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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Great portrait painter Lucian Freud died age 88. I was introduced to him by Leigh Bowery in the early 1990s. He had painted Leigh many times and he wanted to paint me, but since I didn’t live in the UK spending the many weeks and or months necessary for posing nude for him was an impossibility. At the time I didn’t really care for his work, thinking only about how his paintings weren’t exactly flattering. Well what can I say, I am a vain lady.
Before I moved to Berlin I posed for the famous painter and exlover of writer Christopher Isherwood- Don Bachardy and didn’t really care for the results, though I think he is wonderful and I adore many of his other portraits.
Its embarrassing to admit that it took me quite awhile to appreciate the work of Lucian Freud. Now I adore his portraits of Leigh Bowery, Jerri Hall, Kate Moss and Queen Elizabeth. Mr. Freud was born in Berlin but lived for most of his life in the UK. He is the grandson of Sigmund Freud who also had an addiction to cocaine and morphine. Ueber coca! I will never forget sharing a sherm with Mr. Freud. For the uninitiated a sherm is a cig dipped in PCP.
Here is the latest radio interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Magazine. Enjoy and tell me what you think:


I have some ill fans. Got an emug of love and devotion from a 17 year old East Asian lad who is a 7 foot tall basketball player named Sim Bhullar. From his picture he is very cute, but way too young for this diva.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Was looking at Rudy Bleu’s regular blog post on celebrity birthdays and noticed that David Bernardi just celebrated his forty something. David is a big time perfect Hollywood executive with Imagine films the company that produces for director Ron Howard and partner Brian Glatzer. In the photo of David accompanying the blog post he looked like a hot, muscular and very humpy daddy. I had met David many years ago through my very good friend and patron Norman Ghoulsen aka Norman von Holtzendorf who is now a big time lawyer based in Washington DC. David was always gregarious and friendly and was not the usual icky successful Hollywood type. He has a great sense of humour, is well read, impeccably groomed with fantastic taste in fashion and art, and from what I remember had a thing for beefy Latino boys. Who doesn’t - yum. Now he is in a relationship I hear with a juicy Italian/Native American.
The pictorial of him on the blog was borrowed from a New York Times Magazine article about his home in Silverlake that received a makeover design from artist/architect Fritz Haeg. Fritz Haeg who I only know casually lives in a geodesic dome of his own design in the hills overlooking East LA. Herr Haeg also hosts a series of queer events and a regular salon at his hillside property.The Bernardi home was built in 1917 and the redesign features a unique latice fascade and throughout the property there is brilliant use of color.
My mother use to work as a domestic for movie stars like Alan Ladd when she first came to California during the Great Migration of blacks from the south in the
1940s. She would always snicker that white people love their interiors and exteriors to be the same color as themselves. Not the case with the lovesexy David Bernardi.
Yesterday on my way to Susanne Sachsse’s dinner party I ran into cute Chinese American DJ Daniel Wang on the S-Bahn. Mr. Wang has been living in Berlin for quite sometime. I first became acquainted with him in Chicago through Steve LeFreniere and the homocore art and music clique that Steve ruled over in that city during the early 1990s.
After rehearsing and brainstorming for our new piece The Communist Bigamist-Two Love Stories La Sachsse cooked one of her famous feasts that featured a wilde mutton salad with edible flowers, and two kinds of resotto-shasaki mushroom and pink beets. Beyond delicious! Enjoying the famous Sachsse table Commie Biggie lighting designer Jackie Chemish just in from London, kJohnny Blue, Nazli Kilerci, Daniel Hendrickson, Marc Siegel, Richard Gersh(Susanne’s teenage son) and his best boyfriend Jacob, and Saskia the preggers girlfriend of video artist Yael Bartana.
The other evening at the Cheese Endique Trifecta, Film Highlights radio presenter Manuel Schubert interviewed handsome Berlinale honcho Wieland Speck who will be having a retro- spectacle of his illustrious film career at the Arsenal in August. Herr Speck and I will present a special Rising Stars, Falling Stars on Aug 20th screening the first gay film Anders als die Anderen (Different From the Others) 1919 Directed by Richard Oswald featuring Conrad Veidt, Anita Berber and Dr. Magnus Hirschfield. Live musical accompanyment is by the divine Eunice Martin.
August 3rd is the opening night festivities for the Wieland Speck retro spectacle that includes not only films directed by him but those that are influences like Rosa von Praunheim’s It is not the Homosexual who is Perverse. . . and The Boys in the Band 1970. As part of the grand opening Herr Speck will sing with sexy French chanteuse Zazie De Paris and Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras.
