let the cult begin sweet Evangelina Jolie St. Croix!
Next week is going to be a very busy period for the doll. I have a ton of meetings with people who want to work on projects with me.
A British TV presenter named Simon Amstell--don’t know anything about him, but he has been writing me lovely, affectionate notes of devotion, and is coming to Berlin to see me for something or other, and he wants to take me to dinner so at least I will get a nice meal off of him. You all know how the doll likes to eat. Hope he is at least tall and good looking.
I can’t wait to find out how the pictures that Margarita Broich took of me will come out. Margarita is a popular German stage and film actress who also has become quite a well known portraiturist photographer. Margarita was in the Kate Winslet movie Der Vorleser which I think was called The Reader in English. Her exhibit will be March 17, 2010 at the Martin Gropius Bau here in Berlin.
I was sent a screener copy of the new Cher, Christina Aguilera film Burlesque directed by Steve Antin. Haven’t watched it because I am way too busy, but from my Hollywood sources I heard that the real brouhaha on the set didn’t come from the diva stars but from the queen divas --- the director Antin and his boyfriend Clint Culpepper who is president of Screen Gems, and producer of the film. In the Spring I ran into Michael Kaplan the costume designer of Burlesque at a Rick Owens party in New York, and he was pretty mum about the whole affair, but I am sure working on the film was quite a hoot with all the male pattern lesbianic drama.
Mr. Antin use to be lovers with this evil but beautiful gay boy from the 1980s named John Harp. I think he even had a stint with David Geffen around the late 1980s. In his youthfull heydey Steve Antin was never a beauty, but did have one of those tight speed freak muscular bodies that some men can’t resist. His face was a little too San Bernadino for me, but I can certainly understand his appeal. He must be at least my age now or just a wee bit older. Talk about being able to work it! Being at the helm of a multi million dollar mainstream Hollywood studio film with the financial climate that is at the moment in Missy Hollywoodland. WoW! How did he pull that one off. O and someone emailed me that a veteran publicist named Ronnie Chasen somehow connected with the film was shot leaving the premiere party at the W Hotel in Hollywood in of all places BeverlyHills. I wonder if this is a similar case to when the old geezer who ran the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax Avenue got killed by his hustler boyfriend who tried to make it look like a robbery back in the early 1990s. In Los Ang anything is possible.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just read online that Marie Osmond of Donny&Marie fame was on the Oprah Winfrey TV chat show talking about her late 18 year old son who committed suicide. Marie stated that his death had nothing to do with gay rumours. I’ve known a lot of gay Mormens over the years and they have an incredibly hard time adapting to life outside of their religion, so when they do come out they do it like a rocket ship and literally can OD on homosexuality itself with the insuing drug and alcohol abuse that can follow. I also came from a fundamentalist religion, but I embraced my background using it as material for my art practice. Alas not everyone is able to do that.
Marie Osmond says her son was not gay, but he was a student at the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandise in Downtown Los Angeles, which is one of the gayest schools in the world. Still I won't assume anythinig about his sexuality.
My Afro Sister Fertile La Toyah Jackson went to that school right after high school and Fertile felt the school was a bit of a rip off feeling that what she learned their she could have also taken at Trade Tech for less money and with out taking out so many student loans. The only good thing about the school is the fashion library which has videotapes of all the fashion collections in Paris, New York and Milan. But basically the 2 year institution is a vanity junior college that’s all gussied up to look like its important. If you’re a student interested in fashion in Los Angeles you’d be better served going to Otis. Now how in the hell did I get on this subject?
Last night that naughty sweetie Felix Knoke who I love dearly and is in my new art band Tenderloin came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta with his Vienna Austria bud Martin who is one of the DJ’s and founders of the popular FM Queer dance parties which I haved Djaned at. Martin was with his long dark haired Repunzel lover Patrick who was in Berlin to perform at HAU2 with his art music project called Crazy Bitch in a Cave. Patrick sings in what he calls a Beyonce falsetto, and was delighted that Peaches is a fan of his music and bought a copy of his vinyl EP called On Top. We had a lovely time chatting, drinking tea and eating dainties that Felix brought from a Turkish bakery. We also did a bit of gossiping about Heiko Pfost who runs the Brut Theatre in Vienna and who is trying to the job of Artistic director of the Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin now that Matias Lienthal is leaving in 2012. It looks like everyone is after that covetted job.
When the kids left I boogied around the corner to the Xenon Theatre to see Tazi Zum Klo. I hadn’t seen this film since it first played in Los Angeles in the early1980s as part of the legendary FilmX International Cinema Festival. Its quite a groundbreaking film written, directed and starring Frank Ripploh a skinny, bearded dark haired German man with pretty eyes and a big penis, but not anything to write home to Grandma about. He has a typical German male body type of pigeon chest and no shoulders. The man who plays his long suffering lover in the film reminded me of my CHEAP collegue Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim. The autobiographical story is diaristic in form as we see Herr Ripploh cruising the public toilets of the city in his relentless quest for peni. Even when he comes down with hepatitis it doesn’t stop him one bit. He leaves the hospital and takes a taxi to the Tiergarten. It was great seeing scenes of Berlin in the early 1980s, and a cameo appearance by Ulrike Ottinger’s gorgeous new wave girlfriend who was the star of her films from the same period.
Earlier in the day photographer Tanja Schnitzler of the Siegessaeule came by the Trifecta to take pictures of me for a Q&A I did with the gay rag via email. She shot me in almost every nook and cranny of my studio.
Saturday was Rising Stars, Falling Stars and our special salute to lesbian Hollywood studio director Dorothy Arzner with a rare screening of the 1940 sound film Dance, Girl Dance. Usually I only screen silent films, but felt it was more then appropriate to show this legendary flick by my old teacher from UCLA. Since it was a talkie I did my introduction silent using only pantomine and unter title cards designed by Daniel Hendrickson who also accompanied me on piano playing quite beautifully I might add. The audience loved our performance and also the movie which is a feminist classic starring a young Maureen O’Hara and Lucille Ball years before her I Love Lucy TV fame. The male lead was ganymede South African Louis Hayward who at one time was married to Ida Lupino the other lesbian woman and Hollywood film director influenced by Dorothy Arzner who was her sometime lover. In fact Hayward had a long standing gay romance with Noel Coward that many people to this day don’t know about. The film Dance, Girl Dance has some good supporting players including Ralph Bellamy, Walter Abel, Virginia Field, Mary Carlisle and Maria Ouspenskaya the Stanislovsky accolyte who Anne Baxter of All About Eve fame studied under. The story for the film came from Vicki Baum who wrote Grand Hotel.
After the screening a lot of frivolity was experienced in the Rote Foyer with Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, with her gal pal Djane Olga Damnitz, handsome junior programmerr Uli Ziemons with pretty Nadja Talmi, Manuel Schubert the sweet and sexually advanced internet radio presenter with the distinguished program Film Highlights on MultiKult FM,the divine Tobias Raucher of Sissy Magazine with visiting San Francisco filmmaker Travis Matthews, young French artist Christophe DeRohan Chabot with the beautiful Fernando Eimbcke,Piero Bellhomme of La Collezione, vivacious curator Dorothee Wenner with perky boyfriend Micki and posse, the lovely actress who is turning into quite the celebrated photographer Margarita Broich was snapping photos of “The Doll” for her latest exhibit in March, lovesexy Arsenal projectionist Alexander Boldt, juicy Spaniard Rafael Ariast Careon,dancer Assaf Hochman with beau Little Tilemachos Alexiou of Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective who designed Ms. Davis’ hair & make-up and styled her sophisticated collar and tie lesben look for the evening,The Bros Strauss-Greg & Colin directors of the new American film Skyline,faggy stylist Panos Yiapanis with Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, art stars Joshua Ben Longo with Anselm Kiefer and French mega star and Berlin legendary treasure Ms. Zazie De Paris who is in the new Belgian black comedy Kill Me Please directed by Olias Barco that just won the top honor of a Marcus Aurelius award in Rome, Italy at the Rome Film Festival. Congragulations to the charming Ms. De Paris on your recent success, and I am sure there will be many more great film roles to follow.
One of my favorite exPats is the British artist and curator Elly Clark. She has two forthcoming events taking place in Berlin and New York. The first is the group show Glass Crash Feeling which she and all the artists from the April Clarke GalleryExhibition Carte Blanche(Recipients of the Goldraush Kuenstlerinnen Stipendium 2010) are in. This exhibit opens on Nov 19th at Galerrie September and Schaulager Galerie and runs until December 19th The second event is Wunderammer in New York which is being presented at Franklin Furnace’s Holiday party on Dec 3rd in Brooklyn.
This little enote from big Daddy Ron Athey who is now living in London:

Love it! i wanted to send you some pics from the performance i just finished the last two nights, me and another reader were high up in two opera boxes so we're not visible in these pics, but the 16 automatic writers are. the cast was 27 in total counting editors and 4 typists. it was very process oriented, pre-hypnosis, i'd read taglines from gifts of the spirit and let the collective unconscious continue for 5 minutes, runners would cut the text off the floor and bring it to typists, then to editors, then upstairs to the reads, so in the second part we mixed the structured text of my memoir with their cut-up and pasted together automatic writing. was a real exercise in restraint for me, the whole thing was so ambiant and the audience ended up hypnotized and didn't know what to do afterwards. and soundwise it was total silence with me and Barnaby (the other reader’s) voice, then typewriters when the text was prepared, then before the second round of readings Othon came out and played the most articulated piano with boxing gloves on. lordy. lady, i'm tired of working now,but this is a jab at some other way of making work for me. love and missing you,your grizzled up salt-beef father.
One of my nice and talented Weissensee students Annette Knol is in a group show that opens Thursday Nov 18 7pm at West Germany called Love Speech.
Below is the formal info on the exhibit.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Freunde!

Hiermit möchten wir herzlich zur
Ausstellungseröffnung einladen.
love speech

WestGermany • Skalitzer Straße 133 • 10999 Berlin

Donnerstag, 18. 11. 2010 um 19 Uhr
DJ Gesticulador

Freitag, 19.11.2010 • 15 – 21 Uhr
Samstag, 20.11.2010 • 15 – 23 Uhr
21 Uhr Konzert mit Samanta
Dr. Gomes & The Mississippi Karaoke Massacre
DJs: Annetto & Aventura

mit Beiträgen von
Michael Baute & Volker Pantenburg / Oliver Sturm, Stefanie Busch
Meike Dölp, Peter Jap Lim, Annette Knol, Marion Kreißler & Martin Conrath
Niina Lehtonen-Braun, Christine Lemke, Christine Lohr, Cesare Pietroiusti
Diego del Pozo Barriuso, Susan Schmidt, Francisca Villela, Matthias Weidmann

kuratiert von
David Buob & Christine Lohr

love speech

Sprache ist nicht verlässlich. Sie kann sich versprechen.
Unvermeidlich produziert sie Missverständnisse und sprachliche
Fehlhandlungen. Dennoch kommen wir nicht umhin, täglich mit Sprache
zu handeln und das in mehrfacher Hinsicht. Sprache ist zunächst einfach das,
was wir tun: Wir sprechen oder schreiben. Während wir sprechen und schreiben
jedoch, geben wir Dingen einen Namen, machen wir unwillkürlich Zuschreibungen,
stellen Realitäten her und unhintergehbare Verbindlichkeiten. Denn auch ein
gebrochenes Versprechen bleibt ein Versprechen. Neben dem, was gesagt oder
geschrieben wird, ist auch die Art und Weise von Bedeutung, wie und wo das geschieht.
Sprache steht nicht für sich. Sie ist immer auch von ihrem Kontext abhängig.

Es liegt nahe, diese Gradwanderungen der Sprechakte genauer zu betrachten:
Bei allen bei „love speech“ gezeigten Beiträgen spielt Sprache eine große Rolle, als ob
die Komplexität des Visuellen nicht schon genug wäre. So reagieren einige Arbeiten
auf unerträgliche politische Aussagen oder versuchen erzählerisch, eine bessere Welt zu
schaffen. Manche zeigen die Leere, die durch die Abwesenheit von Sprache entsteht.
Andere versuchen, im Bewusstsein ihres möglichen Scheiterns ein Anliegen zu erklären.
Viele kombinieren Text und Bild und spielen mit den Bezügen der beiden Ebenen,
die sich ergänzen können, sich widersprechen oder haarscharf nicht zueinander passen.
Im Wissen um die Fragilität, die Fehlerquellen und die Lügenhaftigkeit alles Sprechen und
Schreibens versuchen die gezeigten Arbeiten, genau dies produktiv zu wenden.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Had a lovely visit at the Cheese EndiqueTrifecta with actress/photographer Margarita Broich the sweet and pretty companion of superstar German actor Martin Wuttke. We first met in 1999 at UCLA when she was part of the Berliner Ensemble with Martin, Susanne Sachsse, Constantine Berger and the great Volker Spengler. Margarita is getting lots of attention with her delicious photographic portraits of stage and screen personalities and wants to include “The Doll” in her portfolio which will be part of an upcoming exhibit. She showed me her latest book and the photos are quite expressive, and she certainly has a polished eye. We had a grand girlish time. Back in Los Angeles in 1999 I threw a party at The Monty Carlo 2 for the premiere of Judy LaBruce’s Skin Flick and my short The White To Be Angry. The Monty Carlo is a dive bar in Koreatown and the friendly Frau Broich made friends with a black lady in the bar who was sharing her pipe with her.Margarita thought she was smoking hashish, but it turned out to be crack cocaine and the poor thing had to be rushed to the hospital emergency room.
Two of my very talented NYU students Jo-ey Tang and Carlos Reyes are coming to Berlin.Joey had a fantastic show in Los Angeles recently. Here are a few links to check out some of Joey’s projects in New York:

Here's a 34-sec video loop I've made for my recent exhibition at NYU "Anti Horror Vacui"

Some documentation, which I consider part of the exhibition as well:



From NPR/Berlin I heard that Dino De Laurantiis died at the age of 91. He produced one of my favorite sexploitation films Mandingo plus Serpico,King Kong,BlueVelvet, Dune, Ragtime, Serpent’s Egg, Three Days of the Condor,Romeo&Juliet, War&Peace, La Strada & Nights of Cabiria directed by Fellini and Bitter Rice that starred his late wife the gorgeous Silvana Mangano
My interview with sweet radio presenter Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Multicult FM is up and running.Heres the direkt-link to the interview:
and below if it copies correctly is the interview embedded, but since I am not very technically proficient it may not work properly. We shall see

Rising Stars, Falling Stars - November 2010 - Vaginal Davis by filmanzeiger

Here is Manuels blog:

Manuel Schubert • filmanzeiger • filmhighlights • Schwule Filmnacht • Celluloid Against Aids
» "filmhighlights" auf multicultFM -
This just in from one of my LA pals who does a very special brand of charity work.

Dear Ms. Davis:

I thought I'd share with you an e-mail from one of my potential investors. I explained the color wheel to this prospective patron - if he wants the color brown then I need some green if my establishment is going to be serving a Pu Pu platter and a tossed salad with croutons for supper. My trip to San Francisco, the other city of Brotherly Love, has been the most fruitful, with the occasional gnut, but sans the flakes! My coffers floweths from my pledge drive for my own private charity, The Make a Fish Wish Foundation!

Shrugs and Pisses.

From his perspective patron:

- Peel Slowly and See!------- Dear Master, Thank you for speaking with me today during my lunch hour when i called you. i am going to try to arrange to get a morning free as it would be so degrading and humiliating for me to sniff, kiss, and lick your unshowered shithole right after your morning shit; the dirtier you farthole is, the better. maybe, if i'm real lucky, you'll fart in my face, laugh at me, and call me a fag. i am a weak worthless piece of shit but you are GOD and i thank you for the privilege and the honor to be your slave, your asswipe, and your footstool. please remember, when we are together, it's all about you; i'm just a warm wet mouth for you to use and abuse as you see fit. respectfully, your weak worthless piece of shit slave (i hope!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Baby Diaper, Joel Gibb visited me at the Cheese Endique Trifecta in Rote Insel to tell me all about the behind the scene scandals of working on Peaches Does Herself at the HAU.Very amusing stufff that I am not at liberty to share with you my doting public.Sorry!
We were joined by sweet Manuel Schubert of the famous German musical family and also a radio presenter with the FM internet multicult radio program FilmHighlights.Mr. Schubert interviewed me about my Rising Stars Falling Stars tribute to the great lesbian auteur Dorothy Arzner.Later in the evening I went with Joel to Little India a cute little boite on the Haupstrasse with the most delicious food and adorable giggly waitress. We were later joined by Michael Stipe of REM and his hot French art photog lover Thomas Duzol, who are kind of making Berlin their home away from home. The boys were going out clubbing but the Vagimule doll just went home for much needed beauty sleep.
The next day I met with Christophe DeRohan Chabot my talented French art student from when I taught at Weissensee Art Academy.He was showing me some of the latest collages he has been working on which are quite intriguing and his little experimental film which I also loved.Christophe is one gifted, beautiful youthquaker.I then met Marcin Malaszczak one of my other genius students for luncheon at Barcomi in the Mehringdamn Corridor.Marcin just finished his first feature film which is under the working title of Sieniawka that is part fiction part documentary set at a famous Mental Institution on the Polish/German border. Marcin is a young filmmaker with something to say, and not someone who exists in a bubble. Last week I went to Marcin’s lovely mother for a dental check-up, as she is an award winning dentist who makes her patients very comfortable & relaxing and never inflicts any pain. It was one of my most pleasant experiences in the dental chair.
After luncheon had to rush back to the Trifecta to meet with Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim who is helping me with my special presentation at Kino Arsenal for our Dorothy Arzner Tribute which should be spectacular.
For those of you in town looking for someplace to go after Rising Stars, Falling Stars the vivacious Aussie spoken word star Lady Gaby is premiering a new performance venue in an old public toilet. Here is what she has to say:

Dear Friends,
would like to invite you to a very special party, FLUSH EVENT performance and live music inside an old German public toilet at Hallesches TOR.(noise complaints Free zone) Saturday, November 13 at 12:00pm - November 14 at 5:00am
in the Haus 1 Hallesches Tor (ex Klohaus)the only Haus on Waterloo Ufer. on the canal at U-bahn Hallesches Tor Berlin, Germany
free entry for anyone who IS a work of art
Lady Gaby presents a night of music, performance art and exhibitionism:
-the singsong acrobatics of MOSH MOSH (Wired Records)
-the gender assignment of MR AND MRS BROOKS (soon to be married)
-the bumping grinds of DJ BORUSIADE (Bucharest-Berlin)
-the scifi beats of DIN SYNC (London-Berlin)
plus plenty of Funts
and a host of exhibitionists performing themselves
the first in a series of events put on by USH:
and if it gets snowy, SLUSH
visit me at:
Just got an emug from Annie Oakley of Sex Workers Art Show and the manager of the hot band Gossip that they will be in town for the Bambi Awards. What the hell are the Bambi Awards? Are they given to the best looking deer in the forest? Wonders never cease---only in Berlin kids, only in Berlin.
Received another email from Heather Cassils the brilliant young artist who got to kiss LadyGaGa in the famous video featuring the pop star and Beyonce. Heather is planning a new piece and needs contributions from supporters so read below and do the right thing, it will make you feel a whole lot better.

Dear Ones: (Some of you are in the US- to the others this is just to let you know what I've been up to),As some of you might know that I am getting ready for a really crazy performance resulting in 2 new works: CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE and INSERTION/EXERTION. I am hoping you can help support the development and exhibition of these projects in which I continue my exploration of the body as social sculpture, and the conditions for the formation of the body as image and spectacle.
Using Antin’s “Carving a Traditional Sculpture” and Benglis’s “Advertisement” as a jumping off points, I plan to pack on pounds of muscle (rather than crash diet like Antin). Using nutrition, supplements and an insane training regime (mentored by a former Mr. America) I will GROW my body into its most confounding and abject incarnation possible. The piece will take place over three months and the transition will be documented with digital photos, which will then be turned into a downloadable artist application for the iPad/iPhone.
Once made, I will exhibit these new works at Los Angels Contemporary Exhibitions as part of LACE’s upcoming exhibition Los Angeles Goes Live: Exploring a Social History of Performance Art in Southern California (LAGA). I know, you might be thinking, “Bitch PLEASE, you have a show at LACE, you must have funding.” Glamorous as it sounds, this is not the case. LACE is a non-profit and although they have offered me a small artist fee, which will not begin to cover the costs.

I cannot possibly make this ambitious project without lining up the support. I am launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to try and raise the necessary funds so that I can bust into January 2011 in full effect, by starting this new project!
Choosing to help me out and donate to my KICKSTARTER fund is like saying, "YES I SUPPORT YOUR ART” with your dollar. Think about it: This is your chance to dabble in philanthropy. Donate NOW - kickstarter only works if I reach my goal, so the more people and donations, the better chance I have of succeeding. Even $5 makes a big difference. As well I am offering some very cool incentives.Here's how KICKSTARTER works: you can "pledge" any amount of money - and IF I reach my goal, then your pledge will go through to my fund. If I DON'T reach my goal, then nobody pays anything. So the more the merrier, please circulate widely!I am taking a big BREATH and crossing my fingers and toes. Please don't feel obligated to give a lot, but if you can give a little, it will count al lot!Thank you so much – I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!If you like my project please forward widely on Face Book and via email!
Yours truly,

