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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Returned from tour with Bad Breastage with a sorrow filled case of depressionata. The Judy LaBruce piece where i play a voltive Nora Lange with Susanne Sachsse as Theda Lange was a big hit, so i should be feeling granada and not blue. I was so down in the depths on the 90th Floor that the thought of beating on a face for my holiday edition of Rising Stars, Falling Stars screening of The Perils of Pauline (1913) starring Pearl White seemed utterly impossible. But seeing the bright and happy faces of the Arsenal crew of Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, with right hand gal Nanna Heidenreich and the most beautiful boy in all Germania Uli Ziemons helped to lift my spirits, and what a raucaus evening it turned out to be in olde Postdamer Platz
Accompanying the film live was kJohnny Blue minus his brother Tim Blue, who is still in New York working on his new big film project financed by The Irish Government. Lovesexy kJohn was in fine form with his one man band musical assault. We decided to serve drinks after the first short subject, lubricating the audience a bit, and what a difference it made. Rising Stars became much more performative as the crowd began to interact with the film in ways I never imagined---talking back to the screen, shouting out comments, and providing their own spicy intertitles. It was like i was being transported to the World Theater on Hollywood Blvd in the early 1980s. The booze and kJohnny´s American co-workers from White Trash A-Go-Go encouraged the Germans to get in on the act, so what a hoot of a time was had at Kino 2 at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst. Joining in on the revelee: Ela, Aljosscha & Marietta from the bbooks kollective, Wilhelm Hein and art photog Annette Frick, Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim, the charming and prolific Berlin artist Isabell Spengler with the enchanting Antonia Beard aka Werner Hirsh, humpy Brazillian experimenal filmmaker Gustavo Jahn, Sandy Dennis doppelganger Bettina Steinbrugger of Forum Expanded, Agnes of Riga, Nadja Talmi who is now working at the Haus of World Cultures, pretty Djane Olga Damnitz and Edward Droste&Daniel Rossen from the New York band Grizzly Bear who after seeing Vaginal Davis´ film Memory Island from the Jack Smith! Live Film!event in October want the diva to direct one of their music videos.
Valerie Hillings, the Guggenheim curator was mistakenly identified as being at Rising Stars, Falling Stars on Tuesday Dec 22nd. Who was that patrician looking brittle brunette? If anyone knows send me an email. Sorry for the mistake, i usually don´t post a name without at least two different sources confirming who they are, as i never know who anyone is myself. When i am in drag i don´t wear my glasses, so unless i know someone personally i rely on others to tell me who´s who. I dont know Ms. Hillings, but she or one of her handlers were quick to email my webmaster Larry Bob that she was no where in the vicinity of my being. I always forget that more people read my blog then all the articles i wrote when i did journalism writing for The LA Weekly and Zoo Magazine put together. Please keep in mind this is a personality blog from an irreverent, outsider artist and drag queen, not a member of the fifth estate or a columnist with the New York Times. Kachew!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Just came back from Vienna on tour with The Bad Breastage. We did five shows at the Brut Theater, which is similar to the HAU in programming. Haiko Pfost is the main curator at Brut, and I have to admit he was on very good behavior, throwing us a lovely chicken breast & champagne premiere party. Bad Breast was a big success, there was even a Q&A with handsome Dr. Andrea Braidt of the Universität of Wien as moderaturin. I fell madly in love with one of the lovesexy tech boys at the theater named Mischa who was definitely the most gorgeous kid in the city, also cute and sweet was Vladislav Tchapanow who did our sound. All of Vienna was wrapped up in the house of Theda & Nora Lange. The hot celebs in the audience included: Ali Jenka of Gelitin with Robert Stein, the famed Dutch dance theater director, Simon Wasson from the hot London performance club Ducky Vauxhaul, the super dapper and vivacious Hans Scheirl who teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts, art photographer Mattias Hermann, incredible artist and bon vivant Jacob Lena Krieb with Marcos Hausleitner the famous Austrian unisex fashion designer with Haus of the Very Island who DJ’d with me at FM Queer party two years ago, celebrity chef Daniel Achilles, actress Nora Tschirner who is a huge Susanne Sachsse fanatic and teenage German actor David Kross who is crazy about all things Bruce La Bruce having watched Hustler White 78 times.
Tuesday Dec 22nd at 9:30pm at Arsenal Inst für Film und Video Kunst at Kino 2 at the Sony Center i will present The Perils of Pauline from 1913 starring Pearl White. Its the first successful international soap opera. Accompanying the film live is kJohnny Blue. Come on down and say Hi!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Last night was the final performance of The Bad Breast or The Strange Case of Theda Lange at HAU 2 in Berlin. What a great audience! They really came to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Some of the notables in the crowd: NYU Professor of Performance Studies Tavia Nyongo, German film director Rosa Von Praunheim, Sven Neumann, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson, Salome & Richard Gershe,Umit Benan, Bertrand Bordenave,Antoine Arnault, academic star Nicolas Luhmann, film producer Jurgen Bruning, Klaus Matthes, actor Constantine Berger, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his beau Enrico Dallman who had to see BB a second time, and took me to a fabulous dinner to celebrate the run. Here are some more comments about the piece:

„Susanne Sachsse put in a tour de force--what a force of nature she is“

"great choreography and music" "loved the psychoanalytical world that was invoked in a very playful manner"

and some more personal notes from the former prima ballerina & her husband the experimental filmmaker and a dear tidbit from the visiting scholar:

---i just wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance---what a sweet- shocking character----really ludwig and i loved you! i thougt the piece was quite hilarious in parts my phantasies went high---but some parts especially in the first part were too explained for me-----love trixie und ludwig

Dear Ms. Davis,

I was tickled, poked, and prodded by your performance in the Bad
Breast last night! Melanie Klein really found her muse in your
unheimlich Dora doing the balloon-pop strip-tease to the tune of DJ
Dimitri from Paris' "A very stylish fille"!

I would love to get a photo or two of that performance for a lecture
I'm giving in January at Goldsmith's on the body between sexology and
the freak show. Was there someone officially documenting the show I
could contact?

Congrats on your thespian success and have a blast in Vienna!



