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Saturday, January 26, 2008

One of Kembra´s sweet young artist friends Naomi, and her cute, lanky beau are in Berlin on a residency in the hauteur suburb of Dalem. They came over to my Cheese Endique Trifecta studio for a visit a few days ago and i had a lovely time with them.
After a Cheap Gossip Studio Berlinale meeting, i hurried to HAU 1 with Fearless leader Suzi, Marcu and Anna Muelter to see Big Art Group from New York. For years i´ve heard about them with lots of people giving praises to an earlier piece called "Flicker" as being clever and wildly entertaining. The new work Cinema Fury: The Imitation, hosts an impressive array of downtown luminaries like the exquisite Justin Bond of Kiki & Herb fame, sultry and sensuous rock goddess Theo Kogan of The Lunachicks, Long Dong Sean Pierce of queer metalites The Toilet Boys, and everyones favorite party girl, the enchanting Viva Ruiz. With a cast like that i was expecting a scintillating evening of riotous Manhattan moxy.
From the promo material the proceedings were to be somewhat of a take on Douglas Sirk, the melodramatic director of mid century classix like Magnificent Obsession and Immitation of Life. What i saw seemed more influenced by the German blue movie company Cazzo, and its Berlin Techno Dreams with Leigh Bowery enfluenced costuming via San Francisco´s Trannyshack.
Perhaps this production is a work-in-progress, and is still being shaped and fine tuned.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Return of Ruth Fischer, my art rock band with kollective Cheap, and Mickey&Ibadette of Super 700 was a resounding success at the Re-Education event at Hau 2 Saturday evening. We opened the show with our short set, and i came up with the idea of our lovesexy costumes, wearing pantyhose as body stockings that each individual member could accessorize to suit their personality crisis. Its all about availabism, making use of what´s readily available. We looked good up on that stage, even though we are all hardly teenagers. Thank god we only perform once a year. You have to retain some sort of dignity when you´re long on the proverbial tooth. I did get a little carried away at the end of the set, with an impromptu shrimping.
From all the feedback I´ve gotten, the song "The Love Camel" is a definate hit parader. 100 paying customers had to be turned away, those who got in included: handsome art photog Ashkan Sahihi(The Cum Series),Paris "It" boy now relocated to Berlina, Christophe Chemin, beautifull Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, producer Mark Ronson, swarthy writer Titus Müller, hair hoppers Tan Bihn Nguyen & Armin Morbach, playboy socialite Patrick von Faber-Castell, stars of the Ian Curtis film Control-Alexandra Maria Lara, Sam Riley, academic hottie Nicole Wolfe with Empress Stefanie of the Arsenal, Nanna Heidenreich and her Angie Baby, Turkish love god Senol, Der Spiegel scribe Tim Stüttgen, experimental filmmakers Evelyn Rüssler, Isabelle Spengler, Vassily Bourakas, actress Maria Schrader(Amy&Jaguar),everyones sweetheart Anna Muelter, Kean Wong(CNN Indonesia)Gregor Gysi the head of Die Linke, Julius Bauer & posse, super studly Uli of the Berlinale´s Forum with his adorable girlfriend,Israeli video art star Keren Cytter who will have a short in The Berlinale that stars Susanne Sachße and Assaf Hochman(Cheap Blacky,Catherine Sullivan Troup)Hamburg heiress Vanessa Kuhlmann, the founder of Balzac Coffee with rock photographer Jameel Khaja, who use to be married to the daughter of Bob James, the guy who wrote the theme song to the TV show Taxi, Viola and L´Cavaliero, the activist performers with Spicy Tigers, and Sheila Chipperfield,the saucy bass player with Elastica, who was the fantastic DJ for the afterparty at the WAU Cafe that raged until 6am.
Barely had time to recoup, but i promised Joel Gibb i would see him perform at the Rote Salon of the Volksbühne along with Noblesse Oblige on Sunday evening. I had missed Joel, and his band perform last year at the Lido. My pretty baby diaper looked stunningly handsome on stage and was in fine voice, offering the audience a short but haunting set. The lucky onlookers included Joel´s latest paramour, the silver fox Weiland Speck, of the Berlinale´s Panarama Section, Gabriel of Gelitin, who have a huge show on Feb 29th in Paris, Sebastian from Cheap Jewelry, looking like a Muslim warrior with his full beard, and heavy lidded bedroom eyes, and cute video artist Keren Cytter with her Israeli brother Assaf Hochman.

Monday, January 21, 2008

For all you Bay Area fans, my nutters installation "Present Penicative" will be part of a group show called The Way That We Rhyme: Women, Art and Politics at the Yerba Buena Art Center Museum in San Francisco, opening March 29th. More info about this as the date grows nearer.
Not long ago i shared a passionata kiss from a sweet lipped, tennis playing tranny chaser named Philip Kohlshreiber. Well i just find out he's won some major matches, and is a top seed player in the ranks. And to think, when he told me he played tennis, i thought he meant just for fun and exercise.
Another former trick, the philosopher Raphael Enthoven i recently discovered use to be with former model and singer Carla Bruni, who is now with the French President Sarkozi, and i had a dalliance with Sarkozi's hot blonde son Pierre.
Maila Nurmi died at age 86. Back in the 1950s she was known as the TV Horror hostess Vampira, and she also starred in the Ed Wood Schlock classic Plan Nine From Outer Space. Her look, along with that of Pat Bag of The Bags was appropriated by Elvira, Mistress of the Dark aka: Cassandra Peterson.
I performed on the same bill with Ms. Nurmi countless times at the old Anti-Club in Hollywood during the post punk 1980's with my blaxploitation punk outfit The Afro Sisters. My good friend, the magnificent writer Stuart Timmons even attempted writing a book about her, and lovers James Dean and Marlon Brando. She was really way ahead of her time, and back in the 1940s was one of the first women to wear a mohawk and liberty spikes on the west coast burlesque circuit.
One of my fav actresses of the 1960s Suzanne Pleshette died, aged 70. I will never forget her in the film A Rage To Live, opposite a young hairychested Ben Gazzara, and on back of a Vespa scooter with then husband Troy Donahue in Rome Adventure.