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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Had breakfast with Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim at the Turkish boite Vadi on Karl Marx Strasse Friday morning before we headed to kJohnny Blue’s recording studio in Kreuzkoelln to work on Commie Biggie with Susi Su and Nazli. Daniel and I recorded bill&coo sounds for our big love scene in the piece where my character makes mincemeat of Communisms tiny sphincter.
For you devoted fanatics who have been following my internet radio broadcasts with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Magazine. Please click on the link below for Manuel’s new blogina with all the pod sounds we have recorded and other giblets.

O and I received this email from Berlin artist Liz Rosenfeld:
Dear Friends,

As many of you know, I have been spending the last year and half working on my film- triptych, " Surface Tension," which looks at moments in the lives of three- female artists ( Anita Berber, Hannah Höch, and Leni Riefenstahl) who lived during the Weimar Period in Berlin. With the donations and help of my amazing international and local community of friends and colleagues, I have successfully been able to complete Frida & Anita ( already screened at The Tate Modern, The British Film Institute, and Moviemento in Berlin) and most recently have completed the pre- production and shooting for the second film in this series HÖCH (currently in the editing process.) I want to thank you all for your previous support for the first two films in the series.

We are slated to film the third and final piece in the series, Die Neue Frau, a constructed " uncovered" real of Third Reich filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl's home movies revealing an ambiguous relationship she may or may not have had with Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress. Die Neue Frau takes place in 1933 ( the last official year of The Weimar Republic) and tracks the transition of Berlin from decadence into fascism.

We are slated to film in early August, but must meet our funding goal in order to be able to afford the film stock and post- production costs. I would be extremely grateful if you could take a moment to read more about this project, and consider our fundraising campaign:
Sending Love and Many Wishes from Berlin,
Liz --
O and the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras that gorgeous male creature known the world over as Joel Gibb just posted his new video he directed ala the old Hollywood film musical helmer Stanley Donen. Check it out here: and let me know what you think.
This little emug from love camel, Andrea Novarin in London:
Oh Doll, the camel had the most horrible experience of his humped life. I went to a kinky night called Collared that used to be fine a few months ago. But this time, I felt like Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner or Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now when they mention they have witnessed the horror, the horrors. There were no more than 20 people. Amongst them: a young chubby queen in a harness dancing horribly to Lady Gaga, an old skinny thing with a hairy back and a raven colored toupee; an even older obese black man in a white g string probably bought from Lidl for 99 pence; an octogenarian clone of Peter Murphy from Bauhaus with spikey hair and the smell of hairspray coming from him that was permeating the entire club. It was like a freak show, in the worst possible way. It was revulsion therapy! I managed to stay 25 minutes just to finish my drink but wanted to leave after 5!!!!! I almost wanted to be amongst all the Nosferatus and Nosferitas of Berlin instead!! Kissy
Big peniled writer Travis Jeppeson also emailed me that he is in Beijing on a fellowship with German artist Christian Schoeler till August. I had contacted Travis to see if he could book a performer from Austin Texas at Pork@ Ficken 3000 as a favour to designer Rick Owens. Rick Owens and his ladylove and muse Michele Lamy have brought the charms of the lowrent dive bar The Spotlight to Paris, and have recreated the famed Hollywood Blvd hole-in-the-wall for the Gallic conneisseur. Glen Meadmore just did a show at The Spotlight-Paris, and its actually a fab idea as the city of light is in much need of new nightlife additives.