Sunday, December 13, 2009

My dearest darlings, i am sorry its taken me forever to write, but The Bad Breastage, the piece by Judy LaBruce that ends its successful run at the HAU 2 theatre in Berlin tonight, is physically draining, and after each performance i have to rush home and get right into bed. Tomorrow afternoon we zip off to Vienna, Austria for a 4 night stand at the Brut Theatre, so i hope to see all my Wien fans in the audience, if i don´t suffer a nervous collapse first.
Now for all the gossipy gossip and a list of who was seen drop kicking whom. At the premiera; long on the tooth German actress Nicolette Krebitz must have hated The Bad Breast, as she was spotted texting on her handy during the entire performance. The new Berlin power couple of Christoph Gurk and careerist artist suprema Keren Cytter were in smooch heaven at the after party which featured DJ sets by Judy LaBruce, Snax, and Tennessee Claffin aka: Baby Brian (Club Pork and Slum at Frankenstein 5000 nee Ficken 3000) the Mormen boy toy of choice to A-list Hollywood film directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer. Also seen at the premiere: Frau Hildebrand aka: Dr. Feelgood the sexy Heilprakterin to the stars, with her silver fox husband, Angelika Wedde, costume and stage designer who worked with superstar Mario Montez while she was in Berlin for Jack Smith! Live Film! Handsome global editrix Manuela Kay and her lovesexy Hamburg joy girl Adachi, Pola Sieverding and her humpy medical student boyfriend, Sexy Sasha, Zwonko from Queer Zagreb Festival, Wieland Speck of the Panorama Section of the Berlinale, French chanteuse Zazie de Paris with Downtown New York legend John Heys, pop star Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras back from his North American tour with boyfriend Enrico Dallman, Wolfgang & Christina of Discoteka Flaming Star, the huge peniid Norweigian theater scandal director Vegard Vinge and his German bride Ida Müller, luscious Hanna Hurtzig of Mobile Academy, Cigdem, Alessio and Theodora of the bb books gang, Olof Dreijer from the Swedish band The Knife, who was getting all horndoggy over Bad Breast´s Spanish performer and filmmaker Alejandro Duran, Karen Dreijer Andersson Olof´s sister, choreographer Alex Rocolli, video artists Evelyn Rüssler and Liz Rosenfeld, Aussie performance artist Sarah Jane Norman, The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective of Little Alex of Macedonia, Tasty Tim, Juicy Julian, & Mourning Becomes Elektra with Israeli dancer Assaf Hochman, Exile Gallery´s Christian Siekmier, Chloe Griffin, Julian Binet, Isabel Spengler, grande dame curator Clarissa Dalrymple with mens wear designer Adam Kimmel, artists Antonio Baird aka Werner Hirsh, the Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst Krew of Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons & Nadja Talmi, Lcavaliero of Spicy Tigers on Speed, prima ballerina Beatrice „Trixie“ Cordua, architects Jean Nouvel & David Chipperfield, art photog Annette Frick with experimental filmmaker and guru Wilhelm Hein, Lawrence Kilshaw the sweet British beau of Bad Breasts Nando Messias, dorky American writer Dave Eggars, and a slew of filmmakers who have suddenly become curious about crazy Canadian LaBruce like Casey and Van Neistat, Lynn Shelton & Mark Duplas of the American comedy Hump Day, German/Turkish Fatih Akin, Marco Kreuzpaintner, Christian Alvart, and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. I´m sure I´ve neglected some names, but i will have to add them later.
Some of the criticism of the Bad Breast was this:

„Its misogynist!“ „Its lazy!“ „Messy“ „Too much theory“ „Too little Theory“ „The relationship between the twin sisters played by Susanne Sachsse and Vaginal Davis wasn´t developed enough, the twin sister Nora shouldn´t have been one of the neurotic disorders . . . „There was no need for the son or the papparazi photographer, it should have been all about the three main female characters-Theda, Nora & Dr. Jocasta Joy, the analyst.“

So there you have it in a proverbial nutshell. Everyone has an opinion on this piece, and I thought CHEAP Blacky generated a lot of heated discussion.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective juicy boy Julian Radlmaier cooked a scrumpteous dinner at his cute Rykerstraße flat last night with assist from his pretty Russian gal pal Tatiana. The meal started off with French onion soup and drifted into gamba shrimp with bordello haute rice, vaulted garlic snippers, Crepe Kathleene for dessert and some rare Valuskan vino. Enjoying the feast Little Alexander the Great of Macedonia with painter Nicolas Pol and his handsome high cheekboned Gallic friend Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld the son of French Vogue editor Carine.
One of my all-time favorite people is the great Fayette Hauser. Fayette was one of San Francisco´s The Cockettes in the early 1970s. She moved back to Los Angeles in the late 70s/early 80s where she was the lead singer of the art band Interpol which had the underground hit song „The Girl Who Shot Andy Warhol“. She lived in New York for awhile working on Satuday Night Live, but returned to LA where she now works as a costume designer and collector. Larry Bob of Holy Titclamps sent me this link on Fayette who has a big museum show at the San Francisco Museum of Art.

Also when i mentioned the other day prolific artist Skot Armstrong and the Museum of Fun i didn´t leave a web address so you can check out what he does. Well i am rectifying that now so please go at it my darlings:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Rehearsals for The Bad Breast, or the Strange Case of Theda Lange have been taxing. Thank god we move into HAU 2 until premiera on December 10th. The piece still needs a lot of fine tuning, but in all is looking quite good. Judy LaBruce just needs to focus, focus, focus. The production design and costumes by Marc Brandenburg (with assist from Senol Senturk and Hugo Schneider)are quite lovely, and Laurie Young, a Canadian dancer from the Sasha Waltz Company has created some fantastic movement, so the elements are all in place.
Last night i took part in Hannah Hurtzig´s Mobile Academy at HAU 1. Had a very nice time as a charismatic counselor. Was knackered from rehearsing earlier, luckily Frau Hurtzig was kind enough to limit my therapy session with the publicum to an hour. My first client was a very personable young woman, and we had quite a nice soulful chit-chat, and the second was the young artist and filmmaking sensation Isabel Spengler, one of Berlin´s premiere, prolific talents and also a professor at UDK Art School. Isabel and I talked about her 10 year relationship with an American painter, who she is actually legally married to, and we also discussed the brodaggio of a structuralist artist who has a current show at the KW in Mitte. It may seem like we swerved from the programmed topic of cooling down passion, but actually we were right on point.
Also part of the Mobile Academy was the Silhoutte film version of Artur Shnitzler´s La Ronde which featured the many interconnections of actress Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marc Siegel. The couplings in the film included Tim Blue,Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Jennifer Doyle, Douglas Crimp, Daniel Hendrickson, Guy Maddin, Bruce LaBruce, Stephan Geene&Nico Siepen of bbooks collective, Christophe Chemin, Keren Cytter, Tan Binh Nguyen, Diedrich Diederichsen, Zazie de Paris, Wilhelm Hein, Adam Budak and Susanne´s gorgeous twins Salome & Richard Gersh. Everyone seemed to get quite the chuckle from my conversation on film with Tan Binh about sex & relationships.
I had a great time socializing during Mobile Academy in the bar area, and ran into The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective: Juicy Julian, Little Alex, Mourning Becomes Elektra and Tasty Tim. Also got to flirt with the beauty of HAU Katrin Dodd, Flemish royal Koen Claerhout, Uli Ziemons, Nadja Talmi, Lisa Schmidt, Michel Belague, Ela of bb books, Amelie of Hamburg´s Kampnagel, pretty Frederike, the Stassi Spy of Daddy, Marc Siegel and Benjamin Foster-Boldenius and his perfect Gerber baby. Was surprised to run into singer Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes fame who was with the very goodlooking blondine German actor Matthias Schweighöfer. Are Mr. Schweighöfer and Mr. Oberst involved in a homosexual tryst, or is it merely an innocent bro-mance? O and I shared some wet juicy kisses with Alexandre Liot and Joe Corre of Agent Provocateur-----lecher!!!! I hope Mr. Corre´s mamma Vivienne Westwood doesn´t find out.
This just came in from the vivacious Ms. Elly Clark whose Clark Gallery everyone in Berlin is talking about:

