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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

As an elderly lady i'm surprised by the males of the species who have been chasing me lately. The minute you don't care about men, thats when they are suddenly all over you. My new Berlin honey is a dorky scientist, who deals with human and animal viruses. I'm also seeing a muscular, wealthy, Korean financial analyst, who has a really large penis, which totally contradicts the stereotype of Asian men. And if that isn't enough action, actors Sergi Lo'pez, Eric Mabius and David Sutcliffe want to hit my racehorse arse. The one boy who really has completely left me enchanted is the musician Piers Faccini, but i think its best to play the proberbial open field so that is why i doodled with David Katzenberg, the son of mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg. I'm not that stoked about David, but i love it when a boy is all horndoggy for me, and will committ suicide unless he gets some.