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Saturday, October 23, 2004

O Bricktops you give me such great plea-sure! My Harold Lloyd Cantata was ever so frisky. It seemed like everyone in the club was horny. I got my titties sucked by a hot handsome boy and a beautiful sexy girl at the same time. They were nursing on my breastage, and all while i was DJ-ing. Talk about amberdexterous.
The Ditty Bops ended their October Fest residency with a smashing show that will definately prepare them for their big tour with the Dresden Dolls. The Bops get better and better and the girls voices just glow with resiliency and texture. They are soooo young to have voices that dig so deep inside ones soul. Their hot piano man Greg Masculine was looking especially dapper and sophisticated in his all black-on-black gangster suit.

The internationally known art photographer Wolfgang Tilmans stopped by to see little old me. He has a new show up at the Regens Project Gallery and it opened on Friday, and after his show he had to pay Bricktop a wee visit. I was very much charmed by his deliciousness and those bullet nips i was playing with and teasing. I also got to feel that very firm penile package. When word got out that a big time celeb was in the house all the little boy art whores started cock blocking me, and since i had to DJ i couldn't give Wolfgang all of my attentions, though i certainly wanted to. He is dreamy dreamy dreamy.

Was great to see Miss Jean Spinosa back from the bay area, along with Summer Peaches our taxi dancer, art historian Robert Summers and his photog bick dicked beau Matty Lipps. Don Spiro was looking very chipper and also luscious Nikki Novak of the Fishnet Floozys. Nikki will be performing next week for our Mae West Halloween spectacu along with a special pantomime from Augusta! and Darcy Leonard.

Freddy Berkowitz of Video Ten Productions gave me some copies of his latest DVD release "A Rim with A View" directed by Hans Solo to give out as prizes. I also gave out some Sphicterine which makes your bung whole taste minty fresh. People were loving it. Being the drunkard that i am, i got a little carried away and wound up munching on the garden salad of two young boys right on stage. well a girl sometimes has to get her gnut by any means necessary.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kimya Dawson of Mouldy Peaches fame sent me her new solo CD "Hidden Vagenda" Its an amazing folk record! Talk about timely, yes timely with a capital GMP. Kimya is the anti-Tracey Champman and the new Joan Armatrading. Yeah.
Last night i went to Mata Hari, Abby Travis' club at Tangiers on Hillhurst in Los Feliz Village. What a wonderful evening i had. Mink Stole and her band performed, and they were sensational. Mink sang a bunch of Brian Grillo's old Grillo Follies tunes and brought to them such a sense of urgency. That Mink is one sexy minx. Abby and Kristian Hoffman both outdid themselves. I really loved when Abby was improvising, she is so quick on her feet and enchanting. Later she picked up that bass guitar and was just flicking out magic, magick and more majeeect! I was glad i stopped raining, or i wouldn't have been able to go out as my foot is all swollen and i can barely walk. Temptress Selene Luna also performed and brought the house down in her usual luscious manner. I ordered dinner and it wasn't that great, but i had fun hanging out with Don & Augusta, Michael Schmidt and his date John, Brian Grillo, Bemily and the divine Patty Powers. I never go out midweek, but i needed a treat after spending so many hours watching films for Sundance. What a time consuming job. Now its going to be hard to see movies for pleasure.
Been getting a lot of media contacting me about my relationship with philosopher Jacques Derrida who recently passed. I hadn't talked to him in years, i would receive the occasional letter and he'd send me the packets with unusual porn. The last time we hung out was at this party at the apartment of the director of the French film Amelie. How long has that been now? Oh my 2001.

Here is a little enote from Mr. STH:

dearest Homies,

as a teenager i happened to see my father at my uncle's house (we only spoke a few times after i stopped living with him when i was about 10-11 till he died when i was about 40.) and at a loss of something to say i started talking about music...when i said The Duke was my all time fave, his eyes lit up and he said "O.K. then you know where the A Train goes, right?"
i didn't.
he then said "Why, up to Sugar Hill, of course."
last nite i was reminded of that when the seldom used lyric to that tune was playing in my head and we got off the train at Sugar Hill to see The Classical Theater of Harlem's production of Melvin Van Peebles' "Ain't Supposed To Die A Natural Death" last nite.
the play was very well done, but not quite up to the original production which i know from first hand accounts, film clips and recordings.

this production included Ralph Carter, who the Playbill notes said was active in the theater since the age of 9.
before recieving acclaim on the TV show "Good Times" he had already done much proffessional work including roles in two Galt MacDermott scored productions -"Dude" and "Via Galactica" (the former of which Boyd McDonald worked on as a stage manager -believe it or not.)

a highlight was when the street trannie character called "Funky Girl on Motherless Broadway" taunted a bunch of guys in the front row who looked and acted like firemen or policemen.
when she directed her attention to one in particular and came right up in his face and said "You know Honey, sometimes I just feel so SU-PER-FU-LO-US!" and diva snapped him...he turned red in the face and his buddies went wild.

there was also the most cute little 8-10 year old nerdy boy and his mother sitting next to one point as the play was starting we heard him say to his mother "I'm just so excited I could kick myself in the head!"
we laughed when he said that, at which point his mother turned to us and said "They told me this play had adult content but i decided to bring him anyway...Trochet is my little theatre buff."
Jeff a little later whispered in my ear "She means 'budding faggot'."

all interested parties, will recieve a "Best Of" Mr. Peebles CD when i get around to it.



And a nice permissive missive from John Aes-Nihil of the Aesthetic Nihilsm Archive:

Mistress Vaginal: Due to being stuck in Desert I havent been able to get to many shows however I do have an idea for one. A Tonto or whoever night with Native American music by you , Glen and Leslie of Penis Flytrap. The Vampire Bizare was a giant wet MESS due to extrem rain. Stanton even brought his wife of the week and had to Divorce her by evenings end since she had the Nerve to attempt to Pick Up on Lucifer Fulchi! Jason is editing the William Burroughs movie-still and then Suddenly Last Summer and then Descent Into Glamour. Boom is next to be shot but who knows when. Im attemptying to move back to LA. Have been looking into abandoned Theatres with Leslie however that Brazilian Exorcism Church has most of them. Found a true Gothic Mansion near downtown that is being negoatiated right now. George Petros is doing a book on extream art of the 80s and Im doing a section on Limbo Lounge and You Yourself, Glen, Bunny, Daniel. Whats going on with a TV show I heard you might do? David Woodard went ahaed and actaully did it- he is presently in Elizabeth Neitzsches colony in Paraguay. Of course that brought up an idea- do an Elizabeth Neitzsche night and show Davids video. He might go to Jonestown however hes going to have to call me again since I found a pilot in Guyana who used to fly Brother Jones in and out of there. John

And the latest from Bruce "Judy" La Bruce

oh miss davis: i miss your joanne whorley wisdom. my life is kind of sucky right now. Naushad has walking pneumonia so i haven’t been able to see him since he got back from africa a week ago, and now he’s planning on moving back to africa again, this time possibly for good. so it’s sad, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. i guess. sometimes life just seems like a series of disappointments. progress is slow in the career department. doors open and then close again; opportunity knocks and then unknocks. i take my mind of it all by going to the gym every day, plus i’m working on a new script (even though i have three on deck already). what’s it all about, bad alfie remake? (how dare they – i’m quickly getting over judas law). but i don’t want to be debbie downer. i have no room to complain when children are dying of mrs. AIDS in africa and marc almond almost died in a motorcycle accident in london. i see los angeles for me in the near future, however, so at least the pleasure of your company is on the whoreizon... x blab