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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Was such a delight to see that super hot lady of high art Ms. Lia Gangitano of the incredible Participant Inc. Gallery in Berlin bringing her universally lauded Greer Lankton exhibition to Berlin at Wolfgang Tilman’s Between Bridges Gallery on Keith Strasse in Schoeneberg.  This exhibit is on every critic in the worlds top ten list as the best of the best in 2014 and it really is divine.  I first met the late Miss Lankton back in the 1990s in Chicago as she was part of the clique surrounding Steve LeFreniere.  Her famed doll sculptures do really transcend, and she was just the sweetest most lovely human being that ever called this Island earthina home. Lia was being flanked by hordes of well wishers that included art superstar Nan Goldin.  I am so glad Lia is getting her due as she is the last of a special breed of smart with it curators.  Her not-for-profit gallery Participant Inc on the Lower East Side is the only one of its kind still left in the “New Danger Capitalism New York City”.  I first met Lia in 1990 when she was the head curator at Boston’s ICA and she brought me to that city for the first time for the legendary series Dress Codes.  Lia also gave Catherine Opie her first big institutional art gig as well.  Lia left Boston and joined Thread Waxing Space in SoHo before starting her her gallery where I had my first solo exhibition in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy Duncan. 
Coming back to Berlin from my travels to Canada and the UK I caught a cold and then stomach flu with the flying patooties(projectile excrementing) so I thought I would miss Lia’s visit but thankfully I recovered-but barely.  Will be off on another trek to far off locations which I will talk more about in another postada but just want to give 1,000,000 kisses to the great and powerful Miss Lia I love you lady!!!!!
Those of you in Frankfurt am Main area please check out this exhibition and long overdue retrospectacle by art fotog Annette Frick who along with her longtime life partner Wilhelm Hein have been getting a lot of International attention and admiration lately:
A C H T U N G !! B I T T E  V O R M E R K E N !!!
Filmkollektiv Frankfurt zeigt:


SAMSTAG 11.4.2015 ab 16 Uhr 
im HORST - in der Kleyerstr.15-17 - Frankfurt
 in den Adlerwerken an der Galluswarte

es erscheint eine Publikation
mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Materialien und  Texten von u.A.
Angela Mc Robbie
Dennis Vetter
Gary Vanisian
Sissi Tax
Wilhelm Hein
Dr. BearBoy
Ruvi Simmons
und einem Comic von Flore Vigneron

The wonderful Manuela Schinina’ aka:  DJane Bianca Kruk hosted an Easter Mongay dinner at her lovely flat at Kott Busser Damn the food was heavenly and the fellowship divoon consisting of Nanna Heidenreich, Daniel Hendrickson and a lovely lesbianfeministiche couple Bettina and Xana who have recently given up being artists and curators which I applaud. Their work can be found here: windberreira.comAnd now the simply delici menu:
caponata di melanzane (tradizionale siciliana) , which was the side dish with aubergine
salsa di menta , which was the sauce  insalata arance e finocchi , also sicilian ! but very fashionable lately in berlin and lamb with roasted internationalist potatoes


Felix Knoke the editor of greatly missed D-bug Magazine and writer with Der Spiegel and Der Stern hosted a Filmhighlights Magazine studio audience intervention in the Schiller Kiez in Neu Kolln.  Felix rents a studio at the Kamo Atelier and told me he thought it would be a nice idea if Manuel Schubert aka: Vicki Baum and I did our monthly podcast promoting Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music in front of a live audience of his studio mates. I said yes not realizing that Felix would make a public announcement on Facebook I wanted just a nice quiet little thing in front of a few of his select friends and associates.  Well thankfully Felix took down the Facebook posting, but there was still quite a large unexpected turnout that included Felix’s beautiful girlfriend Angela Nicoletti,Glen Meadmore European tour guitarist Tilmann Schuepter,Dutch photographer Sandra van Egmond, Luca Bendandi of publishing firm Vetro Editions which is part of the Kamo Atelier, Slovenian dramaturgist Urska Brodar, penile projectionist Marius Roth who also works for Juergen Bruning and his girlfriend the filmmaker Cylixe who was a top student of Birgit Hein,interior architect Michele Bruni and psychology Phd student Anna Janssen, the underground musician Andreas “Krach”Stoiber who more people need to know about as he is a Berlin treasure, designer and illustrator Kasha Beyer, Italian Fordham Baldie Andrea Teller, hunky young and very personable Tobias Zimmerman and young artist and junior curator Andre Kirchner who took quite a liking to our little Manuel Schubert-could Springtime romance be blooming? Plus, Mariabrigida from Mama Roma, and an assortment of Argentine party girls just happy to be anywhere.