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Saturday, February 07, 2004


I’m all wrapped up in the house of the Ditty Bops. After hearing their demo I knew they were good, but seeing them play live on stage was everything I expected multiplied by 2,433. Plus they brought along a hot junior Ann Miller who was rap tap tapping in a style more like the great Eleanor Powell.

Bricktops Friday was in full GaGa gear. My sweet southern Kentucky fried pal David Van Norman reprised his role as the bathtub gin baby and he and his 10 ½ inches were all over the place. I adore David he is such the good time Sally. He was quite popular making a lot of new friends. His cute assistant Nikki also looked stunning. The girl has a wonderous pair of natural ba-knockers, and personality plus.

Everyone was asking me where I found the Ditty Bops. Actually one of my bathtub boys Michael who works on Sunday at the Farmers Market pointed me in their direction and I’m forever grateful to him.

The Bops accordian/piano player, though a bit short for my taste, being that I’m an Amazonian godess) had a rugged manly air about him. The standup bassist and violinist are older gentlemen and provide a nice intergenerational feel and texture. The art director queen in me wants to cut the ponytail off the violin player---He’d look a lot better without it. The two girls Amanda and Abby are gorgeous, with sumpteous voices. They are all amazing musicians, and I can’t wait to have them back.

So many legends stopped by Friday. Maxfield muse Richard Valasco brought Stephen May, who I haven’t seen since he and his mother Gladys left Los Angeles for Seattle in the 80s. What can I say about Stephen May? He and his mother, who died recently, were one hot couple. They were like the real life versions of Sebastian and Violet Venable from Tennessee Williams, " Suddenly Last Summer." Also dancer/choreographer and drag DJ extroidinaire GIRLINA! Came by to say hello. She’s in town to spin at some Grammy parties and man the wheels of steel at the club, Beige. She looked extroidinary. Mark Murphy of the Walt Disney Hall’s Redcat experimental theatre brought the amazing Brian McNeill, a young, strapping songwriter, composer and producer of Scottish traditional and avant garde music. Brian had everyones panties in a bunch everytime he spoke with that sexy brogue. Sophie Fiennes and her handsome actor brother Joseph, were feeling really michieveously frisky, and were getting along famously with Bricktops regulars like Tim Armstrong of Rancid, Bibbe Hansen and her husband Sean Carrillo, designers Shauna Leone and Morgan Olsen. HotDog’s Mario Diaz, was with Louis Garrel the spunky french lad from Bernardo Bertolucci’s "The Dreamers", and Broadway director and theatrical kingpin George C Wolfe (The Colored Museum)was sniffing about the place with Mexican performance artist Astrid Hadad who will be performing at Redcat this Wednesday.

Friday, February 06, 2004


Farewell party for Franko B and Chris at Daddy’s studio. The Alfredo sauce was splendid. Taj who is the piercer to Janet Jackson, regaled us how the media has been on her case to find out about the piercing that was on Ms. Jackson’s nipple when she bared her breastage at the Super Bowl. Too bad Justin Timberlake didn’t expose his nice white willis to the world---now that would have been shocking!

Went into the studio to record a love song for Kehjl Johansson’s latest album. Kehjl use to be in the art punk band The Urinals, until the leader of that group got a big head, thinking that as middle aged men they still had a chance to be rock stars. See what this town does to people? Kehjl doesn’t suffer any such delusions. He makes music because he loves it, and that should be the only reason. He is very much content with his gorgeous wife Karol DeGraffenreid and their pretty child. Recording the song was such a hoot. The engineer use to be in the Paisley Underground band The Last, and he had this cute young Canuck with him, from Ottawa to be exact, who was just adorable. I wanted to eat the boy alive.

