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Monday, March 05, 2007

Finally went to the famous dance palast in the industrial east. Loved the barreness of the neighborhood, and the out-of-the-way location, and this former factory is an architectural wondermint. Too bad all these fantasticals are wasted on a club, that basically comes off flat and listless. Bad music, no scheme or design, or interesting visuals, just thump thump and crawler. I did like the fact that its a mixed gay and straight crowd, but the poor children and faggots that go here are of the suburban quality who are just happy to be anyplace. Its such a waste as this club if art directed properly could really be spectacular. I would invite artist to create interactive installations throughout the cavernous spaces, and divide it all into smaller rooms with diffferent types of music and chill spaces and bars, and add some kind of sexual visual delirium to the mix and also the lame gay darkroom. Hire porn stars or exhibitionists to jumpstart the action, make things into a voyeur paradise, so many people in Germany love taking off their clothes---work that angle more. As it is Bergy seems just like a tired American style exercise in making money, which i do not mind. But do it with some flair and finesse. More commentary on this and other Berlin nitelife later. Gotta run to Max und Morris rehearsal.