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Friday, September 10, 2010

Danny “Haji” Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim and translator to the shtars returned to Berlin from visiting his parents in Nashville, Tennessee. Danny brought the Vagimule doll lots of presents from Dollywood, the theme park of country music superstar Dolly Parton. Dollywood is located in the gorgeous great Smokey Mountains and is the homespun fun happening spot providing the south with music, entertainment, rides and attractions for the whole goddamn familia.Dollywood has been around for over 25 years. Danny and his folks has a good time, but coming from a musical family they were a little shocked that some of the singing at the Dollywood shows were a little on the amateur side, and that the male gospel quartet was just downright awful. In all the sound engineering and mixing for all the shows scored consistent low marks.
What Mr. Hendrickson and clan loved the most was the Dolly Museum with curios from Miss Parton’s life and illustrious career. Dollywood isn’t cheap. For a regular ticket it costs $55.00, but that gives you admission for two days, but senior citizens like me, only get $3 bucks off. If you’re planning a trip to Dollywood and want to know more about the fabulous lady Parton be sure to pick up a copy of her hagiography, Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business that features plenty of photos of the starina, and her mysterious hubby Carl Dean whom she has been married to for over 40 years. They have an open relationship. Dolly also is quite candid about her longtime lesbian companion Judy Ogle, who always travels with the star on tour, and has been her loyal stalworth since childhood. Dolly Parton is one fascinating American individualada.
Later in the early evening I met with film historian Marc Siegel and kJohnny Blue at the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant. We were joined by Daniel Hendrickson and his red hot Black/Italio/German lover Piero Bellomo of the Piero Kolleczione. If you see me wearing anything cute its usually from Piero. After eating we went to the Horst Nite Club at Tempelhofer Ufer 1 in Kreuzberg to see a private screening of Pauline Beaudry and Renate Lorenz’s latest art film that I star in with the sensational dancer Arantxa Martinez called Contagious. The short subject film deals with epileptic dances and the cakewalk as practiced by 19th Century performers Jane Avril, Eugenie Fouge’re,Polaire and African American Aida Overton Walker. The director of photography was Bernadette Paassen with Sound by Johanna Herr and Karin Michalski and sound design by Rashad Becker.
The film looked really beautiful and of course the dancing by Ms. Martinez is superb. I wasn’t so happy with how I was photographed. Being a vain black woman of a certain age I need to be lit in a particular way, and not all angles are flattering to me. Even Hollywood movies that star black performers get the lighting wrong. Black skin requires intense cinematography sensitivity,and that is difficult to articulate to white filmmakers and DP's. When you tell them you don't like the way you look in a film, they just give you this confused dazed look.
I really have to stop being in front of the camera, and stick to being behind the camera, and only work on my own projects.
Visiting British feminist Kira Cochrane was chatting with New York model and “It Boy” Winston Cziminski and she also loved the dancing of Ms. Martinez in Contagious.
The rest of the evening involved screenings of two of the filmmakers work from 2009 Salomania that starred my LA tranny sister Wu that is based on the Ala Nazimova silent film Salome,1922 from the play by Oscar Wilde and Charming For the Revolution which stars the hilarious and inegmatic performer Werner Hirsch aka: Antonia Baird.
Congrats are in order for my sister of the journalista clothe Christine "Qtr Pounder" Pelisek of the LA Weekly, who is finally leaving that paper to work for the Daily Beast. Christine scored a rare reporter coup recently in her investigation of a serial murderer haunting the backstreets and alleys of South Central LA for more then 20 years.I adore Christine who is one perky Canuck blondine with a heart of gold and Rosalind Russel The Front Page spirit.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some reporter from the Wall Street Journal got my personal email address, and contacted me wanting to know if he can interview me about my career. This is a complete ruse as the only reason this periodical is interested in me is because it was written in a tabloid: black American transexual Vaginal Davis is involved in off/on affair with nutty billionaire Nicolas Berggruen.
Wait a minute! Before you get all invested in my so-called relationship with a billionaire its not what you think. Nicolas and I have a romantic friendship that is strictly platonic, we met years ago at a Tate Modern party, and like most men I meet he is only interested in my mind, not my smoking hot body. I have to admit Mr. Berggruen is attractive for a middle-aged man, but i don´t like men who are that close to me in age. And is this man ever overly opinionated. On top of that it still wouldn´t work even if he was interested in chowing down regularly on my tranny nappy dugout. Now that Herr Berggruen owns the Berlin department store chain Karstadt, perhaps i can go there and pick out a few free outfits.