I can’t wait to see his classic 1985 film Westler which I have heard so many wonderful things about.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just had a long conversation via Skype with my longtime best girlfriend Ms. Glen Meadmore who just came back to LA after a triumphant performance called Glenda’s Hideaway at the Spotlight-Paris which is the fashionista nitespot created by Michele Lamy,Marc Zaffuto,Emmanule D’Orazio and designer Rick Owens that brings a little bit of sleazy Los Ang to the famed city of lightsis. Ms. Meadmore returned to being a sister of the clothe donning drag attire for the first time in over 20 years. Of course she was outfitted in haute couture Rick Owens with makeup by Sandrine and Stefan. She was put up in style at the Bourgogne Montana Hotel and taken out for sumptuous meals next door at the Le Bour Bon which sits conveniently next to the Owens Atelier in the chicest part of Paris. Besides performing Ms. Meadmore was the star of an excluvive editorial photo shoot for Man About Town Magazine the London based art periodical which will also feature photos of Lady Meadmore’s John Wayne Gacy collection. Yes the famed serial killer painted one of a kind portraits of Ms. Meadmore which are so frightening and creepy that even someone as mad as the mad Ms. Meadmore had to remove the paintings from her walls as they were too scary and put out bad vibes. Glen’s spread in the magazine was photographed by Asha Mines aka: CoCo who is now a top fashion photog.
The Spotlight Paris is at the restaurant Chez Francoise inside the Air France Building at 2 Rue Fabert and featured New York tranny fashion personality That Connie Girl as the gatekeeper and Honey Dijon behind the wheels of steel. All of Paris came out to check out the gentle giantessa with some international luminaries like British designer Gareth Pugh who is being heralded as the baby Rick Owens of the fashion world who started his career as an Owens intern, DJ and art photog with the WoWoW Kollective Matthew Stone, Helene Hazera the tranny journalist and activist, Alaura O’Dell aka Paula P-Orridge with her daughter Genesse, Jan Klesse of the hot German rock band Tenderloin, and Scarlette Rouge the artist daughter of Michele Lamy.
Rick Owens is so famous and wealthy that he is going to buy a small island off of Venice, Italy that use to be a military base as a private getaway. Sounds very Elizabeth Taylor in Boom. Glen Meadmore had a blast and on his last day in Paris Michele and Rick took him to the Claude Cahun exhibit.
On a sad note Jeff Judd the longtime best friend of Rick Owens who would curate the music selection for his fashion shows has suffered a stroke and is in recovery relearning to speak. Jeff Judd is one of the most talented people I know. He is a dynamic makeup, graphic arts designer and illustrator and use to even do drag in the 1980s as a chanteuse called Joli. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.
Ms. Meadmore whose day job is the limo driver to the shtars has also been having a riotous love affair with blue movie studkin Jock Hudson. The casual romance between the beautiful Ms. Meadmore and the hunky model ended decades of celibacy for the famed lady. Its so good to hear that she is climbing up the tree and getting her proverbial gnut. She deserves it.
O just a little background information. I have known Michele Lamy,(the wife, muse and collaborator with Rick Owens) since the late 1970s when she had a store on Santa Monica Blvd called Too Soon to Know. No one looked like her during that time. I was mesmerized by her and would walk by the store staring at her. One day she caught me and said, why don’t you stop walking by and come in and say hello. In those days I use to dress up quite a bit, and she was attracted to people who had an unusual style not unlike herself. She was married to filmmaker and performance artist Richard “Touch a Penis” Newton. I use to babysit their daughter Scarlette Rouge who was such a spoiled brat, but later turned into a wonderful child, and now is a hot young artist. In the mid 1980s Michele had her own clothing line that was very successful. One time I insulted her by saying that her clothes would be in every mall in America and she banned me from her studio with an imperious “Get Out!” Lamy Eyewear her families business has been around for almost two centuries. Jackie O wore Lamy sunglasses. Michele’s sister is a famous Mrs. AIDs doctor who treated Rock Hudson. Michele in the 1960s worked for Jean Luc Goddard, and studied with philosopher Gilles Deleuze. She even practiced law as a defence attorney. At the highpoint of her design sportwear label in the mid 80s she funded her husband Richard Newton’s many art projects including a stage and film version of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House that featured Nancye Furgeson, the wife of Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo as Nora, Brian Doyle Murray, the brother of Bill Murray as Torvald along with Glen Meadmore and I. Rick Owens worked for Michele as a pattern maker for her Lamy Men sexy men’s line back in those days.