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Had my yearly girly day with the fearless leader of kollective CHEAP, the divine Susanne Sachsse at Schoenbrunn restaurant/bar in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. The autumn leaves fell outside as we chatted and giggled endlessly before La Sachsse had to run off to her singing lesson for the big opera production that she is starring in with Judy La Bruce directing that goes into production early next year.
This morning I woke up extra early, and the only other person up at such an ungodly hour in Berlin is Daniel Maria Josephus Duvall Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim translator to the stars. You probably are wondering where Daniel received the name Duvall from. Well back in the mid 80s Daniel was introduced to actress Shelley Duvall of Popeye and The Shining fame by the late director Robert Altman who was directing Daniel and Shelley in a production of the Stravinsky opera The Rakes Progress in Lille France. Daniel started studying Kabuki with Ms. Duvall and in that tradition took on her last name adding it to his. So if you need anyone to teach you Kabuki walk don’t run to Neu Koelln and register with Mr. Hendrickson He took me to his favorite Turkish breakfast nook La Femme on Kot Busser Damn which turns into quite a mob scene if you don’t get there before 10am. So it pays to be an early bird and catch the Turkischer worm.
I love the naughty CHEAP mailing list dispatches that film historian Marc Siegel sends out on a regular basis. Here is his latest one:

Dear CHEAP friends,

(siehe unten für Deutsch)

Miss Vaginal Davis has to leave her apartment at the end of December.
We who love her, and we who despise her but find her amusing,
we all benefit from her presence in our midst, so now we have to give back to the dainty Doll and HELP MISS DAVIS FIND A NEW AFFORDABLE APARTMENT/STOREFRONT/FLAT IN BERLIN! Please join me in seeking out something as close to 250 euro/month warm as possible. Her ideal abode will not only be inexpensive, but also without coal oven, and with a bathroom and bathtub appropriate to the Diva. Location is flexible. If you have an idea, please contact Miss D directly at:

And don't forget to come to an exceptional Rising Stars, Falling Stars, the silent movie chitchat event that has everyone talking on Sunday Nov. 13,9:45pm! it will be a rare chance to see a sound film in the silent film series, but what a sound film it is: DANCE GIRL DANCE (1940) directed by the only woman (along with dear Ida Lupino) to direct films during the Hollywood Golden Age. Yes, I mean lesbian icon, Dorothy Arzner! This entertaining feminist classic features a stellar performance than none other than Lucille Ball (back when she was a glamor girl and before she because the I Love Lucy comedian who our fearless Leader Susanne loves so much).

To summarize:
1. Help us find Vaginal Davis a new apartment so that she doesn't go back
where she came from and have a tea party
2. Come to see Miss D present Dorothy Arzner's sound classic, DANCE GIRL
DANCE on Sunday, Nov. 13. At 9:45 pm

Auf Deutsch:

Miss Vaginal Davis die wir alle entweder lieben oder humorvoll ertragen
braucht unsere Hilfe! Sie braucht eine neue Wohnung bis ende des Jahres.
Bitte hilft uns was günstiges für Miss D zu finden. Ideal wäre es zwischen
250-350 Euro/monat, ohne Kohlenofen und mit einem schönen Diva Badezimmer.
Falls Du was findest, bitte gib Miss D Bescheid unter:

Und komm bitte zum Rising Stars Falling Stars am 13.Nov. Um 21:45 Uhr. Miss
D präsentiert einen super Tonfilm von Dorothy Arzner DANCE GIRL DANCE
(obwohl die Serie eigentlich nur um Stummfilme gehen soll¬aber egal, der
Film ist klasse).


November Temptations!

*HAU goes Vietnam: I put together a small film/video program of experimental
Viet-US works by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Tran T. Kim-Trang, and Nguyen Tan Hoang.
All artists will present their works in person!!! Trinh Minh-ha's first
Berlin appearance in over a decade!!! November 25 & 27, 2010, HAU/ Hebbel am
Ufer Theater

