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Thursday, February 26, 2004


And boy did it last night going to this tired party for Fashion Wire Daily at this new ugly bar/restaurant called Bliss that is anything but. The only reason i went was that my New York pal Kent who use to be the minister of informacion with Fischerspooner was connected, but i didn't see him anywhere, and me and my companion Christine Pelisek of the LA Weekly were appalled at the FUGLY crowd, bad music and overall tepidness of the scene. And a party without FREE FOOD is no party. The licquor sponsor Extreme, well lets just say i hope this company goes under, and Bliss will most likely be closed in less then a month as well.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Thats the name of the bio pic of Darby Crash and the Germs. Shane West is going to play Darby. Thats a good choice. He's young and cute and does resemble him in way. Though i think they should use Shia LeBouf. Shane is a little too old now. Bijou Phillips as Lorna Doom is fantastic casting. This is a secret, so please don't tell anyone, but i tricked with Shane a few years ago when he was coming from that 24 hour gym on Beverly Blvd near LaCienega. I don't remember the name of the gym but its connected to where Malie Finn has her casting offices. Shane is quite the dinge queen, and i put on a masculine ghetto thug act, since that was obviously what he was in the mood for. Lets just say this. He wasn't shy. And i have his underwear as a momento.

One of my good girlfriends is getting a divorce. She is handling it extremely well, I'm proud of her and love her dearly. Another one of my girlyfriends, the famous Fertile LaToyah Jackson is getting married. And no she isn't preggers. Fertile's day job is an elementary school teacher. She just bought a house in a beautiful section of Pasadena, and now is getting hitched. I'm so proud of her. She's finally grown up into a responsible and committed young woman.

Hector, the Scandanavian Mexican cooked me a delicious birthday dinner last night. I'm really working my birthday so that it will last a year. My formal party is this Thursday. I hope it doesn't rain on my Streisand parade.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Getting an avalanche of emails about the erotic short "Wo ist Manfred" i made with Swiss uber hunk Cyril Kuhn for Bricktops. All i can say is, "its about time someone put humour back in the bedroom where it belongs!"

Monday, February 23, 2004


This email just sent to me from Joel Gibb of Canada's brilliant musical group, The Hidden Cameras. Joel is also in the latest issue of BUTT magazine

vag, hey there nice to hear from you. what you been up
to? I have been finishing up a new record called
mississauga goddam and am going to scandanavia next
week, i can't wait for the men.....
summer sounds like a possibility, sex motel yes, hook
me up babe

Dinner with Daddy, Yuroslav "Slava" Mogutin and his modern dance lover Raul Dumas at the Bitchen in Silverlake. Of course I arrived way too early and went next door to the KnackBar for a dwink. Bo the sweet burly bartender, was feeding me stiffies entreveneously. Daddy found me sloshed and dragged me to supper. Everyones brothers uncle was eating at the Bitch on this night. Sitting next to us was Lord Andrew of Gould and his lover Lenny, the young Elder. In the next room was Juan Fernandez, his boywife, Tad Coughenour and some visiting dagger royalty. Then Glen Meadmore pops in with his tranny girlfriend Nekko followed by Professor Doyle and her Frenchman Laurent. It continued like this the entire evening. After eating we popped back into the bar to hear Mrs. Michael Glass DJ his soul classixxxxx. Of course Slava and Raul turned all the male heads. That cha-cha designer Jose of Exit One fame has a new mail order child bride. Where does he find them? Of course Jose's young boy prize wanted my visiting Europeans who were eager sanctioned for dragging him back to their hotel in Venice.


Went to Cyril’s Solano Canyon studio to finish the editing on "Wo ist Manfred" our little erotica project for Bricktops. Cyril is a genius. He made the film look just like a silent era blue movie. I can’t wait to premiere it on Friday.


My beautiful English husband Lord Andrew, gave me some wonderful birthday presents and cooked me an incredible vegetarian meal that consisted of a carrot & corriander soup that was pure deleaven!

Later in the eve "Firecracker! Bill Haines Nite" at Bricktops was over the proverbial top! Mark Simon and London’s premiere big peniled singing group The Younger DeGenerates[Severin Behnin, Robert Durham, Bill Gorin Chris Khurt, David Penddleton, Stephan Schilling, Nigel Teixeira and Sara Schilling.] tore up! Their performance was so political and humorous and the singing was electric.

What a lovely crowd of kids. Its good to see people wearing fancy outfits. I hate jeans, T-shirts and trainers. My opening song expressed my fashion philosophy:

"What shall I wear to Bricktops?
My Frankie B Low Rise Jeans and a chain wallet
or a velvet gown or Tuxedo"

Lots of luminaries in the audience. British "It" girls Lady Victory Hervey and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who hate each other. Luckily the club is big enought that they didn’t have to rub shoulders. Also the delightful Henry Peck, who is one of the originators of LA style clubs and is also a dynamite DJ and hair burner. Guin Turner popped in and was actually looking very sober. Kirsten Schafer the head programmer with Outfest, just came back from The Berlin Festival and was in high spirits, regaling me with stories of her Deutchland adventures. It was also good to see Rudy Bleu of Scutter Mag, artist Albert Cuellar who is always dressed to the 9’s. Albert is an urban pioneer. He has lived in a house in Watts since 1986. He bought it then for only $25,000. Not many Hollywood hipsters can claim that they live in Watts. Cathy Opie is the only other caucasion artist that I know of who lives south of the Santa Monica Freeway. Osseus Labyrinth use to live in South Central but they moved to Echo Park recently. It was also fantastic seeing Mrs. Michael Glass, of Amok Books fame, songstress Abby Travis who told me that the Viper Room isn’t owned by Johnny Depp anymore and that she got stiffed by the new owners after doing a recent show. Looking juicy was Vera Duffy of the Velvet Hammer, Ginger Goldmine, choreographer Jean Spinosa who just moved here from San Francisco and is charming all of cafĂ© society, Don Bolles of the Germs, Animal Charm, MOCA maven Karen Lofgren, Jamie Luner(Melrose Place) first lady of harsh, Lydia Lunch, Shia La Beouf(Holes) Michael Pitt (The Dreamers) Richard Velasco, designers Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, Dutch modern dance god Raul Dumas and his boyfriend the beautiful Russian Rimbaud, Yuroslav Mogutin (Gang of Foreskins). Swiss experimental filmmaker Cyril Kuhn created a beautiful erotic pastiche called "Wo ist Manfred" featuring Ms. Bricktop and the movie delighted the audience to no end.