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Monday, December 07, 2009

Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective juicy boy Julian Radlmaier cooked a scrumpteous dinner at his cute Rykerstraße flat last night with assist from his pretty Russian gal pal Tatiana. The meal started off with French onion soup and drifted into gamba shrimp with bordello haute rice, vaulted garlic snippers, Crepe Kathleene for dessert and some rare Valuskan vino. Enjoying the feast Little Alexander the Great of Macedonia with painter Nicolas Pol and his handsome high cheekboned Gallic friend Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld the son of French Vogue editor Carine.
One of my all-time favorite people is the great Fayette Hauser. Fayette was one of San Francisco´s The Cockettes in the early 1970s. She moved back to Los Angeles in the late 70s/early 80s where she was the lead singer of the art band Interpol which had the underground hit song „The Girl Who Shot Andy Warhol“. She lived in New York for awhile working on Satuday Night Live, but returned to LA where she now works as a costume designer and collector. Larry Bob of Holy Titclamps sent me this link on Fayette who has a big museum show at the San Francisco Museum of Art.

Also when i mentioned the other day prolific artist Skot Armstrong and the Museum of Fun i didn´t leave a web address so you can check out what he does. Well i am rectifying that now so please go at it my darlings:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rehearsals for The Bad Breast, or the Strange Case of Theda Lange have been taxing. Thank god we move into HAU 2 until premiera on December 10th. The piece still needs a lot of fine tuning, but in all is looking quite good. Judy LaBruce just needs to focus, focus, focus. The production design and costumes by Marc Brandenburg (with assist from Senol Senturk and Hugo Schneider)are quite lovely, and Laurie Young, a Canadian dancer from the Sasha Waltz Company has created some fantastic movement, so the elements are all in place.
Last night i took part in Hannah Hurtzig´s Mobile Academy at HAU 1. Had a very nice time as a charismatic counselor. Was knackered from rehearsing earlier, luckily Frau Hurtzig was kind enough to limit my therapy session with the publicum to an hour. My first client was a very personable young woman, and we had quite a nice soulful chit-chat, and the second was the young artist and filmmaking sensation Isabel Spengler, one of Berlin´s premiere, prolific talents and also a professor at UDK Art School. Isabel and I talked about her 10 year relationship with an American painter, who she is actually legally married to, and we also discussed the brodaggio of a structuralist artist who has a current show at the KW in Mitte. It may seem like we swerved from the programmed topic of cooling down passion, but actually we were right on point.
Also part of the Mobile Academy was the Silhoutte film version of Artur Shnitzler´s La Ronde which featured the many interconnections of actress Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marc Siegel. The couplings in the film included Tim Blue,Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Jennifer Doyle, Douglas Crimp, Daniel Hendrickson, Guy Maddin, Bruce LaBruce, Stephan Geene&Nico Siepen of bbooks collective, Christophe Chemin, Keren Cytter, Tan Binh Nguyen, Diedrich Diederichsen, Zazie de Paris, Wilhelm Hein, Adam Budak and Susanne´s gorgeous twins Salome & Richard Gersh. Everyone seemed to get quite the chuckle from my conversation on film with Tan Binh about sex & relationships.
I had a great time socializing during Mobile Academy in the bar area, and ran into The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective: Juicy Julian, Little Alex, Mourning Becomes Elektra and Tasty Tim. Also got to flirt with the beauty of HAU Katrin Dodd, Flemish royal Koen Claerhout, Uli Ziemons, Nadja Talmi, Lisa Schmidt, Michel Belague, Ela of bb books, Amelie of Hamburg´s Kampnagel, pretty Frederike, the Stassi Spy of Daddy, Marc Siegel and Benjamin Foster-Boldenius and his perfect Gerber baby. Was surprised to run into singer Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame who was with the very goodlooking blondine German actor Matthias Schweighöfer. Are Mr. Schweighöfer and Mr. Oberst involved in a homosexual tryst, or is it merely an innocent bro-mance? O and I shared some wet juicy kisses with Alexandre Liot and Joe Corre of Agent Provocateur-----lecher!!!! I hope Mr. Corre´s mamma Vivienne Westwood doesn´t find out.
This just came in from the vivacious Ms. Elly Clark whose Clark Gallery everyone in Berlin is talking about:

Clarke Gallery is proud to present its 7th exhibition: COME by Liz Fletcher, which opens on 16th December 2009. It is Liz’s first solo show in Germany and incorporates sound, sculpture, video and installation.
Opening night: Wednesday 16th December 19.00-22.00
And then open for three days on Thursday 17th December – Saturday 19th December 17.00-19.00.
In the meantime, please check out Clarke Gallery’s first ever Winter Collection – around 36 works for sale by Clarke Gallery artists at very brilliant prices which would not only make jolly good Christmas presents but support artists & a homegrown gallery at the same time.
While I was in New York last month I read that my old paramour the talented French shoe designer Bernard Figueroa was going to design a new line of affordable footwear for Payless. M. Figueroa besides his own successful line of Jean Arp sculptural shoes has also worked for Michael Kors, Adrian Vitadini, Esprit, Terry Mugler, Claude Montana and Rockport. I first met Bernard in Hollywood in the 1980s when he was still a student at the famous Studio Bercot in Paris, we had a very short lived affair, and I must admit I went wild for his muscular, taunt and tiny frame, bubblicious booty and humungous peni. He stopped speaking to me about 10 years ago over an article I wrote for Dutch Magazine about him--- you know how tempermental the French are. I wonder if he is still with his black lover. Bernard was always quite a dinge queen. His life partner had a child from a previous relationship that they were raising together. Bernard and his significant other, had an apartment in Brooklyn, but built a house from scratch in upstate New York as their place of retreat. I will be going back to New York in March for a presentation at Columbia University. Who knows maybe I will run into Bernard on the street.
Someone from my past that I did run into on Broadway near SoHo during the Performa Biennale was “She, Who Must Be Obeyed.” “She” is a successful make-up artist now, but when I knew her in Los Angeles in the early 90s she was a FIT and aspiring young drag queen who also happens to be an amputee. I will never forget the PME show I did opening up for L7 and “She” was my gogo girl, we staged a catfight, and as I pulled off her jacket, the audience gasped in horror thinking I tore off her arm along with the coat.
For those of you living in Lancaster, England please check out the Spill Performance Tarot Exhibition that is part of the show Looking Aside-Eventhood and the Documentation of Performance that will run into December 11th at the Peter Scott Gallery. The famed photo collaboration I did with hunky Italian art photographer Manuel Vason is featured in this show along with other collabs he made with Ron Athey, Dom Johnson, Marissa Carnesky, & others.
Received a sweet emug from LA artist Skot Armstrong of Science Holiday. Skot is an LA treasure, and he and his life partner James Tallon are two of the most wonderful people on the planet. So glad that we have reconnected.