Clarke Gallery is proud to present its 7th exhibition: COME by Liz Fletcher, which opens on 16th December 2009. It is Liz’s first solo show in Germany and incorporates sound, sculpture, video and installation.
Opening night: Wednesday 16th December 19.00-22.00
And then open for three days on Thursday 17th December – Saturday 19th December 17.00-19.00.
In the meantime, please check out Clarke Gallery’s first ever Winter Collection – around 36 works for sale by Clarke Gallery artists at very brilliant prices which would not only make jolly good Christmas presents but support artists & a homegrown gallery at the same time.
While I was in New York last month I read that my old paramour the talented French shoe designer Bernard Figueroa was going to design a new line of affordable footwear for Payless. M. Figueroa besides his own successful line of Jean Arp sculptural shoes has also worked for Michael Kors, Adrian Vitadini, Esprit, Terry Mugler, Claude Montana and Rockport. I first met Bernard in Hollywood in the 1980s when he was still a student at the famous Studio Bercot in Paris, we had a very short lived affair, and I must admit I went wild for his muscular, taunt and tiny frame, bubblicious booty and humungous peni. He stopped speaking to me about 10 years ago over an article I wrote for Dutch Magazine about him--- you know how tempermental the French are. I wonder if he is still with his black lover. Bernard was always quite a dinge queen. His life partner had a child from a previous relationship that they were raising together. Bernard and his significant other, had an apartment in Brooklyn, but built a house from scratch in upstate New York as their place of retreat. I will be going back to New York in March for a presentation at Columbia University. Who knows maybe I will run into Bernard on the street.
Someone from my past that I did run into on Broadway near SoHo during the Performa Biennale was “She, Who Must Be Obeyed.” “She” is a successful make-up artist now, but when I knew her in Los Angeles in the early 90s she was a FIT and aspiring young drag queen who also happens to be an amputee. I will never forget the PME show I did opening up for L7 and “She” was my gogo girl, we staged a catfight, and as I pulled off her jacket, the audience gasped in horror thinking I tore off her arm along with the coat.
For those of you living in Lancaster, England please check out the Spill Performance Tarot Exhibition that is part of the show Looking Aside-Eventhood and the Documentation of Performance that will run into December 11th at the Peter Scott Gallery. The famed photo collaboration I did with hunky Italian art photographer Manuel Vason is featured in this show along with other collabs he made with Ron Athey, Dom Johnson, Marissa Carnesky, & others.
Received a sweet emug from LA artist Skot Armstrong of Science Holiday. Skot is an LA treasure, and he and his life partner James Tallon are two of the most wonderful people on the planet. So glad that we have reconnected.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Saturday was a very busy day for the doll. Not only was she filming video sections of the new Bruce La Bruce stage piece The Bad Breast on the streets of East Germany, but later the same evening she was the special guest of German novelist Thomas Meineke and his Plattenspieler at HAU 2. Besides writing novels, the handsome, barrelchested Mr. Meineke is a music fanatic and radio disc jockey. Our tag teaming record playing and discussion spanned the decades, from the 1920s to the 1980s with my ending our set with the Glasgow girl band Strawberry Switchblade. There was some Jayne County, Sylvester, Purse, Mae West, Dolly Parton and Glen Meadmore thrown into the mix. Mr. Meineke is a huge Glen Meadmore fan which was a very pleasant surprise. In all it was a nice free flowing evening of music and frivolity with a little bit of the performative shaking up the format. Seen in the audience: film historian Marc Siegel and beautiful actress girlfriend Susanne Sachsse, musical wunderkind kJohnny Blue and girly friend Nadine of Neu Kölln. The Arsenal gang of Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Olga Damnitz, Uli Ziemons & Nadja Talmi, Norweigan artist Eline McGeorge, Goor Zankl of the KW, Evan Dando of the Lemonheads, young blondine journalist Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel, Brazillian performance artist Nando with Lisa Schmidt of The Bad Breast, Anna Multer, Meike Harmsen & beau, cutie pie Swedish video artist Gunsi Holstrom and Molly Crabapple of New York´s Dr. Sketchy´s Anti Art School.
Sunday was the 2 year anniversary of Rising Stars, Falling Stars with a rare screening of the Louise Brooks film Prix de Beaute from 1929. The film looked incredible, but performing live on clavier was the remarkable Eunice Martin who was literally on fire doing double duty interpretation as this print shown had no untertitles. We were actually showing the dubbed sound version, minus the sound. To explain: this film was originally shot as a silent but because it was made at that weird point between silent and sound, a bad quicky dubbed sound version was released on its initial theatrical run in 1930. Nevertheless with the great Eunice Martin´s masterful musical touch everyone could understand what was going on, and then some. The hoity polloi in the crowd included: The Arsenal Gang Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Olga Damnitz, Uli Ziemons, Nadja Talmi, The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective of Little Alex, Tasty Tim, Julian Minet Radlmeier, Mourning Becomes Electra! and assorted posse members, Assaf Hochman, John Heys, scholar Tavia Nyongo and pal Michael, art photogs Annette Frick and Elly Clark with gal pal, Ela of bb books, Ali Clark and girlfriend, Lara the famous Latvian art historian, Agnese Luse from Center for Contemporary Art in Latvia, prima ballerina Beatrice Cordua, Marc Siegel, transgender starlet Kaey, Evan Dando with Evan Rachel Wood the ex girlfriend of rock star Marilyn Manson and the star of the new Woody Allen film Whatever Works. Ms. Wood is doing research on Louise Brooks as she is going to play her in a new biopic.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Attacked by insomnia the other evening which made early morning rehearsals seem like they dragged on infinitum. The beautiful Beth Ditto and her band The Gossip blew into town along with Cody Critchloe and his art kollective SSION. Judy LaBruce and I were put on the guest list and given VIP all access passes. Judy went into photographer mode snapping pictures like she was at the opening of a bag of potatoe chips. Amazing show by Ms. Ditto and company. The starina of starinas was suffering from bronchitis, but it didn´t show in her performance or enthusiasm. She is the ultimate professional and gives her audience 300%. Gossip manager Tara, aka: Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Tour was also looking ravishing wearing an Anna Karenina chapeau. Sweet Cody Critchloe looks like the bastard child of Liza Minnelli and John (Gomez Adams) Astin. I love his mid-western Southern whimsy. Cody has also become quite the art star and will present his new electronic rock opera at Peres Projects Gallery in Los Angeles come Januar. The generous Ms. Ditto also bestowed upon the doll an Issey Miyake gown and Ferragamo perfume which I will wear on Saturday at HAU 2 8pm when i participate in Plattenspieler with Thomas Meineke. Being a fashion icon the Lady Ditto has been given a collection of wonderous couture from the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Karl Lagerfeld who considers her his new muse. After the incredible sold out performance Judy LaBruce took the band to Chantal´s House of Shame for some oldskool debauchery.

Just received a sweet little missive from lovesexy academic, critic with Freize Magazine and live artist Dom Johnson:

Hey VD

Lovely to hear from you. I had a wonderful time in New York too -- just got back to London a few hours ago after a nightflight. Was sorry to have missed you by a day. Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny are the best hosts, and really took care of me. I got lots done, including a bit of Jack Smith research, visited lots of exhibitions (some actually quite good), showed some performance documentation in a queer video festival, and went out to bars and clubs -- we went to a totally obscene blatino hustler bar, where boys in g-strings were getting rimmed on tables. It was straight out of Samuel Delany or something. Early in the week I had a very hot night with a babyfaced tattooed lovemachine. He's what Slava calls a "pussythug". I am now wondering why I meet perfect boys in other countries, from Toby in Berlin to the pussythug in New York. Maybe I let my guard down on holiday, or capitalise on being a temporary exotique, or else all the London boys are simply less interesting?

I also met your girlfriend writer Bruce Benderson, and we seemed to really hit it off. What a riot he is! It was the most peculiar night, as he had a British Peter Berlin lookalike staying with him, who is living as Berlin circa 1975, and doing a project where he gets photographed in Berlinish poses by superstar photographers. He even got the aging original Peter Berlin to photograph him as his youthful self, which is pretty perverse. So while Slava was photographing the new PB (with a Dutch bowl haircut, in slutty white string pantyhose, cowboy boots and a little silk neckerchief), Bruce treated me to all sorts of cultural marginalia, from his memories of Manuel Puig and Jean-Pierre Aumont, to his photos of hustlers. He gave me his book of essays, Sex and Isolation, and I sat and read it cover to cover. Have you read it?

