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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Cheap assistant koen claerhoutoen is a lovely young delight. i am typing this from the offices of the hau theatre, thanks to beautiful koen who looks like a boy version of Gudrun, who was our assistant for cheap jewelry back in 2001. koen is so organized and professional. he is one blondine who will go very, very far in this world. i love all the staff of the hau theatre. they are all so nice and seem eager to work on our dainty little project which is really taking great shape. the set looks divine.
met joel gibb of the hidden cameras at the kanstanalle turkish eatery tower of babel and we chowed down. joel is crazy in love with a hot young opera director and wants to move to berlin to be close to him. later joel took me to Barbie Deinhoff for drinks, and i met his cute friends, one is a writer for a monthly glossy and wants to interview mark and susanne about their unconventional sexy relationship. i loved the barbie deinhoff, so dear and the hot dyke barkeep Eliot is a cabaret star and drag king.
Gorgeous celebrity sighting of irm hermann the star of fassbinders films The bitter tears of petra van kant, merchant of four seasons, fox and his friends and ali fear eats the soul. she also was in the fassbinder theatre company. she is in the same theatre season that i am in and looks amazing.
lots of work ahead, and i have a bit of a head cold and sore throat, which is bringing me way down to chinatown.