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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Can’t wait to read the Debbie Reynolds autobiography Unsinkable and the autobiography by punk legend Richard Hell called I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp. Have a crush on a cute young Korean American rapper from LA’s Koreatown who goes by the very creative moniker of Dumbfoundead. This lovesexy kid better not get too close to the Vagimule doll or he will wind up sitting on my raw face-yummy.
The other day I passed by the apartment in Schoeneberg where the great Christopher Isherwood lived in the late 1920s to early 1930s here in Berlin. There is a plaque hanging out in front marking the residence as having historical significance. Back in the 1980s my nutty friend Michael Reynolds and his older lover Walter were next door neighbors in Santa Monica Canyon to Christopher Isherwood and his longtime companion the painter Don Bachardy. It was through Michael & Walter that I met Mr. Isherwood and Mr. Bachardy. Michael Reynolds was a fan and follower of my performance group The Afro Sisters. I even put Michael in a few performances and photos shoots back in the 1980s. Michael was such a trip. He met his lover Walter when he was 16 years old and they have been together since that time. He was Walter’s child bride. Walter made his money from the entertainment field I believe, but don’t hold me to that as its been so many years my memory fails me. I don’t know what became of Michael & Walter as we lost touch with each other after the Afro Sisters disbanded in 1989. I could never tell if Michael was high from alcohol or Marijuana as he appeared to be in some state of intoxication on a permanent basis. I was never much of a beach person, but occasionally I would hang out with Michael & Walter during the 1980s at the SS Friendship on West Channel Road which is one of the oldest gay pubs in Los Angeles. There use to be more gay bars in Santa Monica and Venice from the 1940s on but that scene sort of dried up. Besides The Friendship there is the restaurant The Golden Bull which I think is still there. Mr. Bachardy still lives in the Santa Monica Canyon not far from Ginger Rogers State Beach. I posed for Mr. Bachardy as he painted me for a series of portraits at his beautiful home that he shared with Christopher Isherwood. This was a few years before I left Los Angeles for good moving to Berlin. I remember Mr. Bacardy as a sweet older gentleman and very gracious who spoke with a slight affected British accent that he picked up from his years with Mr. Isherwood. Back in the 1980s I had a shortlived romantic relationship with a performer named John Sullivan of the band The Dispossessed who also lived in the canyon not far from the Isherwood/Bachardy’s. John’s small house was nothing but a beach shack like that of Moondoggy from The Sandra Dee Gidget movie. Both Michael Reynolds and Mr. Isherwood had crushes on John Sullivan who was no great beauty, but had a certain kind of masculine charm, a lovely smile and a bubble butt that was rounder and firmer then Beyonce’s. John was basically straight when he had his fling with me which only lasted six months. After John Sullivan dumped me he went out with John Fleck for a while, then met an older woman and settled down with her in Venice, California near the canals.
 If you’re visiting Europa you may want to check out this opening at Exile Gallery in Berlin and another event in Spain that is being put on by the wonderful Argentine artist Cristian Forte of  the music/art project Leiseylento . The info is in Spanish so scroll down for the English version.

Opening Invitation and Catalog Launch  Friday, April 19, 7-10 pm Kazuko Miyamoto: Container
Exhibition duration: April 19 - May 25, 2013(Please click on image for further information) Celebrating Miyamoto's third solo exhibition at the gallery a limited edition monograph will be published. As the first extensive catalog dedicated to her works, this publication features previously unpublished photographs and documentation as well as texts written by Marilena Bonomo, Luca Cerizza, Janet Passehl and Lawrence Alloway.
Catalog: Kazuko Miyamoto, 24 x 16,5 cm, 128 pages, full color, offset, linen bound hardcover. Edition of 400. To reserve a copy please email the gallery: Concurrently Miyamoto works are also included in the exhibition Conceptual Tendencies II at Daimler Art Collection in Berlin. Skalitzer Str 104, Aufgang A, HH-EG links
10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg. U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof

(in englisch below)
Milena Berlín presenta: USTED nueva edición en formato Audioleporello de José-Pablo Jofré con piezas sonoras de Mario Peña y Lillo Sábado 20 de abril - 20 hs. Galería Balaguer Consell de Cent, 315 entresuelo, 2ª. 08007. Barcelona, España. (Amigxs, por favor, renvien la info a sus amigos escritores, poetas, artistas y lectores en Barcelona) Milena Berlin presenta en Barcelona el audioleporello 'Usted' de José-Pablo Jofré. El audio-libro en forma de acordeón en homenaje a 'El mal de la muerte' de Marguerite Duras incluye la sección homónima del poemario 'Extranjería', así como los poemas BESO, TORSO (en 'Abecedario', Siníndice 2012) y YOUKALI. La edición va acompañada de un CD que registra los nueve poemas transformados en piezas de arte sonoro realizadas por el compositor Mario Peña y Lillo.
'Usted' nace a partir de la instalación realizada por Mario y José-Pablo para la colectiva 'I don't believe in you but i believe in love' comisariada por Paola Marugán que se presenta en la Galería Balaguer hasta el 15 de junio. Los temas de la exposición que traspasa los poemas y la instalación son los afectos, las emociones y los deseos del sujeto moderno en la sociedad actual, e invita a reflexionar sobre cómo ciertos órdenes institucionales han colonizado lo más íntimo del ser humano: una crítica a las formas de amar en el capitalismo cool.
La presentación del nuevo libro de Milena Berlín y de la instalación sonora se realizará en la Galería Balaguer de Barcelona el próximo sábado 20 de abril a las 20 horas y participarán el editor Cristian Forte, así como la comisaria Paola Marugán y el compositor Mario Peña y Lillo.
La primera edición del audioleporell ino 'Usted' tiene una tirada de 50 ejemplares que ya se encuentran a la venta en la Galería Balaguer a 17 euros –disponibles sólo quedan 30–. Además, en los próximos días será posible comprarlo en internet a través del sitio
Milena Berlin presents in Barcelona the audioleporello 'Usted' by José-Pablo Jofré. The audio-libro in the form of accordion in homage to 'The malady of death' of Marguerite Duras includes the homonymous section of the collection of poems 'Extranjería', as well the poems BESO, TORSO ('Abecedario', Sinindice 2012) and YOUKALI. The Edition is accompanied by a CD with the nine poems transformed into sound art pieces made by the composer Mario Peña y Lillo.
'Usted' is the object-part of the sound installation made by Mario and Jose-Pablo for the group exhibition 'I don't believe in you but i believe in love' curated by Paola Marugán (in the Balaguer Gallery until 15th June). The issue of the exhibition are the affective life, feelings and desires of subjects in contemporary society and provokes a reflection on how certain institutions (such as advertising, conventional science, the pharmaceutical industry and market forces) have colonized our most intimate selves: a critical review of the different modes of loving in today’s ‘cool capitalism’.
The presentation of Milena's new book and the sound installation will be held next saturday 20th April in the Gallery Balaguer in Barcelona at 8 pm with publisher Cristian Forte, curator Paola Marugán and composer Mario Peña y Lillo.
The first edition of the audioleporello 'Usted' has only 50 copies that are already on sale in the Gallery Balaguer to 17 euros. In addition, in the coming days, it is possible to buy it online in the website

Monday, April 15, 2013


Caught up with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who took me to bruncheon at the new Rixdorf vegan hotspot Cafe Vux which is owned by an awkward skinny Brazilian who looks like he could use a hamburger or some semen for protein.  It was an all-you-can-eat feast that was quite delectable.  Afterwards we took advantage of the warm Spring weather to frolic in a nearby NeuKoelln park for some girlish gossip and kutesy klatch.  Mr. Gibb had spent his birthday partying down in Los Angeles with my old pal and collaborator Miss Glen Meadmore, cinematographer Lawrence Ebert (The White To Be Angry/Days of Pentacost), Barbara of Carpenteria, Stuart Comer of The Tate Modern, and Michael Stipe of REM fame as well as attending a music festival in Baja, Mexico.   

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I never go out on the weekends as I can’t stand all the loud and unruly party tourists and bridge&tunnel children from the provinces who come into Berlin to binge drink and turn the S&U-Bahns into vomitoriums.  Because the weather has finally warmed up a bit, Friday night was quite antic as I met up with the Scandinavian Muslim and hisTurkish academic pal JoFlo at HAU 2 to see the debut of Pauline Beaudry’s new music/art project Normal Love.  Passing the WAU Café I noticed the horrible bright lighting in the place and also saw the icky animal posters that won some kind of design award for rotten tomatoes.  The general verdict out on the new programming at HAU from people I’ve talked to is that the dance curation is excellent and inspiring, that the music section is consistent with Christophe Gork remaining in that position from when Mattias Lienthal was in charge, but that the theatre programming is somewhat lacklustre  and safe with a heavy emphasis on theatre groups from The Netherlands which makes since as the new artistic director is Dutch. 
It was exciting to be at an event where there was so much juicy eye candy with a mixed group of young and old with lots of beauties abounding.  I get so sick of going places where there are fugly men who look like doughy overgrown babies.  Not young like a baby but more like an unformed human.  Well getting back to the concert.  The music was fantastic and soaring at times with Ms. Beaudry sharing vocals with a fetching femme-ish young man.  My favorite moments was when they just unabashedly rocked out with joy and passion. I never got a chance to see the band that Pauline was in before called Rhythm King and her Friends, but this new project is quite invigorating.  Seen in the SRO crowd the lovesexxxy Ms. Nanna Heidenreich, super talented DJane’s Bianca Kruk & Olga Damnitz, artist Angela Melitoupolous, Anna Muelter, and sweet post porn scholar Tim Stuettgen, Anne Quirynen & galpal