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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Einer kommt, den spornt die Wut.

Wut entzündet die Gier

That wonderful human sex bomb Bradford Nordeen,The Fourth of Dirty Looks just sent me a lovely gift packet of goodies from Los Angeles including a Day Goth poster (his dance club with the amazing Kimberly-Kim Nesgore), his latest tome Because Horror co-written by that fabulous scribe Johnny Ray Huston, with an afterward by Hedi El Kholti of Semio Text is out now so do yourself a favour and get it  now.

Mr. Nordeen is quite a notable national figurine for all his many prolific projects that encompass writing, curating and film programming. He is also known for spreading beyonda sexual joy to many, with his five and counting children from different baby mommas and a myriad of butt babies with a cornucopia of humpy baby papas. La Mr. Nordeen brings pleasure to so many men and women even though he's from the problematic city of St. Louis. Well I can assure you our Mr. Nordeen who hails from one of America's most patrician olde $money families doesn't discriminate on the basis of race, class and ethnicity as he is the proud father of so many biracial children that he could single handedly bring back United Colors of Benetton.

Oh much thanks to Hedi El Kholti and Chris Kraus of Semio Text for the photo book of the work of Reynaldo Rivera which features a juicy essay/conversation between the handsome photographer and Ms. Vaginal Davis. Pick it up at your local high end bookshop. Speaking of fancy books, you must run out and purchase Queer Communion: Ron Athey edited by Amelia Jones and Andy Campbell, the definitive book on the famed performance artist and love god Ron Athey Jr. What makes this book a lot better then the book that came out in 2013 is this one features much more of Ron Athey in his own voice with both published and never before published pieces of his incredible prose. The book also culminates with an art exhibition at Participant Inc Gallery in New York City in 2021.

One of Vaginal Davis' ex students at the Art University in Geneva is Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan whose is related to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan the daughter of Hollywood Golden era star Rita Hayworth. The young Prince is a very sweet boy of 20 years who audited Ms. Davis' performance art seminar Perverse Assemblages for a short time as the majority of Ms. Davis' students are of the graduate level in the program Work Master HEAD.

Friday, November 27, 2020


Dunkler noch der Verdacht

schwerer die Beschwerde: die Pforte ist es, daraus der König von Frankreich leicht und schnell nach England dringt!

My NYC gallerist the hunky Benjamin Tischer and his lovely wife Gala Verdugo have my work in the Future Fair which launches today. Spread the word:

And as an added bonus here:

New York NY 10276


HOLD THE HORIZON CLOSE | Paul Gabrielli, LoVid, Agathe Snow
Marquee Projects, Bellport NY
October 24 — November 29, 2020