Yes I read Ian White's review of Live Film!Jack Smith! I've seen him around but I don't know him. I thought it was a really tight-arsed and ungenerous piece of writing. Maybe he just doesn't get the work. I can see how the event might have been repellent to people who only favour smartass conceptual bullshit.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Upon arriving in New York for Performa Biennale everyone i ran into asked me about LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! The word had definately spread about this momentus event. Finally I can finish my reportage on LIVE JACK!FILM SMITH! as i like to call it. The first day of the festival Jerry Tartaglia gave a humourous talk on the restoration process called Lost & Found followed by a short conversation with co-curator Marc Siegel and Superstar Mario Montez. Siegel and Ms. Montez had a much longer more formal power point presentation on Friday. During the break Gordon W. & his Greasy Spoon Catering Co. provided exotic munchies. In the Arsenal Atrium was a pearl installation by Daniel Hendrickson and Senol Senturk with more installations in the Rote Foyer and Black Box by John Heys, Michael Krebber, Klaus Mettig, Uzi Parnes, Kiki Peterson, Jerry Tartaglia and luscious young Sean Kirk. The first day of the festival heralded some fantastic premieres including a new short subject by legendary feminist director Ulrica Ottinger called Still Moving, a slide show by Wilhelm Hein and a whimsical Smithian romp by French gamine Maria Losier called Slap the Gondola that featured Tony Conrad and Genesis. P. Orridge as mermaids.
On the second day i could have shot myself in the arm for missing a lecture by Callie Angel of the Whitney. Ms. Angel is one of the most articulate speakers in the institutional art world, and she bring great foresight and clarity to whatever subject matter she touches. Her tome on Jack Smith & Andy Warhol Batman/Dracula had everyone in the festival buzzing. I did get to hear dapper Diedrich Diederichsen who teaches at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunst in Wien, and he along with Douglas Crimp are true academic starinas.
Later it was nice seeing a much more subdued Penny Arcade in conversation with booty pie Tim Stüttgen. Of the film premieras Tim Blue´s The Legacy was witty and rumbunctious featuring live performers re-acting and acting with filmed sequences. Tim´s LA fashion designer boyfriend Cornel Collins made an excellent Smith doppelganger, and the musical accompanyment by kJohnny Blue added to the merriment. After the screening the filmmaker did an impromptu striptease which added to the festive mood. Theater of 8, featuring glamazon Chloe Griffin and Gwenael Rattke presented Ramadan in Space Time a raucaus Super 8 film performance that featured many familiar local faces. This wasn´t a world premiere but it certainly fit in with the proceedings.
On Friday, the film premier that stole everyone´s heart was Charming For the Revolution by the lovely Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz that featured a dynamic performance from the intoxicating Werner Hirsch. Of course LF!JM! had its naysayers, and no one is more of a nay then artist/curator(hiccup)Miss Ian "Gorgeous" White of London´s Whitechappel Gallery. If you´re interested in reading what the twee art careerist had to say here is a link provided by one of my pals at the Tate Modern: Its perfectly naff, and just what you´d expect from someone of his icky icy patrician ilk.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

SRO crowds at Schwuz Mehringdamn as Bruce „Judy“ LaBruce and i tagteam dj´d behind them mighty wheels of steel from midnight to 5am. Judy was her usual loveable self insulting the audience while taking nips from a bag of wilde mushrooms and downing enough vodka shots and rum& coke to float Fire Island. While in her inebriated state she announced on the PA system a need for poppers that was quickly responded to by none other then actress Nastassia Kinski, with a handsome young male companion(was it one of her kids from her marriage to Quincy Jones?) Seen dancing shirtless and sports bra-less writer Travis Jeppeson, Slovakian graphic artist Mario D. with Tennessee Clafin the concubine to A list Hollywood directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer, Brazillian performance artist Nando Messias with Lisa Schmidt and Michael Giardina who are part of the new Hebbel Am Ufer theater piece The Bad Breast about female hysteria that La Bruce is directing that will premier on Dec 10th at HAU2 then go on tour to Vienna. In this third stage collaboration with Judy LaBruce, the first being Cheap Blacky in 2007 and the second Macho Family Romance, Susanne Sachsse and I once again play sisters. This time identical twins. I am not going to reveal anything more.
Having a hoot of a time dancing to a mixture of showtunes, hardcore California style punk and indie rock madness: Piero Bellomo of La Collezione, Daniel Hendrickson the translator to the stars, lovesexy Enrico Dallman, artists Elly Clark with actress Franka Potenta, Katja Maya, Evi Rüssler, Tim Stutkin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Michael von Fischbach, Yusuf Etiman- the guro of Basso, scholar Tavia Nyongo, Michael Scatturo, Christian F. Webber, ballet dancer Juan Martin del Potra and his beau the Prinze of Prinzlauber Daniel Brühl.
Sorry that I didn´t finish writing about Live Film! Jack Smith! or the Performa Biennale, I will try and rectify that situation soon. Want to give thankx to my Philly art school crew: Alex Hollenbach, Emily Schumacher & Julia Rexon who created and designed the wearable sculpture that was the costumes for PME plus NYU students Jean Kim provided the gorgeous video montages that were projected on pillars in the performance space, and Max Vernon who was my fey PA.
The big gossip about Performa 2009 Biennale was the ostentatious opening party which featured chopped down apple trees so that guests could just pick one from the branches and a supply of honey dipped ribs that mainly went uneaten. Rich people don´t eat, thats how they stay skinny. I hadn´t arrived to New York for the opening festivities, but my spies told me that it was quite wasteful that most of these ribs were thrown away at the end of the evening. Imagine throwing away good food when people are starving. Never saw RoseLee Goldberg as she didn´t come to any of the events i was a part of, but i did get to snoogle from her handsome young son Pierce Jackson who I would love to get into bed. I was told that he is a rice queen, so unless i have a race conversion into an Asian girl I don´t stand a chance with him. Too bad.
I was kept so busy that I didn´t see any Performa events. But i heard that Fischerspooner performed, along with Terence Koh, Mike Kelly and a piece by Israeli artist and Berlin resident Keren Cyter. I like Keren. She is an art world careerist like no other, but there is something about her damage that fascinates me.
Participant Inc. Gallery, a not for profit space which is run by the gorgeous Ms. Lia Gangitano and the Nothing Up My Sleeve exhibition was also staged in conjunction with Beginningless Thought/Endless Seeing: The Works of Stuart Sherman curated by John Hagan, Yolanda Hawkins and John Matturri at NYUs 80WSE Gallery and a screening of selected films and Videos of Stuart Sherman curated and hosted by Berenice Reynaud at NYUs Einstein Auditorium.
Oops i am so dumb i forgot that Sherrie & Ernie the legendary New York experimental film couple were at my Performa show at Santos and also Nao Bustamante. I know I am forgetting many others, and i will do the complete list when i get it from Lia of Participant who did the door and knows just who came and who didn´t.
Yes i also promised to post the lyrics of the new PME song Sity of Sinn, so here they are:

LA is the sity the sity was in LA is the sity of Sinn
The girls are all pretty as pretty as boys and that is the state that they´re in
LA is the sity the sity digs in LA is the sity of Sin
The smell of amnesia a portnoy upend and thats just a means to an end

Your penis, my gina your hienous, my heinous
Your grievance, convenience your enus my anus

