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Monday, November 03, 2014


The blonde beauty boy of Gleisdrieick Park is back!  November 1, 2014 a day that will live in infamy.  I have not seen BBB for over a month, and I’ve missed his showboating barefoot, shirtless, preggers – chiselled frame rehearsing strenuous Breakdance 2  Electric Boogaloo moves in the gymnastics quad of the park.  Way before summer ended I would ride my bicycleta through the Park almost every day hoping to catch a glimpse of him who sometimes acts haughty when he catches you staring, but if you don’t want anyone to look why make a spectacle of yourself especially when you have a body of warmed over death, bullet nips, washboard abs of sixteen pack instead of six and a clitoral belly button that jets out over 2 angry inches.
Hail ye the conquering hero of unseasonably warm weather  that we are having at the moment in Berlina.  My only complaint with Gleisdrieick Park is that it is too family friendly.   I don’t need to see children EVER.  My John Wayne Gacy glare may frighten BBB but his ginger bearded pal is fearless and stays topless even as the sun begins to set at 4:30pm.  Mr. Ginger beard is dimunitive with phat pound cakes, Barney Rubble feet and a Smokey Mountain pectoral cavity, and I can tell with that dumb as a brick grin of his that  he is a goodtime Sally hooker with a heart that’s gelden Christo.