My Kentucky pal David Van Norman and his assistant Miss Nicki were in town on business. They took me to eat at Patina at the Disney Hall. What a meal, what great service. Some booty pies work there as well. Our waiter was really hysterical. I felt really poor with my dowdy boy drag, but some people were dressed much worse then me, at least I have personal style. There was even this odd looking Asian man who was sitting in this fancy restaurant eating all alone. I would never do that. Not that I have a choice in the matter, since i can't afford to go to chi chi eateries.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Cute and cuddly Chicano Cesar Vega took me to breaky at the Pacific Dining Car. We had a nice relaxing time, feasting the morn away. He also relayed his misadventures at the Sundance Film Festival. I was really jealous when he gave me the rundown on his encounter with Gael Garcia Bernal from "Y Tu Mama". Cesar also got to see the world premiere of Judy LaBruce’s "Raspberry Reich". At one of the parties he ran into this older industry chick who said she was so drunk her eyes were fucking each other. Hahahahaha!
After breakfast Cesar was a doll to pick up visiting art star Franko B and his beau Chris and drop them off at my studio. I decided to play LA tour guide, one of my favorite roles, and took my Euro pals downtown for a bit of a power walking tour. We headed down Wilshire from MacArthur Park and stopped of at the Central Library up to Bunker Hill, checking out MOCA, The Watercourt, The Dizney Hall, Music Center and the new Los Ang Cathedral which is incredible. We ended the day at The Regal Biltmore, Broadway’s movie palaces and The Bradbury Building. A freak rainstorm soaked us, so we had to head back to Silverlake. Franko is just so adorable and generous, and I loved hearing about his run ins with the facist Italian police when he was homeless living in Venice.


I've always wanted to do a club in LA that is similar to NYC's The Gaity or Toronto's Remington's, so I'm going to attempt it. It will be aa first in this town I'm sure. I'm going to call it Knob Ill and it will be the first male limo lap dancing palace in Los Angeles history if everything goes according to plans. I want my dancers to to be a cross section of men, not just muscleheads or porn stars, but more regular body types and i want fat and elderly, not just young twinks. So if anyone out in Blogland thinks they know someone who fits the criteria:

Men of all ages, races and body types for classy burlesque review. College age to senior citizen welcome. Most have youthful spirit, be uninhibited, with personality, charm and sex appeal.
Contact Ms. Vaginal Davis' assistant Gleeson Brevard at for an audition.

Sunday, February 01, 2004


Some one just emailed me wanting to know the lyrics of the song i sang Friday at Bricktops. Well it goes something like this:

"Cash, moneyorders, visa, mastercard, american express
food stamps
or just plain sex

i don't care how you pay me
just pay me now"


Jose Montano made me a delightful pikniq lunch---a veritible feasta. This was the menu: wild king salmon, glutan free rice almond bread, quinoa which is a grain from Jose’s native Bolivia, roasted veggies and a parsnip salade. We sat on the edge of the lake at MacArthur Park, reclaiming the land from the drug dealers and gang bangers who mark it as their turf. It was a glorious act of urban rebellion.

Now I’m going to quote Jose:

"You know whats worse then a celebrity hating you? Its a celebrity loving you"

Just a little something to ponder.


Daddy Ron and I had a power bitch meeting with Kirsten of Outfest. She is now the main programmer and would like us to come back as curators of the Platinum Live Art event.

Nothing is in cement as of this writing, but it would be a hoot. Of course the Dadster and I, are full of a million ideas. We are the ultimate concept queens. Will keep you posted as to what happens.

After the power bitch meeting, Kirsten took me out to dinner at The Kitchen where we sat, gabbed, and drank to our hearts content. I love Miss Kirsten, she’s a good time Sally.

Hilary MacGregor, from the LA Times spent the entire day with me, art stalking la diva. We met at my spider hole of an apartment on Hollywood Blvd around 6:30am, then took the subway and bus downtown to Phillipe’s for breaky, then my MacArthur Pk studio where I went about my day as she observed me in my natural habitat. I was afraid my day-to-day would be just too boring. Oh welp, its not like I’m on a reality TV show. That would be pathetic.

I believe that Hilary got what makes me part of the LA experience that few know exists. Yes Heather there is culture in Los Ang, that lives beneath the Valley of the Dolls.

So excited that Bibbe Hansen was my special guest star at Bricktops. Ms. Bibbe completely channeled the spirit of 20s songstress Ruth Etting. My door girl Meesh, who always looks stunning styled Bibbe. She sang three songs and had the audience on its knees. Her handsome artist sons Beck and Channing were very proud of their sexy momma. The worshipful throngs included Mark Murphy, the executive director of the Disney Halls Redcat experimental theatre, L-Word writer and star Gwen Turner, Sundance film festival’s Shari Frilot, Outfests’ Kirsten, a very handsome, subdued and almost unrecognizeable Ice Cube with his Barbershop co-star Troy Garity who is becoming a regular at Bricktops. This is the third times in less then two months he's been here. Hope his mother Jane Fonda will tag along with him one day.
Also met this professional skateboarder boy whose name I can’t remember now, but he sure is cute with a nice skater tight body, o and Tim Armstrong of Rancid, another young man with a very lean and hard body, who loves dancing to the music from the Newton Boys soundtrack. Well at least some celebs have good taste.