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Besides studio visits with grad students I also did artist talks for several colleges including a big artist talk at the Tisch Building at NYU for the performance studies department who have a brand new amphitheatre complete with disco mirror ball. This presentation was facilitated by juicy grad student Aliza Schvartz, who became a cause celebre when she was at Yale University as an undergrad and did a series of abortion related performances that rocked that campus. Aliza attended Ron Athey´s performance art boot camp in the high desert with Julie Tolentino and Heather of Toxic Titties, so it was like I had known her all along. Also Leon Hilton the cute and cuddly 23 year old is a black sheep member of the Hilton dynasty who has disowned himself from his wealthy clan. At my talk was Jack Waters, Richard Move who was part of the Jackie 60 Family and is getting his Phd in Performance Studies—Ms. Move does a salute to Martha Grahamn that you have to see to believe, Caroline Dinshaw of Queering the Renaissance fame, young zinestar Max Steel and actor James Franco who is in the film department at NYU but has shown quite an interest in all things queer --ODing on queer cinema studies and queer theory. Perhaps Mr. Franco has a little sugar in his tank. Was reunited at my artist talk with the lovely Russian, Armenian grad student Mashinka Firunts and her dapper husband Jeremy. Both were regulars at my Club Bricktops at the Parlour Club in Hollywood. Ms. Firunts is now going to school at Columbia. Later she and her spouse took me to dinner at the Freeman Sporting Club on Rivington Street on the lower east side where i had some yummy comfort food and the best vodka gimlets in all of Christendom.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Back from my New York whirl! What a glorious time, i wanted to stay a bit longer but had to get back to rehearsals for The Bad Breast my new collaboration with Bruce La Bruce that features Susanne Sachsse, Katharina Klewinghaus, Laurie Young, and Brazillian performance artist Nando Messias with costumes and sets designed by Marc Brandenburg. My last gig in New York was Monday night at Andrew WK´s Santos Party House in Chinatown. This was a special Performa Biennale piece curated by young, inventive curator Jonathan Berger in conjunction with Lia Gangitano of Participant inc. Gallery, that was also part of the Nothing Up My Sleeve exhibition. I performed with my queercore band Pedro, Muriel & Esther(PME) in a little something i called Advanced Capitalism Reunion 1989-2009-Reparations & Retardations. PME hasn´t performed together in over 12 years but we actually were somewhat tight if not improvisational, and introduced a new song in the bargain. Some people have already emailed wanting the lyrics to the new song Sity of Sin, and i promise that when i get a longer moment i will post said lyrics on this very blog. So who was at the spectacle? I will get the official list later but these are some of the people i saw: Adam Horowitz from the Beastie Boys and girlfriend Kathleen Hanna who DJ´d along with Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers,Joanna Coppi, Anne Kohl, Marc Arthur and his sex legionnaires, Tavia Nyongo and beau, Dr. Jose Munoz and Johnny, Anonymous Boy Tony Arena with his elderly lover Ron, Glenn Belverio with Carol Sabas of French Vogue, Slava Mogutin, Billy Miller of STH, Zanzibar star Jackie Reynal, writer Bruce Benderson, Susanne of No Bra, Uzi Parnes and spouse Scott, Ela Troyano, Carmelita Tropicana, horticultural shtar Brian Funk, filmmaker Sadie Benning, artist Marina Rosenfeld, Sean Carillo and wife Bibbe Hansen who was the MC dressed as Cleofus her persona in the band black fag. After PME played Tony Clifton and his Katrina Orchestra wowed the crowd with Borst Belt humour, music and zany antics in a 4 hour epithon.
2 nite i tag team DJ with Bruce La Bruce at the Schwuz Club on Mehringdamm. We start at around 12 midnight, come by and say hi!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The PME Boys arrived from Los Angeles andit was lovely seeing them all together again after so many years. Curator Jonathan Berger took us for grub, and we were hooting and hollering like the old days back in the early 1990s, i mean the last century. Dean the Babe and Big Dique Sneaky Pete look great, they are both married with children, and have big responsibilities like jobs and mortgages. In the rehearsal studio the magic was still there. With all my artist talks and studio visits my voice is shot to hellzoppin, but hopefully it will get better before shoe gazer time if i overdose on tea, lemon & honey plus some reverb from the soundman. Well i was never a singer anyway so anyone coming to hear great singing will be very much disapointed.
Dr. Jose Estaban Munoz took me to breakfast Saturday morn with his gal pal Johnny to a great little Mexican restaurant in the West Village called Palapa, which means sex crazed love shack in Spanish. La Doctura also gifted me with some expensive facial products and a copy of his new tome Cruising Utopia, The Then and There of Queer Futurity.
Well tonight is the big PME reunion show Reparations & Retardations, the title comes from Jeffreyland Hilbert who also was the genius behind The White to be Angry. Jeffreyland gives good title. Also featured at Santos Party House will be Kathleen Hanna of LeTigra and Bikini Kill fame and her boyfriend Adam "Adroc" Horowitz of the Beastie Boys who will be DJ-ing along with Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers. The headliner is the Andy Kaufman acolyte Tony Clifton who will do a 4 hour show with his Katrina orchestra. The weather is still nice and warm, so its going to be difficult to return to Berlin, but I have to.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio visits with the grad students at the Art & Arts Professions Department of NYU's Steinhardt School was wonderful. I love meeting and encouraging young talent and what a great bunch of gifted artists who have developed quite a strong voice. My individual studio visits were with handsome and patrician Carlos Reyes, sweet and gentile Jo-ey Tang, fiery Cubana Jessica Gispert and adorable Serbian cutie pie Alex Jovanovich. Ms. Vaginal Davis is the ultimate muse so the art world better take notice of these youthful talentas. Look what i did for designer Rick Owens.
Kenyan kutie Professor Tavia Nyongo and his beau took me to a scrumpteous din din at this great Mexican restaurant in SoHo. I don't remember the name of the place but the Margaritas had us all appropriately orbiting the left side of Uranus prime. The next morn Ricardo Montez, who teaches at Princeton treated the doll to breaky at Robert DeNiros Greenwich Hotel restaurant in Tribeca, Locanda Verde, where we got to gaze at the beauty of actor Jake Gyllenhaul and his prissy faggot assistant. Later one of my pretty NYU students Leon Hilton came by the flat to visit and drink tea and dainties. Then i went to a fabu dinner party hosted by Uzi Parnes and his handsome hubby Scott who works for Saturday Nite Live, the food and drink were unending with famous company that included the youngest of the Warhol stars and Beck's mom Bibbe Hansen with husband Sean Carrillo and the legendary Ela Troyano. Uzi's husband gifted the doll with a perfect pair of patent leather red ankle strap pumps that i will have to wear Monday for the show. Then i went over to graphic artist Scott Ewalt's to meet with Kembra of VHKB, Lia G of Participant inc., Jonathan Berger and Michael Kleets who i didnt know has been living in New York for over ten years. Scott's little salon is major Ms. Gorgeous on the Bowery across the street from what use to be CBGB's filled to the brim with all his great art work and memorabillia.