In the morning before rushing off to Commie Biggie rehearsal I did an interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio Magazine. We talked about my Feminist Seperatist celebration which will feature a screenong of Germaine Dulac’s La Souriante Madame Beudet (1923) that will screen at Rising Stars, Falling Stars on Friday July 29th at 9pm at Kino Arsenal 2 at the Sony Film Haus in Potsdamer Platz with The Blue Brothers playing live music. Herr Schubert is a delightful and sharp young cineaste. He had me laughing uncontrollably when he told me about attending a press screening of Cam Archer’s Shit Year with Ellen Barkin.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My painting of Peter Sewally the 19th Century transgendered black prostitute of the Five Corners area of Manhattan is in a group show called Pop-up SoHo in a pop up museum. NYU performance studies professor Tavia Nyongo is also involved and below is a link:

The lovely Elly Clark will soon be in town and she sent this little missive:

Birmingham, 15th July, 2011
Dear Friends,
Thanks to all who made it to the opening of The Mobility Project last month and who have seen it since then. Installation and opening night photos from the exhibition are now online here and you can see a review of the exhibition by Doireann O'Malley (with links to video and sound) on This is Tomorrow here.
The show runs at Galerie Suvi Lehtinen for just one more week, so if you haven't managed to see it yet, this is your chance. The Finnisage takes place on Saturday July 23rd from 19.00h.
On Wednesday 20th July at 19.00h a panel discussion is taking place in the gallery. Confirmed participants are (exhibiting artists) Enda O'Donoghue, Kerstin Honeit and Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers / plan b, plus invited speakers Kym Ward and Miriam Steinhauser. The discussion will be chaired by myself and Suvi Lehtinen. With particular emphasis on Berlin, topics to be discussed include:
Mobility in the Art World; Bi-City or Multi-City living & working; Mobility & Solitude and Mobility & Collaboration.
It would be great to have you there and we welcome your participation! A series of specially commissioned prints by the artists in the show will also be launched on this day, for sale at the gallery and later online.
Next confirmed venue for the exhibition is The Meter Room in Coventry, UK, where, in November, The Mobility Project will settle for a few weeks.
It would be great to see you at one or other stop along the way!
Best wishes, Elly
Nazli with Commie Biggie sent this link about Angela Davis’s visit among 10 other feminist scholars to Palestine.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working on The Communist Bigamist-Two Love Stories also affectionately known as Commie Biggie has been a dream come true. Every moment has been filled with laughter and inspiration. Susanne Sachsse is a writer and director who knows what she wants to do and goes about it in such an exciting manner ripe with discovery and laden with joy. Add to the mix gorgeous Nazli Kilerci and sweet little kJohnny Blue and it is divinely over the top. One day Nazli and Susi came over and we went through a treasure trove of my memorabilia and photos to find things that represent my Afro Sisters period of the 1980s which will be transposed on to this new performance piece. I also contacted my Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka: Bud Thomas who works for the One Institute Gay & Lesbian Archive in Los Angeles to see if he has some old press photos and images from Afro Sisters shows in the 1980s and he does, but will need to have them scanned. The other day was filled with brainstorming that went into the wee hours, but we took time out for a scrumptious dinner prepared by La Sachsse that was healthy and nutritious. Susi also delighted us with photos she discovered at her grandmother’s house of her first marriage, where she looks like a child bride of 12 or 13. It was great to see her various looks over the years, from hockey playing tomboy to sophisticated proto punque waif, and married lady of East German theatre with adorable newborn twins. I love old family photos, and it doesn’t matter that I don’t know the people I am looking at. Somehow their histories are transferred into my being just by looking and touching.
O I got an email from a friend in the states with children who asked me my opinion of the last Harry Potter film. Several months back I attended a sneak screening, but never wrote anything about it as I don’t write in my blogina everything that I do. The star of the Harry Potter films Daniel Radcliffe came to my performance/installation Speaking From the Diaphragm in New York last year, and he is a cute little tranny chaser. I also saw the ginger boy Rupert Grint in person at the Berlinale two years ago when he appeared in an Irish teen drama for the Generations section of the festival and he is quite yummy with beautiful shiny skin. Over the ten years of the franchise I have watched a few of the films when invited to screenings for press people, and I don’t remember which movie but one of the early ones seemed way too scary for very young children and so loud with a peril at every turn. The dark moodyness of the set pieces just seemed overbearing to me along with Helena Bonnom Carter's shrill witchypooness. The last installment is very dark indeed but with no buildup of suspense or dynamic whatsoever. After the first five minutes I wanted to leave the theatre, but I would have missed out on the free dinner,drinks and gift bags so I stayed. Someone smart in Hollywoodland. I forget there is no one smart in Hollywood. Well someone should make a franchise out of L.Frank Baum’s Oz books from 1900-1919. They were the Harry Potter of their day and spun silent films directed by the author himself in Hollywood. Perhaps CK Rowlings should have directed her own books. I think she would have done a betterjob.
