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Friday, February 12, 2010

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Saturday Tim Blue cooked me a ferocious meal at his Neu K├Âlln paddy cake. Mr. Blue sure knows his way around a kitchenetta. Later we were joined by his younger brother kJohnny, who works part time as a bartender at the east side touristrappen White Trash Au GoGo and then we all headed straight to the Wilhelm Hein exhibition "Es gibt kein Bier in Hawaii"at the Fischer & Fischer Gallery. Wilhelm Hein is one of my favorite Berlin artists. He is also the ultimate authority when it comes to experimental film. His paintings are deliciously lovesexy—just like Herr Hein himself, and the videoinstallation of collapsing TV monitors was equally delightful. Was feeling a bit run down from all the ice cold weathervale so i called it an early Golden bird chicken night.
That darling Love Camel, Andrea Novarin had sent me a movie I had been wanting to see for ages. The 1983 James Bridges film Mike´s Murder starring Debra Winger. The movies theatrical release was extremely short lived, which is a shame because the flicker has a quality unlike any other movie. Ms. Winger´s performance is extremely subtle, so subtle is seems like she is doing nothing, but it is all in her eyes and her body which morphs from boyish to feminine. The film also captures a certain kind of LA sleepy fever. A way that LA was in the late 70s and early 80s which was such a part of my youth. It is hard to explain. What is really fascinating about this film is that it is based on a true story of a relationship that a woman i worked with had with a young hustler/tennis bum who hung out in the Santa Monica/West LA area. A little bit of this is captured in Mike´s Murder through the Betty Parrish character played by Ms. Winger who portrays a bank officer living in Brentwood. The actual Betty Parrish was named Kathy Lovell and we worked together in Santa Monica at an insurance investigating firm called Equifax. Equifax is still around but they do mostly credit checks now. Kathy had a brief affair with a sexy young hustler boy that wound up getting killed because of some drug related nonsense. The movie follows the details of the true story almost too well, at least the details that i remember. This was over 30 years ago when the incident happened. I don´t remember how James Bridges got ahold of the story, but Debra Winger really captured a quality of Kathy who was a good time Sally of a blondine. The movie also features my friend Mari Sol and Spaz Attack, who was the sexy punk boyfriend of Toni Basil who sang the song, „Oh Mickey You´re So Fine, You´re So Fine You Blow My Mind . . .“
And Paul Winfield is in the movie wearing a caftan as a black gay record producer who has kept the boy toy in question. That reveal scene is classic.
Here´s some gossip that most people don´t know: Dave Matthews of the bland rock band The Dave Matthews Band is a card carrying homeysexual. If that isnt enough he is also a major dinge queen. Don´t tell me you´re not familar with the term dinge queen. Well i will tell you, a dinge queen is a white guy who only likes to have sex with black men. There now, don´t act like i never told you nothing.