Monday, November 09, 2009

o glorious manhattan, land of enchantment. Can't believe it is indian summer weather, glorious blue skies and warm temperatures. People are in shorts, sandles and looking very good. The boy eye candy is delirious. So glad to not be in cold, damp, bleak Berlin at the moment. I didn't realize that doing Live Film!Jack Smith! and then going right into The Bad Breast project with no rest would debilitate me so.
Of course this trip to New Yorika isn't exactly a vacation. Upon landing I was whisked by taxi straight to the Participant Inc. Gallery on Houston Street to help with installing my section of the Nothing Up My Sleeve exhibit curated by dazzling young artist Jonathan Berger. Its such an ambitious exhibition with objects from the late comedian Andy Kaufman and the great magician/mystic Harry Houdini plus some of the famed collaborative potpouris from Nancy Barton and the amazing legend that is Mrs. Michael Glass, who recently had a stroke and has been recuperating in a halfway house in Watts, CA. Mrs. Glass is the genius behind AMOK Books and their dispatches that ruled apocalypse culture in the late 80s and early 90s. Most of the things considered cool today were first written about by Mrs. Glass, who like me came out of the Watts and South Central Los Angeles areas. Mrs. Glass later went to Cal Arts in Valencia, CA and received her MFA. Her photography installations are very Kenneth Anger inspired and just plain brilliant.
The opening at Participant was packed to the rafters SRO! So many celebutants in attendance like Billy Miller of STH, Glenn Belverio and his yummy super famous date Carol Pope, Chloe aka: Carolina Vagina, Joanna Coppi and Aussi beau Axel, Justin Bond, Kenny Mellman, Nao Bustamante, Ela Troyano, Carmelita Tropicana, Dr. Jose Munoz, Zanzibar legend Jackie Reynal,with Berenice Reynaud the film curator for LA's RedCat Disney Hall, Ina Meibach Patti Smith's mgr from the Horses era, art star Piere Huyge, Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed, Klaus Biesenbach senior curator at Moma PS1 plus Bibbe Hansen in black fag Cleofus drag and her hubby Sean Carrillo, Uli Lange of Anvers who do experimental fragrances and made the Tony Clifton perfume and the members of the House of Drom, the number one perfumery in the tri-state area, Scott Ewalt, Doug McClemont who use to be the mortician to the stars but now works for the Saatchi Gallery in the UK, Mila Geisler and pals,artist Inka Essenheissen, 7 foot tall artist Adam Putnam, Uzi Parnes and his hot lover, Penny Arcade, Marc Arthur, Bearded Lady Jennifer Miller who will co-star with me in Orifice Descending at PS122 in the spring, rock n roll designer Michael Schmidt, actor Jason Schwartzman who complemented me on my Rick Owens gown and matching gloves. I complemented the young star, and added that i adore his mother actress Talia Shire. Of course looking radiant was Participant's lovesexy gallerist Ms. Lia Gangitano. I know i am forgetting some people, but i will have to add their names later when i get the full list.
I also promised to give more of a rundown on Live Film!Jack Smith, as i didn't get to finish writing about that event. Fortunately I am being hosted here at the NYU visiting artist commpound which is a lovely spacious apartment with glorious views of the Greenwich Village. Thank god i have cable TV and a flat screen computer terminal at my disposal, and a giant bed to bring tricks home to fornicate with. Wish me luck on that department. I have to get ready to go to a series of artist lectures, now i will close by re-printing a wonderful email sent to me by the brilliant Berlin art photographer Annette Frick with her comments on Live Film!Jack Smith! which is still being talked about by people all over the world.

