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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes i am the first non New Yorker to be awarded this honor given out by other artists and not arts administrators. Now i need a MacArthur Genius grant, hint hint. Let me explain just what this means. The Ethyl Eichelberger Award is a commissioning award created by Performance Space 122 in 2005 and made possible with the generous support of the Gesso Foundation. The Ethyl Eichelberger Award is given to an artist or group that exemplifies Ethyl's larger-than-life style and generosity of spirit; who embodies Ethyl's multi-talented artistic virtuosity, bridging worlds and vitalizing those around them. Recipients include Taylor Mac (2005), Julie Atlas Muz (2006),Justin Bond (2007)and Jennifer Miller (2008). So i am in excellent company.
Was just thinking about Bea Arthur´s death which ijust found out was from cancer, also that she was 86 years old. I loved her in the Lucille Ball vanity project remake of Auntie Mame simpled retitled Mame(1974).
Went to see Jason Segel´s latest film I Love You, Man. Jason is one of my platonic male actor friends. For a minute Jason thought he might be gay. He had a thing for big black women, and so i fit that bill, but he realized that he likes real puddy before it ever went anywhere. I love him in this picture which co-stars cute Paul Rudd who is adorable. Jason always wants my opinion on his projects, but i have no reference point for mainstream Hollywood product so i always feel like i do him a dis-service, but he never gets rattled. At first i thought i was going to hate the movie, but i actually enjoyed the bro-mantic tale, and it wasn´t as cheesecorn as i expected. Jason and Paul really came across as two hetero men who are best pals, and there was a loveliness to the proceedings that is quite rare in this type of flicker. I could relate to Paul´s character in that i don´t have very many male friendships in that i prefer the company of women to men and i live in a strictly feminine world. I really find most men dull, and that includes gay men. I only like men for sex, and after that is over with, i really don't have much use for them.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beatrice Arthur the award winning TV actress who first came to fame as the star of the long running hit sitcom from the 1970s Maude has unexpectedly died. Well I say unexpectedly, but the fact is she was at least 80 years old, and probably older. TV´s Maude was created by Norman Lear and was a spinoff from his All In The Family series, which created the bigoted character of Archie Bunker. Arthur played the rambunctious Maude who was the woman´s lib cousin to Edith Bunker (played by Jean Stapleton on AITF)I don´t have any details concerning her death, but this beloved figure was a feminist icon for me, and many other girls growing up in the early 1970s. As the pant suit wearing straight talking right on Maude! she embodied an outspoken, butch realness harnessed through femme wit that was appealing to millions of young FITs who saw her as an outsider kindred spirit. She also had another hit series in the late 80s and 90s called Golden Girls which I didn´t really see that much of being that I didn´t own a TV during that time period, but what I did see of the program was a hilarious hoot.
Had drinks at Melitta with Lily Simonsen and her friend Lindsay Lawton Saturday. I originally met Lily back in 1998 at the Beck & Al Hansen Playing With Matches art show at the Thread Waxing Space in NYC. Lily was a teenage Beck fanatic at the time, but has grown into a commanding young tyro artist going to school at UCLA. Her pal Lindsay is bright and sweet having just moved to Berlin in November and attends the art akademie in Frankfurt. The three of us had a girlish giggly time sitting al fresco style watching the cute boys pass by. I had intended on meeting them Friday evening at Kim Bar in Mitte where Assaf Hochman was celebrating his 30th birthday, but the S-Bahn was shut down because of a World War II bomb scare. In Berlin whenever there is construction they are always oncovering old bombs that have never detonated and are still quite lethal. This time it was a 100 kilogram/220 lb Soviet bomb that experts had to remove two detonaters from Friday at a construction site near the Neues Museum. Evacuations not only occurred at Alexander platz, but Unter Den Linden and Chanceller Angela Merkel´s private residence. Needless to say I didn´t make ito to Assaf´s soiree.
Ran into Anna Muelter and Big Daddy Ron Athey after my visit with the girls Saturday in the early evening. Daddy took me for din din at a yummy Turkish bistro and then we drank some Jack Daniels at his Yorkstrasse flat. Daddy is in town directing a new stage piece written by Travis Jeppeson called Daddy that stars Susanne Sachsse, DJ Snax. Evie Rüssler and the Vagimule Doll. This insanely hilarious play is about an 11 year old boy who impregnates his teacher played by yours truly becoming a real life baby Daddy. Susanne plays the kids hysterical actress mother. This project is going to be ill. Daddy Athey is now living in London with his hot young Argentinian boyfriend Alfredo. He has no plans of ever returning to his flat in the Silverlake foothills.
Had a wonderful bruncheon with Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus at Kaiserstein Cafe-Mehringdamn. Frau Strathaus and I share so many things in common, and it was lovely exchanging girlish secrets. I still remember the first time we met, and i immediately was taken with her, feeling like we were kindred spirits. Women like Stefanie make life in Berlin very special and unique. She is a city treasure.
I enjoy sharing with you my dear faithful readers personal emugs I get from pals in the states. You might find these blurbs amusing. I have edited them a bit to protect the guilty.

Sent a few weeks ago from a friend I shall call Kill Spector

“I was at the Coachella Music festival in the desert this past weekend. There were alot of hotties! getting younger and firmer...
I have a friend named Steve. We have been fuck buds for a while now, over 2 yrs! what a fucken dog i am. Steve is a cool white guy, he is a big wig for starbucks and has a 66 yr old boyfriend/daddy. Steve is 38yrs old and has a BIG UNCUT WHITE CHORIZO and you guessed it, a frustrated bottom. Anyways, we had not fooled around together in a while, we recently connected and he had been wanting to see someone else suck me off. I said, Cool, I'm down. So i was at his place in the fucken hills in Hollywood, he put an add on Craigslist to get a cocksucker for two uncut f'buds. Well, as we were laughing our asses off on the replies- the pictures, the guys who said they were 36 yrs old with mugs that were no younger then 60! Anyways, we got one really nasty reply. It said something like, Deepthroated Pig Cocksucker, blah blah blah, so of course we look at the email further with pics. The pics had what was clearly dark skinned chorizo's jammed down a white mouth. The guy sent 5 different pics. I said to Steve, wait a minute, the guy has a regular email address--- I recognized the email so we reply to the email, send full pic. He did, well it was the sex starved famous fashion stylist boyfriend of an acquaintance of mine. We did not invite him over, as a matter of fact we did not invite anyone over. Steve and i did our usual thing without a third. So there you have it”

And one message sent to be from my young friend who lives in San Francisco i shall call Arty Tarty:

“Spring has arrived here which means everyone is in heat! I dumped my hot swimmer bf because he was getting needy and I was getting bored of being a top. Although he's hung like a horse he's more into taking it like the pussy boy he is. Which was fun for a while but with all these hotties running around looking to pollinate I just can't conceive of being monogamous. Just yesterday I was part of a really hot orgy on top of bernal heights. In the name of art, a group of friends had climbed to the top of the hill to fuck and suck to a women in a white dress playing a piano. Some really classic Judy numbers were played as sf's most recalcitrant queers got really nasty. It got to the point where I really didn't know what to expect to find in the next persons pants I went down on. I am so sunburned now but it was so worth it!”