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Sunday, July 05, 2020


Forever Amber and Limber.

So sorry my lovelies in blogland for keeping you in the Johnny Darko all these many months of  quittangy quarantining. To explain: I don’t have a working laptop so writing using my olde iPhone presents itself as quite a chore, but I will anyway, just this once, and hopefully soon I will have a working Mac Book, and get back to a regular blogging schedulina.

Please forgive me, thank you for your patience.  Hope you enjoy this tiny excerpt from my still unfinished novel Mary Magdalene:

Mrs. Jeffrey Burroughs also known as Thing, of Ventura Highways Homo House 1, 2 and 3, had a great sense of adventure. I don’t  remember the year he died, just that he was renown for flexible genitalia in the performative party trick of “Doing the Turtle”.

Sometime in the late 1980’s he was down in Hollywood visiting the Melrose Avenue Retail Slut gang, and managed to take a solo detour into deepest darkest South Central Los Angeles.  This was during the height of the crack epidemic when Los Ang was at its crime peak. Jeffrey Burroughs was a  five foot nothing blondine surfery looking creature who wound up partying with three roughnecks in a late model Impala sedan.  Copious amounts of narcotics and alcohol was exchanged before it was decided to venture into the Hollywood Hills.  Did it occur to Mrs. Burroughs that perhaps he was in a dangerous situation?  Yes and no.  If he wound up murdered and left in some high chaparral at least he was going to get a righteous buzz on, and some unbelievably aggressive jack hammering of the sugar wall shattering varietè.

(To be continued)