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Saturday, November 02, 2013


Received so many emugs concerning the health of Mrs. Michael Glass in Los Angeles. This is the latest info from Jeffreyland Hilbert: Mike was moved to Barlow Respiratory Hospital about 2 weeks ago. He had a tracheotomy and feeding tube installed to help him breath and get nutrition more easily. A group of us met with his doctors last week and Mike's condition varies from day to day. Long-term prognosis is bad. He will probably be a quadriplegic with little movement in head/eyes. Barlow specializes in rehabbing respiratory-challenged patients, getting them to the point where they can breath without aid of artificial means. According to Mike's doctor, Mike is currently at 6 on a scale of 1 - 19. If/when he can reach 19 (breathing on his own) then he will be moved to other facility to live out his days. We are hoping he's eventually able to communicate his wishes - whether he wants to die or continue living.
On a lighter note received this little misive from international art shtar Wu who will be in Berlin shooting a new art film and presenting her magnum opus Wildness

Hi Vag!!!

I hope this email finds you well :) it's been a long time!! I just wanted to get in touch to let you know that I'm doing a wildness screening this Sat Nov 1 at SHIFT (hosted by NowMomentNow, would love to see you! Perhaps you have time for a small visit? I'd love to come give u a kiss!Best,

Ps- Coincidentally I'm also casting a couple small roles for a new film that I'm shooting in Berlin next week (shoot date Nov 5th). The casting is call below- we're looking for 4 "tough-looking" actors of all genders to play 2 cops and 2 thugs in a futuristic sci-fi film starring a performer named boychild ( If you know any actors who may be interested please feel free to forward... thank you!+++Berlin Casting Notice for film BLISS (Thugs and Police):Company:Class Productions. Dir: Wu Tsang, Producer: Matt Johnstone, Production Coordinator Adel HalilovicProduction Description:Seeking actors for BLISS, an art project directed by artist Wu Tsang. Set in the near future, BLISS is a science-fiction film about a day in the life of a performance artist. The project will be filmed in Berlin, Mexico City, and Houston, and will premiere in museums and galleries in Berlin, Europe, and the U.S. in 2014.Auditions & Production Dates & LocationsAuditions Friday, November 1, 8pm – 10pm; in Bülowstraße Ecke Blumenthalstraße / Berlin Schöneberg.Shoot date will be approximately four hours Tuesday, November 5, exact hours to be determined soon. Filming will be in the area of the U Bahn Station U2 Bülowstrasse of Berlin.Seeking ActorsSeeking two thugs, and two cops:Thug 1 & 2: Male/Female, 18 – 35, Any ethnicityAn intimidating, athletic, and physically large thug, who harass and menace main characters in a street scene. Great actor, with dialogue and facial expressions, and strong physical presence. Should provide your own street clothes (sporty, contemporary).Policeman/Policewoman 1 & 2: Male / Female, 18 – 35, Any EthnicityAn intimidating, athletic, and physically large policeman/policewoman, who encounter the main character on the train. Great actor, good at facial expressions, and strong physical presence. Must bring your own clothes – plain black boots, black pants, and a long sleeve black crew-neck sweaterorsweatshirt.SubmissionPlease submit an acting resume and headshot or image to: blisscasting2013@gmail.comSubmissions will be accepted until end of Thursday, 31st October.Salary:100 Euro

Wu Tsang
+1 (323) 207-6552

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Rising Stars, Falling Stars- We Must Have Music 7th year anniversary was a gorgeous hoot as we again screened a Louise Brooks silent classique---Pandora´s Box. This new restored print is sheer beauty and the accompaniment of Eunice Martin made it like seeing the film for the first time. Eunice is such a musical genius and hot spicine Berlin treasure. Film Historian Marc Siegel filled in for Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who being one of the busiest curators in the universe had to attend to special duties abroad. The incrowd included artist Yorgos the Greek Byzantine Ottoman,my partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim, lovesexy Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in all Europa who helped me film a shoutout to the people of Liverpool, England where I will be performing Nov 8th at Chew Disco Volume 12 part of the Queer Up North Art Festival Homotopia, Australian journalista Stuart Braun, the effervescent Manuela aka: DJane Bianca Kruk, Israeli junior artiste Noam, Butt Magazine Calendar hottie Little Telemachos Alex of Greek Passiveland who styled the Doll and did her hair and make-up, Johannes the new Arsenal projectionist, Beatrice Cordua aka Trixie Schönherr who has a new performance coming up at Dock 11, Ian MacKaye(Fugazi/Minor Threat) and lady love Amy Farina of the post-punk bluegrass band The Evens, Italian cineaste The Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin,hunky thrombone and artist Haroon Mirza,aristocratic art patron Harry dÁvigdor-Goldsmid, petite Gallic filmmaker Marie Losier with visiting New York friends Olek a cute and personable young Russian artist and his lovely post-Louise Brooksian galpal who bought a copy of the RSFS chap book reader that contains most of my nutters introductory texts with photos, drawings and insane scribble. The book costs five euros and can be ordered from the Arsenal or bought at the box office. For further info on that go to The next evening I gave an extemperaneous artist talk called Beware the Holy Retarded Whore as part of the Erasmus Intensive Program through UDK at the Ulfer Studios in Wedding the same place we rehearsed at for Communist Bigamist back in 2011. The facilitators were my good British pals dashing scholar Martin Hargreave and serene Sophia of the Berlin based artist kollective plan b. I was expecting no more then 20 people and was surprised that there was an attractive horde of 150 plus  young International students from countries like Finland,Iceland, Brazil, Greece, New Zealand, Poland, India and China. My talk was very salon style creating a little living room art directed set with me sitting on a loveseat and the students all sprawled about on floor mats. I encouraged all the lesbians and baby dykes to take off their sports bras and the men to do helicopters with their penises. I was so scattered and crazy I don´t even remember what I talked about and I can´t believe people listened to my nonsence for over 2 hours.