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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

o i forgot to write last week that when i went to the MC Hammer Museum with Larry Bob i also got to see their permanent collection which has some impressive stuff like Van Gogh's and shit. That MC Hammer is one fine art collecting baggy pants wearing rapper/minister.
Oh and at Bricktops Creekbird performed and he is a sheer delight. He use to be in several bands that played at Sucker so i knew he'd put on a good show. He was dressed like Alan Quarterman 19th Century explorer and had on stage his valet, his butler, his mistress and his musical chimp who was packing one mighty fine erection on him. Also the Fishnet Floozies and their hot rock-a-billy fans were celebrating their birthday and boy did they bring some hot boys with them. yums. one even danced with me and he was the perfect lead. also joining in on the celebration my performance art daddykin Ron Athey with Kid Congo Powers of Gun Club and Nick Cave fame, Miss Abbie Travis looking resplendid in vintage finery, Stuart Townsend from that movie The Distinguished Gentleman's club and Willliam Lee Scott who played a sexy wigger in the film Black & White. William requested that i play Ill Wind from Cotton club and of course i did. This week the Canadian band The HIdden Cameras may make a surprise appearance. I hope so.