Baum was a complete super freak and his children’s books included teenage girl revolutionaries, existentially depressed dragons and sex change princesses.
Friday night I Djaned at the Search & Destroy Party at Schwuz Club. Its been almost a year since the last time I spinned records there with Joel Gibb and Judy LaBruce. Professor Jennifer Doyle was in town covering the Women’s Football Championships as she has almost a second career as a reporter and theorist on women’s sporting issues and concerns. Early in the day we celebrated her birthday at the Mexican boite Santa Maria and she told me lots of hot gossip and little known facts about women’s soccer. I am not a sports fan in the least but she makes it all very interesting, so much so that she has been a regular feature of NPR and other national and international radio programs making astute comments and observation.
Here are a few tidbits she told me:

been in Europe since mid-June. I was in the stands for the semi-final of the WWC last night. My god, women soccer players are so hot.
Here's some delishious boi's and high-femmes for your blog cast-----
Louisa Necib (GORGEOUS)
Sonia Bompastor (hot sports dyke surely)
Marie-Laure Delie (slinky, "maline")
Megan Rapinoe (no idea if she's gay or not but she has a fantastic look)
Abby Wambach (US star, for good reason, and I might be in love with her)
Hope Solo - Glamazon. Men hold up signs asking for her hand in marriage. Perfect evidence that men basically want to be dominated. She is quite clearly a top of the highest order.

The celebrations for Dr. Doyle continued in the smoking Queer Lantern Lounge of Search&Destroy. I was supposed to DJ with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras but he had to cancel at the last minute because of a festival gig in Milan, so I had Aussie Axel of Team Plastique be my co-DJ. Axel is a spirited good time Charley and boyfriend to one of my talented Weissensee Art Academy students Joana Coppi who is also a Djane. I spun the early shift and Axel took over for the late crowd who usually just want to bop up and down to techno so they can ride their drug highs. A nice crowd came out including Djane Olga Damnitz, bbooks associate Torsten, Brazilian lovers Mario and Karim (the director of the film Madame Sata), Tavia Nyong’o of NYU’s Performance Studies Department, Croatian scholar Sasha Vukadinovic who brought along musclebound academe David J. Getsy who is a Goldabelle McComb Finn Distinguished Professor of Art History Dept of Art History, Theory, and Criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Dr. Getsy would like me to make a return to the Chicago Art Institute, someplace I haven’t been at since the late 90s when I did a series of performances and workshops with students. Also enjoying the evening of queer possibilities: Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim of Neu Koelln with his designer boyfriend Piero Bellomo of La Collecione, Montenegro Journalist Tanja Pancevic with a Yugaslav posse, British artist James Richard Hancock, actress Franka Potenta with actors Max Riemelt & August Diehl, fagademic Sean Nye who leaves Berlin soon to teach in Minneapolis, David of Jamaica the former lover of CHEAP kollective’s Tim Blue. David has lived in Berlin for over 20 years and use to be a concert pianist. He was dancing up a storm with a funloving gal pal,the brothers Casiraghi- Pierre & Andrea the grandchildren of Princess Grace of Monaco who were with Pierre Sarkozy the DJ son of the French president and a huge international posse of youth quaking celebutantes. Twenty seven year old Andrea Casiraghi came up to me in the DJ both asking about my musical selections like Brian Eno’s “Needle in the Camel’s Eye” Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” and the Pointer Sister’s “Going Down Slowly” which never fails to get the crowd in a dry hump mood. I told the young royal that I would love to walk barefoot through his full head of shiny hair and he and his brother took photos with me.
It was lovely seeing my pretty and wonderful Malmo Art Academy Swedish student Maria Norrman with her dapper boyfriend Eddie Svärd, No one requested Lady GaGa thank god, but I did get several people asking me to play tired Madonna and some corporate hip hop. I had a good time, and Mischa the booker at Schwuz is always sweet, and so are the staff at the club including one of the veteranos who got excited when I played Joan Armatrading.
My hot date for the evening was my bandmate in Tenderloin the lovesexy Jan Klesse who was in town to celebrate the birthday of Felix Knoke who is also in Tenderloin and Felix's beautiful girlfriend Joana. Both Felix & Joana were born on the same day.
Jan is so dear buying his doll dinner and helping her crate her record collection to the club. We left Schwuz at around 5am and Jan was there making sure that no mashers took advantage of me. It was nice having a big strong, muscular and masculine young man spending the evening with me and staying the night. It was like a slumber party. The next day we slept in till past noon which is unusual for me and had breakfast at Cafe Berio at Nollendorky Platz where they have this very friendly tall tranny waitress. Later we parted as i had Commie Biggie rehearsal and he was going spend time with Felix and Joana.