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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Felt so lucky I got to play Berlin tour guide for a few hours while on a pitstop back home for the dearly loved New York treasure Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc., Gallery and her new BFF the beautiful Greer Lankton collector (she owns 8 dolls!)Meg Siegel.  We walked through Schoeneberg with stops by Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories residence, and the flats of Marlene Deitrich and Hildegaard Kneff in the Rote Insel kiez, had a Thai luncheon at Papaya on the Hauptstrasse snooped around David Bowie’s old apartment and gossiped about the tired New York art world at Kleistpark.
One of my other favourite New York deities is Alex Jovanovich the NYU student arts professional coordinator and Art Forum godhead writer extroidinaire who sent me this cute little missive.
Dearest All:
I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that the newest installment of TransBorder Art's video series, Tenderness, featuring the work of:
Allan Bailey Maria Bamford Jibz Cameron & Hedia Maron Ben Fain Michelle Grabner & Brad Killam & David Robbins Abbey Montymom Craig Robinson
will premier Friday, April 10 & Saturday April 11at 8:30 p.m., EST (and broadcast randomly afterwards) on:
Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 /
Verizon FiOS 44 / BPN Channel 3 (online:
*BRIC Brooklyn Public Network cablecasts in
all five boroughs exclusively on Verizon FiOS cable
And for those of you not in New York, you may watch the episode on TransBorder Art's Vimeo channel (starting now) at:
I LOVE these artists so very, very much, and am honored they contributed work for the broadcast. They are FABULOUS. Enjoy!
And this from the talented and gorgeous British artist Elly Clark:
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've written but I'm excited to let you know about CAMDEN ENCOUNTERS, a major commission from Camden Council in celebration of the Borough's 50th Anniversary. Lasting until November, this photo / audio & video project involves me having a series of Encounters with Camden residents at the sites of their 'Sticky Memories'. 'Sticky Memories' is the term I'm using to describe those memories which, though created in the past, continue to have a place in the present - and shape the lay of the land as a result...

Starting with people closely connected to the workings of the Borough itself, the net will gradually expand, as people I meet nominate the next to be involved. So far I have had just three Encounters - with Hannah Morris, Youth MP of Camden, Councillor Nasim Ali, and Ruth Ingram, artist, poet and long term resident of Camden. Over the next months, I hope to gather memories from as many as fifty people in various nooks and crannies of Camden.

The official
Camden50 website launched yesterday. My first two Encounters are up, along with info about the three other commissioned projects: from Dmitri Galitzine, Ladies of the Press and Walls on Walls. I was also honoured to take the official portraits of all artists and partners involved (about which Ladies of the Press wrote quite a nice piece:

Various events will be taking place throughout the year in connection with all of these projects, so if you're in London it might be worth keeping an eye open for what's going on at a place not far from you. The Camden 50 arts programme is curated by 
Charlie LevineSERGINA_ The other news regards #Sergina, who has a new video out. Phone Me Don't Write was shot in Patterson, New York in November 2013 but edited in Berlin by Jacob Brosda just this year. Click on the image below to be taken to the vid directly. DIGITAL REMNANTS_ And finally, published shortly after my last mail out, is the collaboratively written article Digital Remnants: Sex Without Bodies? for Canadian feminist magazine GUTS, with (via Skype / Google Hangout / Google Docs / WhatsApp...) Amanda Turner Pohan, Robin Alex McDonald and Michelle Ty.Thanks for reading!
Best wishes,
Elly /