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Friday, December 23, 2011

Shared a delightful meal at the westside Delores Burrito Palace @ Wittenberg Platz with that ravishing beauty of all beauties the Baby Diaper of the Hidden Cameras Mr. Joel Gibb who just happens to also be one of the hottest studkins on this planet earth. Everyone wants Joel Gibb and he doesn´t even realize that he turns so many heads as he walks down the street.
Joel was with his Canuckian houseguest Gentleman Reg who was in Berlin on holiday, but also managed to sneak in a performance at Pork @ Ficken 3000. Accompanying them was another Canadian party boy who has been living in Berlin for a year and who use to be lovers with And Justice For All the plushy/furry Toronto sexual “It Boy” of several seasons past.
Superstar Mr. Gibb was feeling a little blue, so I was trying to bring him some good cheer. Why you ask would anyone so goodlooking and talented ever have a reason to be sad. Well Joel is a sensitive young lad, and a true romantic in the Lord Byron sense of the word. He recently separated from his longtime paramour the hunky East German physiotherapist Enrico Dallman.I thought they made a splendid couple, and I adore Enrico who is very sweet and genuine.
Rising Stars, Falling Stars last night was SRO with a screening of the Japanese classic from 1926 A Page of Madness. The divine Eunice Martin whose piano prowess electrified the audience that include RSFS first timer Max of Buenos Aires, who is the best pal of Christian Forte of the Berlin based punk band Leiseylento. Also seen: Monika Rinck(Das Love Thing) the most significant young poet working in Germany today, Henrike Grohs of the Goethe Institute Johanisberg, South Afrika who came to check out RSFS after being told about it by Darryl Els the young SouthAfrikan film programmer, Roman Lachs the personable professor of German Literature who is leaving Berlin for South Korea. Roman and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus have been best friends since they were embryos. The audience at RSFS delighted in the knowledge that the Schulte Strathaus clan owns the Berlin suburb of Steglitz.Just another interesting tidbit.Also seen in the Rote Foyer afterscreening wine reception: Lovely Nadja Talmi of Haus of World Cultures, portugeuse intermedia actress Elsa, the voice of Communism in Commi Biggie Daniel Hendrickson, Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Internet Radio Magazine, Nicolas Tange Lange with the star of the Swedish film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, and sexbomb Uli Ziemons.
The Gregors, the first family of German Cinema were cleaning house and brought to the Arsenal some books they didn’t want from their famous prodigious library. I scored royally making off with a copy of The Revolt of the Masses by Jose Ortega y Gasset, American Murder Ballads & Other Stories by Olive Wooley Burt, An Anthology of New World Writing, Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit by Arthur Schopenhauer and film books on Korean directors, Films of the DDR 1987-1990 and Modern Czech films.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Went to see the remake of Jane Eyre only because it features the British male ingénue Jamie Bell who is all grown up and looking quite fetching with his mutt n chop sideburns and dark ginger beauty.
Michael Fassbender was quite affective in the film as well as the girl who plays the lead and of course Dame Judy Dench, but as far as I am concerned its all about Mr. Bell who I have been told by reliable sources is quite the well hung young man.

O and this sweet note from a machaca:

My Sweet Negress,

I am sorry that I have been MIA for a few weeks. I have completed an almost 2 month project that had me all over the city at all times of the day with some hilarious and frightening stories while working a line of Sr Citizen Insurance.... I met a very frail and tough mouthed Black Grandma who was drilling me with the cost of prescription drugs and a specific list of medications. Feeling the Ghetto Grifter energy myself, I asked, Why are you asking about these specific medications. Grandma shot me an almost Shug Night Thug Look and then smiled, she said, With yo Insurance, the bottle cost $5.00 for a 30 day supply. Dat's pretty good, cuz I sell each pill for $10.bucks! (that's a very nice profit) I looked at her and with my genuine Poker face, I said, Girl you a Drug Dealer! She said, No sweetie, I'm helping my cumunity and getting one over on the Man. (I was happy that she did not say Da Man!) She then studied my face and said, You aint' an undercover Cop? I said, No, I'm not, but you are doing something that is not cool. She then tells me, I think this Business meeting is Over. So I take my stuff and made my exit. I understand her Grift, she should have just kept her mouth shut. That's your people!

This past weekend, We went to see Zachary Drucker's photography exhibit, with photographer Amos, I believe that was his name. It was a great showing with Zachary's beauty and Amos, an F to M, in all his sexyness.

We had dinner at Real Food Daily, so fucken good and expensive! After dinner we made our way to Jeffreyland's Christmas Toy Drive party. It was a double party between his shop and Esteban's shop a few doors down. I don't think you know Estaban, he's Drew's x-Boyfriends Best Buddy. He's very cool and was throwing down with some Hot Old Disco Music. We made our way back and forth between Jeff's and Esteban's party with lots of Libations. Your little Ghetto Child was there with his crew in tow. It was fun. Frank was man-ing the bar, Manila Ice was looking super Fashionable, the crowd had a great time.

I am home today with the rain. I'm a bit lost as I'm done with a project and need to occupy myself! I have been a bit out of control with my HornDoggyness!

I miss my Stinky Negra, I'm looking forward to your return to Compton. As for me re-arranging my schedule for you, Come CACA y No me Des! How are the shoes working for you? What do you need?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday morn went to La Femme in Kreuzberg for a delightful belated birthday breakfast for Piero Bellomo of La Collezione with Senor Bellomo and his lover Communism aka: Daniel Hendrickson. A grand time was had by all. The next day I met la Hendrickson and Marcu Siegel at Volksbuhne/Praeter to see the Vegard Vinge/Ida Mueller production of Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman. On the way to the theatre I was caught in a downpour and wound up soaking wet. Later our party was joined by Nazli and her Greek beau Yorgos, Sexy Sasha his cute cuddly girlfriend Christina and Vietnemese artist Joang. This performance was SRO and featured Susanne Sachsse performing as a muse in various tableaux vivant including a striking moment where menstrual blood acts as live nourishment to a werewolf Borkman incarnate. Director Vinge was all over the place this evening---fighting with house technicians, attacking the audience, showboating, puppetry of the penis and turning himself into a golden shower fountain, not to mention a curtain ballet, debris tennis match, fisticuffs, and the great Volker Spengler in dishabille. Borkman is the perfect Ibsen piece for our troubled financial times. Corrupt banker mirroring psycho sexual histrionics-who could ask for anything more? After more then six hours without as much of pee break we grabbed some cheap sushi and drinks around the corner on Danziger Strasse afterwhich it was time to say goodbye to a most fulfilling evening of endurance theatre. Would have liked to stay till the end of the 12 hours but was feeling a little congested and decided that bedtime was imminently more practical.
I get so many emugs from readers asking me what is on my nightstand. Well the latest book I can’t get enough of is Catherine the Great-Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie. I never knew that the Czarina was a German princess. I always thought she was Russian by birth, but in actuality she married into the dynasty.

The latest FilmHighlights Internet Radio interview with Manuel Schubert where we discuss amongst a myriad of subjects my love affair with the amazingly virile late dear leader of North Korea.

And the latest CHEAP newsletter from Marcu Siegel:

(english below)

Liebe CHEAP Freunde

erstmals danke für die tolle Unterstützung bei Communist Bigamist. Two Love Stories. Wir hatten vier ausverkaufte Häuser und spannendes Feedback. Nächste Vorstellungen finden 2/3 Februar im FFT Düsseldorf statt.

Weil "CHEAP doesn't sleep" bereiten wir uns gerade für ein anderes Night Out vor, nämlich der letzte Rising Stars, Falling Stars in 2011 mit Miss Davis! Es läuft der perfekter Film für die Holiday Zeit: Eine Seite des Wahnsinns (Teinosuke Kinugasa | Japan 1926). Musikalische Begleitung von Eunice Martins. und Wein und Wichsen im Roten Foyer danach. Komm und begrusst Miss Davis bevor sie für ein Monat nach Los Angeles für ihre Getty Performance verschwindet!

VD Rising Stars Falling Stars
mit: Eine Seite des Wahnsinns (1926) und Eunice Martins am Klavier
Donnerstag, dec 22 21:30 Uhr


Dear CHEAP Friends

thanks for your support with Communist Bigamist. Two Love Stories. We had 4 sold out shows with exciting audiences. Next shows are Feb 2/3 in FFT in Düsseldorf. tell you friends!

and don't forget to join Miss Davis for the last Rising Stars of the season. Come say hello before she takes off for LA and a monthlong gig with the Getty. And cut through the holiday horrors with the great Japanese silent classic A Page of Madness. Come down to the Arsenal and nurse your Hanukah angst away with hostess Ms. Vaginal Davis. After the screening share in a ribald wine reception toast in the intimate entrails of the Rote Foyer.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars
Dec 22nd 9:30pm
Arsenal Inst fur film und video kunst Kino 2
A Page of Madness 1926
live musical accompanyment by Eunice Martin
2 Potsdamer Strasse
Potsdamer Platz at the Sony Ctr Filmhaus Basement