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Monday, July 04, 2016

Nach Aussen und nach Innen

So thrilled to have been invited to the Tanz Congress in Hanover.  The Tanz Congress is one of Germany's premiere art festivals.  My participation was in conjunctions with KunstVerein Hannover's  Bodies and Stages Exhibition which featured artists Alexandra Bachzetsis, Adam Linder's Some Cleaning performance with the charming and lovesexxxy Linder look-a-like performer Enrico Ticconi, Linder's lover Shahryar Nashat and the Vagimule doll's film installation Memory Island, as well as make-up paintings, slides and ephemera.  The fourgy at the KunstVerein represents a parallex view of the bodacious bod in relation to the space time continuum.
The Greek Goddessa Ms. Bachzetsis and her video installations the standout by far.  The Lady Bachzetsis looks like a young, more sensual Irene Papas---stately and elegant.  In her solo performance "Private: Wear a mask when you talk to me" she evoked at the same time all of my favourite gypsy dance legends like Gwen Verdon, Ann Reiking, Joan McCracken, Chita Rivera, Vera-Ellen,Cyd Charrisse, Joan Caulfield, Lola Falana, Lola Albright, Marilyn Maxwell plus both Marge and Gower Champion.  Male and female she has got it covered.  Geniustrata!
The opening of the Tanz Congress was spirited in front of the Staasoper with a public warm-up conducted by the self titled famous Gallic bossy bottom choreographer Boris Charmatz. Later 20 intergenerational dancers and performers led the publicum through the opera house transformed into the Musee de la danse of the 20th Century. 
On Saturday it was a delight to meet the fab young artists Sheena McGrandles, Winnie Ho, Joy Mariama Smith and Tove Sahlin who created a marvelous intervention "Who's the Party Now Sister" which included lost memory lecturinas by curator Bettina Knaup and the celebrated Berlin based feminist collective Female Trouble.
My own presentation was beyond packadermus with a juicy mongering crowd of youngsters and veteranos including Anna Muelter of the Sophiensale and her parents who are Hannover natives, the lovely Kunstverein artistic director Kathleen Rahn and her hunky lover Sasha, Senior Kunstverein curator and glamazon Ute, Adam Symzek formerly of the Kunsthalle Basel and the director of the upcoming Documenta, Anna and Sortsis who are Alexandra Bachzeitsis's beautiful right hand stewards, Birte who handles the PR at the KunstVerein, Rolf the senior tech authority and his assistant Harry, interns Inga and Ali, the wonderful Silvia, Andrea Niederbuchner, Prinzessin Alix de Ligne and her handsome new hubby Guillaume de Dampierre, blondine DJ Calvin Harris and Afro German basketball shtar Maik Zirbes.
I feel like Hannover is becoming my new second hometown.  Was loving all the magnifique brunches, lunches and dinners at places like Loretta in the Staatpark, and a special BBQ at Frau Rahm's spacious compound hosted by her sweet bear daddy pal Ulrich where i got to meet sleek and patrician Kunstverein boardchairmen Alexander and towering brawny matinee idolisch power top solicitor Benjamin.
The Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin joined the doll on her first trip to Macedonia for the Skopje Pride Weekend Art Festival at the Kino Kultura Performing Arts Center.  Those of us in the tired west could learn a great deal from the queer activist of this Balkan nation.  We certainly take way too much for granted here in Berlin.
Much love and kissyz to cutie pie Slavco Dimitrov of the Coalition "Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities", the fine folks of the LGBTI Support Center, Slavco's hot lover Stefan and his lesbian husband Biljana from Bitola, the legendary Koncho, the first openly gay person in Macedonia, Goddess Biljana of Kino Kultura, Pavle, Irena and Blagica.
No one was expecting such big crowds at all the events with over 300 people crammed in the Kino Kultura to see me perform on what was the hottest evening at 40 degrees celcius weather.  The Celebs in attendance:  Zoja Buzalkovska the famed theatre director, renown actress Irena Ristich, journalist and editor Marina Kostova who got into hot water with the right wing regime over her fearless advocacy,  film Director Milcho Manchevski of the international hit Before the Rain, Ljubomir Frchkovsk, professor in Political Sciences at the State University UKIM, Lupa Angelov the frontman of the psychodelic surf disco punk band The John, and Boryana Rossa the Bulgarian/American artist whose wonderous hommage to Carolee Shneemann "On Focus: The Interior" features her wearing an Amazon Armor lens-bra and full gold metal Kubrick style straight jacket.  Divine!!!!