Trying to take care of things in Berlin before leaving for my hometown of Los Angeles for this big UCLA Queer Arts Conference that I have been invited to as a featured lecturer. It will be my first time back in that tired city of Los Ang since i left for Berlin in 2006. Everyone tells me that i won´t recognize the place. I miss my good friends, greasy spoon diners and Mexican & El Salvadorean food--- things that are impossible to get in Germany. But i really don´t miss the weather, though with the cool end of summer here in Berlina i have to admit being in perpetual sunlight will be nice, as well as the fake smiles of Angelenos. Berliners can be quite dour. I am not very sentimental about my family. I have nice relatives, but i´ve never felt a strong connection to them growing up, and we have nothing in common. But i will see my older sisters and my niece and her million march of kids. Her husband just got put in jail for being the getaway driver in a robbery. So I am really from the ghetto, and that proves it.
Spent a glorious day with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. Joel is so strikingly handsome but in a quirky fashion and he is quite an accomplished visual artist, dancer/choreographer besides having the voice of an angelus and the ability to write perfect songs. We have embarked upon a new musical art project called Tenderloin. Thankx for all your input dear readers to our new name. This new music/art project will also feature Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online and Jan Klesse of the Glen Meadmore Cuntry band. Will keep you posted on this fascinating proj as things develop.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Accidentally walked through some street festival leather eventa in Schoneberg.I don´t know if it was the Berlin version of San Francisco´s Folsom Street Fair or some other kind of kinkfest. Saw some of the most awful looking men wearing such ridiculous costumes, and taking it all so seriously.A slew of sad leather pony´s and an ickmo or two who i guess were walking prophalactics. The real prizes were a contingent of men in camaflouge fatigues and helmets looking like US soldiers on the front lines of Iraq,Afghanistan or perhaps some new war that America has launched that I am not aware of. And no homonormative event would be complete without the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with their white faced minstrel genderfuck drag.
Was shopping at the wonderful Turkish supermarket ÖzGida, and ran into the youngish,cute solemn faced manager who i think is in distress over his homosexuality. His much younger brother was hanging around the store and said hello to me while i was sitting al fresco sipping a capucino.Wow the baby bro is about 18, tall with light brown hair and isn´t afraid to flirt.
File this under only in Berlin kids, only in Berlin-- but saw the most hideous site. A dog with dredlocks. The owner of said animal was a perfectly regular looking middle aged caucasion woman. Now those of you who know the Vagimule Davis doll well are aware that I can´t stand dredlocks. Don´t care for them on black people-- though they can get away with it but really hate them on whites. But now dredlocks on dogs?
Last night was a most enchanting evening at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst with a screening of Erich von Stroheim´s Foolish Wives, for the monthly performative silent film event Rising Stars, Falling Stars that i curate which featured the director playing the lead role as a no account count.
He was actually quite sexy in the film seducing a dowdy pepperpot diplomats wife, but my favorite scene is at the end when he has his way with a young retarded girl. The father avenges her honor by stuffing Herr von Stroheim promptly down a drain pipe.
Eunice Martin on klavier was riveting, and really enjoying herself, laughing at all the site gags in the film--never missing a beat.Phenomenal!
Little Alex of Macedonia not only styled my impoverished nobel look,but also designed my hair and make-up for the evening, which illicited gasps of approval. The hoity polloi who stayed for the post screening reception: Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, film programmer Nadja Talmi with curatorial assistant Uli Ziemons, film historian Marc Siegel and intermedia actress/director Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of CHEAP kollective who leaves today for performances in Malmö, Sweden, dapper musician kJohnny Blue, Anna Muelter of HAU,bubble butt Iraeli Assaf Hochman who will be dancing in the new Peaches musical review at Hebel am Ufer that also features Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with spazz attack choreography by Jeremy Wade, looking super lovesexy Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online with Susi the music editor for FM4,innocent scholar Sean Nye, Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective "It couple": Tatiana of the Ukraine and Julian "25 centimeters" Radlmeier, Turkish sweatheart Nasle with her juicy,handsome and very tall friend,the dorky American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer with Brandon Flowers of the Killers(now they were an odd couple)visiting fashion journalista Suleman Anaya and Vietnamese film director Tran Anh Hung of the film Norweigan Wood with fellow director Abbas Kiarostami (Certified Copy)