Dear Vaginal
I am looking forward to your remarks on Penny Arcade. How I enjoy you
seem to be near a flatrated laptop at the moment. Isn’t there anybody in
your big audience who can replace your broken Computer and give you a
new or even second hand new Laptop and pay you a flatrate. This is just
peanuts for the informationtechnologues, as I know you would always
prefer eyelashes and Make up when you have a bit of money in your pocket
then computerstuff. But would you really refuse a laptop as a gift?
There must be lots of abandoned laptops in these offices and someone
must know about.
PLEASE don’t forget to mention the Performance of Madame 100 000 Volt
and how she managed to play one stage for two audiences at the same
time. Even this unexpected decision could not kill her show as did not
the really bad programming during the same time with Toni Conrad and
star DJ Erics performance. It did not prevent the crowd from storming
into her show.And except 3 or 5 people they stayed the whole 2
hours,listening to her fulminant performance, even though it was in
english. So this programming strategy was a big fault but not for her.
Why I really ask you to mention her fabulous, hot show is because you
may be one of the rare personalties which is able to respect her effort
without jealousy .Quality speaks for his own one might think, but there
are many possibilities to prevent it from ever been remarked,
ecspecially when you are a no-where-fitting-in woman artist, which does
not shut the mouth when normal people do it, but prefers the truth,as
Penny does and I know about as I did experience the same and I am sure
you too. It is harming to see how Penny was treated since she arrived.
Not as a powerful outragious artist but as a störenfried. What a crazy
misunderstanding:there is this person who has really to tell something
about Jack Smith, the art world, and social reality and they think she
is playing a role, though she was on stage just for 2 hours as Marc did
on the Skype with Ken Jakobs. Which was really very intense and
informative and changed my opinion on Ken Jakobs work. Thanks to Marc
for realising this but without Pennys comment it would have missed a
lot .
SAVE THE STUFF OF JACK SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seemed that she is infected by him, the only legal child of his
spirit and that’s a lot.As you must know from your own experience,
outragious efforts were taken for normal and mainstream bullshit is
handeld as sensation in our postmodern culturel society look into the
newspapers.And it becomes worse,when reality enters the theater.They
think they are playin as if and when they realize it is about truth,
everyone becomes mad, especially the organisers. Even though they call
their projects life film or life performance or life whatever……………..And
now lets talk about the little difference. The difference of showing
breasts and showing breasts. When I entered the Tony Conrad room after
having left the Hau1, after Penny got thundering applaus, after her
show, after showing her naked breasts, (which she decided to do
spontaniously in an act of liberty) and after showing her 2 dog films
which was about academic customs and scolas. I thought I entered a
kindergarten. The whole thing a Jack Smith fake playing chilling out,
but there was just place for a dozen of people to play beeing in an Jack
Smith environment There where coloured lights imitating arabic
candleholder,(what happened when Bruce la Bruce lit a cigarette the day
befor, in the wonderful Tavel homage inscenating the Juanita Castro play
we remember.The reality entered the play in form of a real firemen who
stopped him smoking) there was a fogmachine imitating real smoke and
there was even a topeless kind of bellie dancing women with real naked
breasts.(The blow job scene I missed) But this faked liberty was without
any energy or power. Saft und kraftlos in german, though Toni Conrad is
a great musican and I ador his musik and films but in this room, there
was nothing but the boredom of a bad fake. Even too bad for a tourist
animation at ballerman island. That is strange because Tonis
minimalistic performances I saw before were the contrary and build up
energy on a high level, which for me was an interesting discovery.
I just realize the organisers get just bad critic, which is dooing no
right to them and the work they did put into the whole project.Give a
big Applaus for Stefanie,Marc and Susanne which I liked a lot in Juanita
Castro,even without acting much,and complete clothed she was a real
attraction even beside the devine and great actor Mario Montez and the
vulcano Bibbe Hansen They made the whole event possible as Anna and
Nadja did,and I am really gratiful for that.
In any case the whole event can be seen as a big success. It opend up
the vakuum which rules the theater and art scene. I prefer hot
discussions then diskurses where everybody is just showing his knowledge
but no one has the courage to tell the truth.The truth is that I liked
your sweating (schwitzende)hot performance and your film, bringing
together Jack Smith and Murnau in a modern way, with grateful actors and
you performing a grateful bride looking for a husband.I take that for
real and wish you finding this beautiful guy you are looking
for,darling..Memory island I will always remember it was full of the
spirit of your Rote Insel but this most of the audience cannot know.
Much Love Annette
:PS: when do you leave for New York????
:PS:PS yesterday you missed the unbelievable filminstallation of Wieland
Speck at Exile.I cannot believe that this film was never shown bevor,it
is uncredible.It’s a rare juwel, you would have liked it .Just a short
description.: 1978 at the Berlinwall ,Wollinerstr/Corner Bernaustr.: a
beautiful jung boy climbing up the wall from the westside with his
harp.sitting there on the top of the wall may be half an hour, playing
this harp until the police (western)stopps it.To the police he said :I
cannot see it anymore nobody is dooing something against this wall,if
you are not able, I must do something (in my words,not exact) It was not
theater or film but for real. Even though the video is of bad quality
this film is so great that you forget it,this beautiful image of this
jung boy, playing this harp and the people gathering in east and in west
,following this unexpected concert, succedded in remembering the whole
situation .My feelings were so intense that I nearly smelled the bad air
of the autobuses and feeled the trevira 2000 clothes. And it becomes
complete crazy when you read the notes the stasi did on this event
observing Wieland for a long time then,which were also exhibited at the
galerie . I don’t know if for others it is as intense as for me. But it
brought me back to this time where stereotype Spießers ruled and had
more power in everydaylife as you can imagine. It brouht me back to the
time when it was a big effort just visiting my grandparents,aunts and
cousins ,and the feeling I had having the privilidge to pass the wall
which they did not have. I loved visiting them and became complete aware
about the big lies which were produced about the East as the West, just
for political reasons. But this film is a great piece of art, you will
not be able to find such at „20 Jahre Mauerfall“ bullshit as on most
PS:PS:PS: we do not want just 5 flaming days we want 365 each year and
for real.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I was only able to see 30 minutes of the Andrew Kerton with Johnny Woo performance of Palla-dee-uhm so i can´t give it a proper review. I had my performance Memory Island on the big stage right after Andrew´s piece, so i had to leave early go get dressed amd into make-up, but i did like the song Andrew lip synched to that began his absurdist music hall style review. Tan Bihn Ngyuyen was designing the hair and make-up for superstar Mario Montez, so i figured i would have to do my own face beating. But luckily for me Tan Bihn had finished Mario, and was able to give me an excellent 40s style war painting sesh and let me wear one of her tres expensivo real hair wigs. I looked stunning giving Hedy LaMarr from White Cargo crossed with Judy Garland in Presenting Lilly Mars and a tad bit of Lana Turner in Johnny Eager. My costume was designed by Little Alex of Macedonia, and was perfect. The HAU 1 theatre was packed SRO and then some. I didnt know HAU 1 had two balconies, but i was told after my performance that they could barely fit the overflow in the second balcony. I got a million positive comments about Memory Island---how great it looked, and how the piece slyly commented on race and class without being dogmatic and shrill. Several Canadians didnt even recognize Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who starred in the film wearing little next to nothing but his generous endowment, and inflamed bullet nipples. Alex & Julian also looked great, and Alex made a new screening version of the film which truly sparkled. I also received a sweet comment from Spike Jonze about my film. Spike also was raving about Ronald Tavel´s The Life of Juanita Castro which starred Mario Montez in the role that Mr. Tavel wrote for him but which he never had the opportunity to perform. This was a fitting tribute to Tavel who died after the first round of Live Film back in March. Ms. Montez looked ravishing in one of Susanne Sachsse´s vintage frocks and she was backed with equal elan by the great Bibbe Hansen(Beck´s mom) as Fidel Castro, Bruce La Bruce as Che´Guevara and a hilarious Diedrich Diederichsen as Raul Castro. Other principle players included Rainald Goetz, Katharina Sieverding and Susanne Sachsse.
Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz film premiera Charming For the Revolution featured the amazing Werner Hirsch aka Antonia Beard, and delightfully left the audience in a merry mood Friday. Professor Jennifer Doyle was the perfect moderaturin for the talk with the filmmakers and star after the screening. Ms. Boudry & Lorenz created a work of pure charm and seemless beauty. This style of electronic cinemas is just what we need in this new century.
The other lectures that i was able to listen to were thrilling, and not dry in the least beginning with the marvelous orator Douglas Crimp who ruminated on dancer Paul Swan and Jack Smith. The handsome Mr. Crimp carries great weight and authority when he speaks, and his soft yet manly voice kept everyone in the large auditorium space rapt. La Doyle followed with her tome Like the Weather and Flowers and Stuff-Poetry, Correspondence and Scotch Tape which brilliantly woved the politics of displacement and gentrification into the Smithian mix showing how timely Jack Smith really is, then La Doctura Jose Munoz who connected new supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor to Smith in an elegiac way, and finally the lovesexy Juan Suarez who introduced us to a Smith sister of the clothe in the form of Brazilian artist Helio Oiticica and Tropicalism.
Thursday soared with the team of Werner Hirsch and Jakob Lena Knebl, who are like the Laurel & Hardy or Mabel Normand and Roscoe Arbuckle of the intermedia art set. I really enjoyed the playfulness of their performance and film Hamdrahm und Zerwuzeln. These stalwart drag king dandies show why drag kings have really eclipsed drag queens in the realm of queer artisanchezing.
Another performance premiere that soared was Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes I Shot Jack Two that featured a smorgy of slide show material and films from the 80s with cameos by the divine Carmelita Tropicana and others to joyous results. The love that Ela & Uzi put into this piece vividly came through soaking the audience up with waves of double bouble.
I am exhausted from rehearsing and hungry so i will end here, and pick up tomorow with reports on the first day of Live Film and presentations by Wilhelm Hein, Tim Blue, Theatre of 8, Tim Stüttgen, Diedrich Diedersen and more Penny Arcade.
Matchmaker, Matchmaker find me the perfect match! I can never find anyone for myself, but i´m great in creating new couples. I did my Dolly Levi thing with British academe & live artist Dom Johnson was gave an extroidinary lecture on Saturday called Glamorize Your Messes, which featured a rumination on the published and unpublished writings of Jack Smith. An electrifying love connection between Dom and young Toby, one of Marc Siegel´s students from the Free University was a Live Film festival highlight.
A very smart and thought provoking film premiere came from one of my Berlin favorites Ms. Evelyn Rüssler and her Unicorn Tabloids short. Ms. Rüssler is a sensitive artiste in the grand sense of the word, and everything from the way she speaks to moves her beautiful body is a living breathing testament to high art. I first met Evie back in 2005 and she enchanted me with her generous spirit and right on observations. If you have the opportunity to catch her work, please do. You won´t regret it.
On Saturday I saw Beatrice "Trixie" Cordua´s Real Beauty performance. Once again she used a stark light and debris strewn set to great affect. Trixie breaks all the rules in performance and is completely fearless. I think it was probably the most fearless piece in the festival.
I have to run to Bad Breast rehearsal but will return to posting a little bit later in the afternoon or early evening. I want to talk about the special performance of The Life of Juanita Castro that was done in salute to Ronald Tavel who died back in March, plus more about Mario Montez his wonderful spouse David Krasner, their humpy German escort Alex, Andrew Kerton&Johnny Woo, Douglas Crimp, Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz, & more.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just wanted to inform my quarter of a million love sexy readers about a hot new blog in town CLASS written by one of my juicy, young, beautiful kai kai girlyfriends Ms. Wu who lives in Los Angeles and has taken over the mantle in making my old hometown a fun place again with her MacArthur Park Live Art venue Wildness. Here is all the info so do your duty and check it out:
CLASS speaks about creativity clublife and capitalism, by a queer and trans person of color living in Los Angeles.
I will be leaving this week for New York to take part in Rose Lee Goldberg´s Performa Biennale with an installation that opens Nov 8th at Participant Inc. Gallery on the lower east side that is part of the group show Stuart Sherman: Nothing Up My Sleeve curated by the gorgeous Jonathan Berger, and on Mon Nov 16th at Santos Party House i perform Reparations and Retardations featuring the queercore reunion of Pedro, Muriel & Esther [PME] with original members Glen Meadmore on guitar, Sneaky BigDique Pete Tomlinson on drums&percussion and Dean „The Babe“ Opseth on bass,so i won´t be here for this happening that features my art nephew Kjohnny Blue:

Hello all you art, music, performance, or good old fashioned entertainment minded people.
I am taking part in the Nacht und Nebel festival in Neukölln with a group of friends. I like to think of our piece 'FLUCT' as a living music box in my cellar. Axel Scheele (Lewinsky) and I will be making a live sound performance of guitar, cello, samples and electronics to accompany the performative installation of Karim Ben Abdelkader, Nadine Meier, and the team of Schwarzrock & Salomon.
It is on saturday the 7th starting at 9 PM and goes continually till 11:30.
Reuterstr. 47 at Lenaustr.
There are free taxis on the festival route and several other things to see in the very near vicinity. I hope to see you there.
KJohnny Blue

I´ve been getting a million emails congragulating me on Memory Island, my Jack Smith Live Film piece that features Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and Alex and Julian of Chocolate Grinder Kollective. I wasn´t happy with my performance as i had a few technical problems like the power pack on my McDonna microphone falling off while i was in the middle of a dance routine, which killed my focus. But many people told me they didn´t notice this, and felt that the combination of hot boys on film with a wacky older woman live really worked for them.