Friday, November 05, 2010

Dinner with the divinely talented writer Bruce Benderson is always joyeous, add to that Travis Jeppeson and a fine hoot of a time was wallowed by all at the Thai bistro Phucket on the Mehringdamn Corridor.La Benderson was in town from Paris where he had a launch for his new French tome Trans Human, set in the year 2045 where technology and biology become one.It’s a very scare thought.
Not so frightening was finding out that mega genius Bruce is very close to MGM star Leslie Caron of Gigi and An American in Paris fame.The legendary gamine’s favorite saying is, “Bruce needs something in his mouth at every moment”. Ms. Caron famously left her husband Peter Hall to get the hefty Warren Beatty past her lips in the early 1960s scandalizing two continents. I loved her in Ken Russell’s Valentino and she stole the film Le Divorce from Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts.I pointed Mr. Benderson smoking on his Hal9000 computerized ciggy toward Nollendorfplatz so that he could find some student prince at Tabasco’s or the Blue Boy pub.
This news shocker just in: Actress Jill Claybourgh died. She is best known for the film An Unmarried Woman from the 1970's and other similar proto feminist offerings, but I loved her the most in the Italian film La Luna directed by Bernardo Bertuluci where she plays an American opera singer who has sex with her beautiful 15 year old heroin addicted son, and also the TV movie Hustling that also starred the great Lee Remick.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Finally got the chance to take my son of the Abrahamic blood covenant Assaf Hochman to dinner for his belated birthday. He wanted to go to this cute little Asian fusion restaurant near his home in Mitte called Transit which wasn’t crowded and had amazing food. I adore my muscular bubble butt Israeli manchild who has performed with me in several projects including The Politics of Ecstacy and CHEAP Blacky.
Sunday Last evening I went to see him as one of the chorus boys in the new Peaches piece at Hebbel am Uffer called Peaches Does Herself, which is Peaches' celebration of her ten years in Berlin with all things Peaches by Peaches for Peaches starring written & directed by Peaches forever and ever amen.
The party spirit was running amok with her die hard fans in the audience who would love her even if she deposited a nice brown squiggly loaf on stage. The diva was in fine form and voice, and seemed to be having a blast playing with her own mythology. I loved the two girls, one on drums the other on guitar singing who started the piece against a shiny red curtain, and Peaches as the weenage Peaches writing songs on her spicy beef curtains sex red bedspread looking delicktable with a dark bewigged Jewfro.
Baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras didn’t have much to do but look cute and adorable,while Danni Daniels aka Danni the Tranni has very nice large breastage and an impressive penowment.Of course no ones loins are bigger then Ms. Peach herself who seemed to delight in the amazing Sandy Kane running off with the entire spectacle. Ms. Kane is a 70something Times Square street performer and songstress who reminded me of a modern day Texas Guinan.What an Autumnal find!
Had a wonderous luncheon with fearless leader of CHEAP kollective Susanne Sachsse at Barcomi kaffeerusterie on Bergmanstr in the Mehringdamn coridor of Kreuzberg. Frau Sachsse is the busiest woman in Berlin with a million projects in the work, including an opera she will star in directed by Judy Labruce that premieres in Berlin in March and our Communist Bigamist performance piece that will most likely premier in 2012. In the morning was treated to a farmers breakfast with Cesar Vega my Beyond Lovely producer visiting the continent from Los Angeles. Sweet sexy Mexy Cesar came to Berlin from stops in Prague and Istanbul. Today he is off to Amsterdam. I took him Saturday to Gayhana’s Salon Oriental at SS36. We had a blast dancing to the middle eastern rhythms of DJ Ipek and Company. The floor show was stupendous with a muscular male belly dancer surrounded by a voluptuous harem scarem. I am suffering with my knees from all of the dancing I did with the beautiful Nazli Kilerci and her juicy posse. Nazli use to be roommates with kJohnny Blue and collaborated with Susanne Sachsse on their incredible X-Schulen performance piece this summer. Seen at Gayhana: icky little Udo Waltz the hairstylist to the German schtars and chancellor Angela Merkel.
I had a wonderful time in Frankfurt Germany where I was invited by cute and cuddily graduate student Zac Dempster to perform at the famous Staatliche Hochschule fuer Bildende Kunste Staedelschule. They housed me at the wonderful boutique hotel Nizza on Elbestr in the Auslander/Red Light District. My type of boutique hotel with a very accomodating staff and complimentary continental breaky. The night porter Tom Zimmerman was especially accomodating. My first evening Zac and his female husband the lovely and talented Romanian grad student Andrea Bellu took me to the famous Atschel traditional Apfelweingaststaette where I had the Frankfurt special of Gruner Saucer which was delicious. My performance took place at the site specific location of a haunted old gay bar in a condemned 16th century house in the old towne football hooligan section of the city. Josephine Baker and Le Corbusier were being invoked, but I kept seeing the spectre of Eileen Grey trying to plead her case of getting ripped off by Le Corbusier. Had a wonderful time even though I didn’t partake in any rousing fornication. Shout out of thanks to bicque dick Nick on tech, seductive Zusanna, dapper Wolfgang & Wendell who was the evenings MC. The celebs who came to check out the doll included German scandal heiress Katrin Radmacher, beauty boy Alexander Fehling, photo journalist Tim Hetherington and Nico Bandl of Think Inc.
This message just sent to me from the lovesexy Berlin film & video artist Liz Rosenfeld:

Dear Friends,

It is with extreme excitement to announce the completion of my latest film Frida & Anita. I would like to invite you to check out the new and improved official film website,, which includes a trailer for the film, along with upcoming screening information, stills, and bios about the amazing cast and crew I worked with.

