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Friday, November 06, 2020


Trommelwirbel für Rancas
die davon erzählt, was geschah

Its easy to tell Alden Ehrenreich's pert bullet nipples don't get enough attention. The young diminutive actor---I'm sorry 5"9' is tiny. His love interests in his films must have to stand on a box like what Paramount Pictures forced its lady stars to do back in the 1940s with Alan Ladd. Either that or not wear high heels in a scene with pretty Alden.

Is Alden related to the writer Barbara Ehrenreich and her dinosaur dicked son Ben? I don't think so, but getting back to the point which is Alden Ehrenreich has the perfect nips. Actually his entire titty cavity is quite audacious. Too bad he doesn't have broad shoulders. Will somebody---anybody please jump, jump to it--lick, suck,

and squeeze Mr. Alden Ehrenreich's chewy raisinette nipples before its too late.


So excited that La Famiglia is working with the Ellen Cantor Estate:

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
is pleased to announce


Disegni, curated by
Letizia Ragaglia and Bettina Steinbrügge


The platform will remain online
until 9 December 2020

and more from Adams & Ollman in Portland, Oregon:

New Works - Joan Nelson November 7-December 19, 2020

Joan Nelson, Untitled, 2020, spray enamel, acrylic ink, marker on acrylic sheet, 24 x 24 inches.
Hayley Barker, Beverlywood, 2020, oil on linen, 60 x 48 inches.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020


Gewalt und Leidenschaft

Kostenloses Muskellaubau Rezept

I don't want to be the harbinger of bad celestial tidings but Monday, November 2nd the weather in Berlin was 70 degrees fahrenheit. Unseasonably warm weather does not bode well for a planetary fate. 'When visiting Berlin in the winter back in the 80s and 90s it would be freezing cold, the kind of chill that would go through into your bones and make it difficult to warm yourself. In 2005 when I moved to Berlin from Los Angeles there was very heavy snow in the winter time. For the last six or seven years I have been able to ride my bike year round, which on the surface seems nice but believe me its not. Mild weather in the winter is not a good thing or normal. The summers in Berlin have been getting drastically warmer with very little rain. I am fortunate to live in an old apartment building built in 1860 with very thick walls, so in the summer it stays relatively cool and comfortable as long as I keep the windows closed.


With Day of the Dead I was thinking of the people I have lost in the last ten years. One person I have been thinking about a lot is Henry Peck. Henry was one of LA's most underrated DJ's. His musical taste was incredible. He co-owned an indie record store that became world famous called Vinyl Fetish with his former lover and business partner Joseph Brooks. The record store started off on LaBrea Avenue and then moved to its most popular location on Melrose Avenue during the 1980s. Their in-store appearances of British music artists were renown. I worked at the boutique Retail Slut doing window displays at the time. The owner of Retail Slut Helen "Bed" O'Neill became one of my Afro Sisters playing the role of Urethra Franklin. At the time I loved visiting Ron Athey and Valerie who worked at Poseur, my other Afro Sister Leslie Beatty (Clitoris Turner) and Big Dick Sneaky Pete Tomlinson(later my drummer with PME) worked at Cowboys& Poodles, Jennifer Friedman at Gräu, Gorilla Rose and Holly Woodlawn at Wacko and Soap Plant, Priscilla Hazelwood("Pop That Cherry" Jefferson) at Maya, Miguel Berenstein and Monty Messex at Flip of Hollywood. Henry's employee "Peace Frog" aka Steve Schayer (of the band Clay Idols) was one of the first people to play early Afro Sister mixed tapes during working hours at the record store. These tapes were copied and circulated on Melrose Avenue and beyond which led to my getting more gigs and writing for magazines like the British Music journal ZigZag. Everything in those days was so grass roots.

Henry Peck created a lot of underground dance clubs in Hollywood. The most famous being The Veil, which started off at Cathay De Grande in Hollywood then had a long reign at Club Lingerie on Sunset Blvd. He was also the DJ of another popular club that I frequented called Bar DeLux which took place on Tuesday nites on the Sunset Strip at a famous Japanese Restaurant. One of his clubs that I liked the most was at the old Cattle Baron's restaurant on Restaurant Row on La Cienega Blvd at Beverly. It was an unlikely location for a dance club, and that is what made it so special. Henry was also a top rate hair stylist who specialized in creating unusual shapes and hair colorings. A lot of the hair color trends that are still popular today can be attributed to Henry Peck.

This just in from the famous post card series by Sherry Millner: