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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One of my old LA pals is a complete wang dang doodle of a voracious hornpig. He is always having sextulant adventures. Here is the first tale of a promised two. Hope you enjoy them as much as i did. Its certainly helped pick me up from my beginning of the new decade melancholia.

Dear Ms. Davis
This story starts at Trader Joe's in Lago de Plata. I walk into the store and I immediately see this curly haired cutie pie that looks like a young Federico Aubele, the Venezuelan singer. He is standing in the produce section wearing a white v-neck t-shirt and some gym shorts. He is tall and slim. He noticed my Cornelius look and gave me a Huge smile, the smile was almost too big for his face. I raise an eyebrow and make way through the store.
I get to the next aisle and he is there as well, this time I can clearly see that he is Freeballing at TJ's. Freeballing is all the rage for L.A. Fags! He smiles and continues shopping. On the third aisle he sees me and squats down to see some items, his legs spread with one knee on the floor. I look down and see that he is exposing his entire crotch with a semi hard-on! I look around and tell him, Boy u are going to get busted! He grins and laughs. We both move on and make our way to the register.
Outside he loads up his car and walks to my car with this huge smile and asks if I have time to stop by his place which is on Rowena. I agree on the spot. I walk into a sparse apt with books all over the place, he drops to his knees and starts unbuckling my pants and the sucking begins. He was a very good and hungry cocksucker. He takes my load partially in his mouth and some on his face.
We get dressed and we both make our way to our cars, he’s off to the gym and I’m going home.I tell him, you've got cum on u´r face, he smiles and tells me he likes it that way.
At the door of my car he asks for my email and invites me to a Bukkake party.
That Sunday night I agree to go to his party. It’s in Hollywood on one of those lil streets u`d never know existed. I get there at the given time. I am welcomed by an older man, about 70 yrs old or so. He offers me water and to have a seat, I thought it was very odd.The hottie who invited me walks out in a jock strap, he shows me the big couch for me to sit after he strips me naked. Now he is nude, and starts to suck on me. Within about 10 min or so about 8 guys show appear out of nowhere. All but one guy strip down and starts masturbating. I'm the only one getting sucked by the hottie. I thought it was strange, that none of the guests got into each other. There was a hot shaved head Latin guy with a nice big thick Chorizo, the other dudes were White. While the circle jerk was going on, the old man was in the living room sitting on the opposite side of the room shopping on the Wal-Mart website with his laptop.
So I’m getting sucked, I’m getting my chest squeezed, slapped, rubbed, my stomach was being man-handled by a few of the guests.Of the dudes there, 4 were really hot! The Latino had the biggest cock and like most big cocks,it never really got super hard. So there I was getting sucked for about 45 minutes or so when the boy signals to me that I can unload. That was the signal for all the circle jerk buds to start unloading. One by one, and a few at the same time started unloading on the boys face. I ended up just watching, fascinated by seeing these guys unload. It was very sexy and primal watching these guys work their dicks. The shaved head homie and I were the last ones to unload. Homey was having a hard time trying to unload, I started fondling his hot firm lean ass and playing with his hole. At that point he finally got hard and even bigger and thicker, it was a nice uncut rizo, he let out a fucking geyser of cum on the boys face and on his curly hair. By this time the cocksucker was covered in Cum. The cocksucker took my load in his mouth.
All this time Gramps continued to browse the Wal-Mart website.
We all got dressed and made our ways out the door. The cocksucker stood there smiling and licking the cum that was dripping around his mouth. The next morning I get an email from the cocksucker thanking me for my attendance. I asked if he enjoyed his evening, he said yes, he had not showered and made it to class that next morning. He tells me he gets turned on by the cum drying on his hair or face! Even if it’s globs of it.
So there you have, Silverlake residents at their finest.

Please feel free to send me your comments. I can´t wait for my friends next installment.