Frida & Anita is slated to have a world premier at The British Film Institute on November 5th, as part of the 2- day program " After Image: Engagement with the Cinematic," and then I will be presenting Frida & Anita at The Tate Modern on November 27th, as part of a lecture/ film series about queer surrealism in art. At the moment I have no further official dates for screenings outside of Europe, I would love any further suggestions of venues/ festivals that any of you might suggest I contact.

Below is synopsis for Frida & Anita.

I hope this email finds you all well.

Sending wishes and love,


Frida & Anita
A Film By LIz Rosenfeld

Richard Hancock
Les Margeaux

Sex Intents
Sarah Goody
Katharina Klewinghaus
Sarah- Jane Norman

1924. Berlin, Germany. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, traveling to Germany to connect with her father’s German/ Jewish roots, visits Berlin for the first time to experience the communist-inspired Proletarian Theater Movement. Late one evening, Frida finds herself meandering the streets of Berlin. She is searching for something to satisfy her curiosity, although unsure of what this is. Frida finds herself at the well-known La Garconne nightclub, where the infamous queer chanteuse Anita Berber is performing onstage as she walks in. Having never seen a woman perform nude before, Frida is moved and mesmerised by Anita’s sheer gall and direct intensity. She makes a promise to herself that she will not go home alone this evening, and that she will only go home with Anita.

The experimental video piece “Frida & Anita” imagines itself to be an intimate and personal document of one evening in 1924 when Frida Kahlo and Anita Berber spend the night together. As the video unfolds, one learns that this one-night-stand between these two artists, later appropriated as queer feminist icons, is not just about sex, but a discussion of sexuality, gender, cultural identity, between two people deeply invested in the idea that decadence is one of the ultimate revolutionary acts against the bourgeoisie.

In 1924 Frida Kahlo, 18 years old, was residing at home in Mexico City with her parents, learning the family business, photography, which many believe was a huge influence to her becoming an artist. Before her tragic accident that famously inspired her art practice, young Frida was working for her father while also interning for a draftsman in Mexico City. Considered to be one of “the wildest women of the Weimar Republic,” by 1924 Anita Berber had taken Berlin’s underground stages by storm. Her audacious dances, performances, and film appearances were both radical and scandalous, and it is said that she was the first woman to appear naked on the German stage. Historically, it is clear, that there was no possible way for Frida Kahlo and Anita Berber to have met in 1924. Anita Berber collapsed on the stage in 1929, and died in Berlin shortly after, while Frida Kahlo did not reach Europe until 1939, when she had her first solo exhibition in Paris, as well as her well-known affair with Josephine Baker.

But what if they had met? A fleeting touch. A graze between bodies in motion. A flash in time. The moment in which eyes lock. An instant where knowing smiles are exchanged. An effleurement; charged ephemeral experiences. Queer author Samuel Delany recalls cruising under the Williamsburg Bridge in the early 1950’s, and later finding out the man he had met that evening had been artist Jack Smith. “Frida & Anita” re-imagines a chance meeting of two women, who both became cultural figures representative and consequently superficial indicators of their cultures. Throughout their art careers, both Frida and Anita were heavily invested in their public personas, consciously performing the social climate they both influenced as politically- and erotically-charged figures. Modernist witches of their time, Kahlo and Berber were openly bi- sexual, political radicals, and married to their work which ultimately destroyed them. As artists they ruptured cultural boundaries, while troubling gender and sexuality; Anita through her fringe dances, which championed anti-Puritanism and sexual liberation, while with painting, Frida unapologetically forced the world to look at her. “Frida & Anita” illustrates one hot night in a historically radical time when decadence was seen as an act against the dominant class, and art and sex were used as tools for social consciousness.

“Frida & Anita” is a short experimental narrative piece shot in High Definition, with photography inspired by early German Expressionist silent film. Created to look like Berlin at its heyday during the 1920’s, “ Frida & Anita” will be shot in contemporary Berlin, pushing the definition and essence of historical re-enactment. This video is shot as a silent film of its day, with hand-drawn Spanish (spoken by Frida) and German (spoken by Anita) inter-titles with English subtitles underneath.

“Frida & Anita” is a political fantasy, intersecting the lives of two queer radicals who both left a huge dent in history, and clearly inspired artists who came after them. They both ruptured the immediate socio-political landscapes around them, defining, breaking, and re-defining the social classes with awkward grace and impenetrable energy, leaving what became both an art-historical and social-political legacy of work.