I received this emug from the great master of experimental film in Germany Wilhelm Hein:

dear vaginal,
i was so happy,that during our two hour long shooting session with mario montez through her lips came such great compliments about your performance.
its always a miracle for me, that still people are around us,who are not a part of this corrupt career system. everybody of us wants to be in the full light of fame,but only with a work,which is created by our soul and body.that is one of the big reason,why mario is still in such a good state and also looks great.
big hugs

O and here is my continuing overview of the 5 Flaming Days in a Rented World:
I cannot stress how exciting it was to see the work of Hans Scheirl & Ursula Pürrer Sunday that featured their super 8 shorts from the 80s including Gezacktes Rinnsal Schleicht, Sich Schamlos Schenkelnässend An, Girl Camp? Techno Punk! Zigzagged Rivulet is Shamelessly Creeping up Wetting Thighs. Plus some extra surprises featuring performance footage from their punk and post punk experimental music bands. Yowza!!!!
Christophe Chemin´s dazzling feature film Seeking Me You Sat Exhausted stars Susanne Sachsse, Brian Tennessee Claflin, Karen Suender, Jakob Suender, Ram Bahadur Bomjan and Max Vogel. I feel like Christophe should have had the film in French with no subtitles, and stuck with his first instinct of using all classical music and only the wonderful sound scapes of Steev Lemercier to fill in the gaps.
Just a little addendum---Guy Maddin´s new lovely short film was called Little White Cloud That Cried. I have my catalogue in front of me, so i can retrace my mistakes and give people proper credit and spell their names correctly. I appologize once again for yesterday´s quick no sleep blogging, but i wanted to write something and just get it out there.
Handsome fellow Canadian Deirdre Logue´s program Beyond Her Usual Limits featured short subject jewels that looked wonderful on the big screen, but were also made as art installations. East Asian German Oliver Husain´s premiera performance film Purfled Promises along with Nao Bustamante´s Silver & Gold was one of the many crowd pleasers, everyone was talking about these two films and how they exemplified the new exciting generation of Jack Smithian performance/filmmakers.
I didnt get to see that many of the Ken Jacobs films, but the ones i did were incredible. And as far as the celebrity quotient, well Live Film!Jack Smith! Was the most talked about festival to hit Berlin and broke all box office records at both HAU, Arsenal and the WAU cafe who ran out of food and liquor. Among the celebs: Fassbinder superstar Volker Spengler came to pay his respects to Mario Montez and Tony Conrad, plus Hannah Hurtzig of Mobile Akademie fame, filmmaker Spike Jonze who is making a Hollywood feature about Jack Smith, German actors Moritz Bleibtreau, Daniel Brühl& Franke Potente and so many others that i just don´t want to go into a major listing at the moment.
On Saturday i caught a bit of the conversation Investigating Atlantis featuring curator Marc Siegel and writer/musician Thomas Meinecke(FSK). I will participate in Mr. Meinecke´s Plattenspieler on Nov 28th at the HAU. Plattenspeiler is something we don´t have in the US. I had to leave Investigating Atlantis to get in line to see Penny Arcade´s Denial of Death which was a tour de force. Penny riveted the audience with the sheer power of her voice, presence and New York Moxy. I liked that she had someone acting as Jack Smith in a nifty minimal set, and the original music in the piece with its bite and texture matched her in spirit and tone. It was great seeing Penny getting her due from the adoring throngs.
I was so exhausted that i didn´t get a chance to attend the Tony Conrad & Gordon W. happening Impacted Crustacean billed as a Jack Smith Delirium, but everyone in Berlin is talking about the fellatio and cunnilingus performed live on stage.
My fingers are killing me, so i will have to end here, but i will continue later with my views on the new film Unicorn Tabloids by Evelyn Rüsseler and others.

Monday, November 02, 2009

I am exhausted from 5 Flaming Days in a Rented World the Live Film! Jack Smith! art festival curated by Marc Siegel & Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP and Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal. Congrats kids you did an excellent job and you´ve shaken up Berlin to its core.
I only have a little time to write as I have rehearsals for the new Bruce "Judy" LaBruce collaboration The Bad Breast, which is loosely based on the writings of Melanie Klein. I will write more in depth as soon as i can, so please be patient with me.
The last day of the festival was jam packed. There was a premiere by Oliver Husain which featured a film and performance that was brilliantly staged and executed. Oliver was on my panel Playing Hide and Seek with Odors so i had the opportunity to watch a lot of his earlier works which have a nice playful quality to them. Oliver is both an electronic filmmaker and performer, was born in Germany with an east Asian background i believe. He now lives in Toronto and has definately been infected by the Crazy Canuck syndrome of doing wonderfully whimsical work, plus he is extremely cute and cuddly. Another out there Canadian is Diedre Logue a handsome butch filmmamker who gave up performing live. Her work is very personal and she wears her vulnerability on her sleeve which is bewitching. Ms. Logue´s output is serial in nature with juicy bits and bursts that are short, sweet and direct. I watched her DVD´s over and over again and saw something different each time. I don´t think there is anyone in the experimental film circuit doing work like this. Being the dag hag I am of course i am crushed out on Diedre who has such a commanding presense and is sincere and loving in that Candian manner i adore. She also has a very cute girlfriend named Alison, and always travels with a hot posse of pals. Also on my panel was the delirious Nao Bustamante. Her performance film Silver and Gold really captured the spirit of Jack Smith and his muse Maria Montez in such a delirious fashion. When you see this new piece from Nao get ready to be propelled into the penile world of Dominican male courtesan Portofino Rubio and his well endowed pack of pals. I shall say nothing more. Also on my panel was Isabel Spengler who premiered a new work called The Osmosis of the Unicorn which i didnt get to see as i was stuffing myself with food when it was showing, but i did see her work on DVD and its quite a collection especially the films she made in LA while getting her MFA at Cal Arts. The critics say her work is the result of being a bastard child of Annie Sprinkle and John Waters but i think she has more in common with another member of the Baltimore Five Kenny Camp, who like Kenneth Anger, John Aes-Nihil and Barry Levinson left Baltimore for Los Angeles. Kenny and Aes-Nihil are the least known of the Baltimore 5, but Isabel´s early solo and collabortive work has a Kenny Campian quality that is simply delicious.
Guy Maddin also premiered a new color film which featured some intriguing Chix with Dix in it, and was one of the most Bachanalic in the festival. Mr. Maddin is from Winnipeg Canada the home of my best girlfriend Glen Meadmore. Mr. Maddin was influenced by Glen when Glen was doing his punky performance work in Winnipeg in the late 70s. There is something very sexy in that prairie way with Mr. Guy Maddin and i feel he is definately a kindred spirit. One of the other highlights of the last Day of Live Film! Jack Smith! was a grouping of older short subjects from Austrian transgender legend Hans Sheirl and his former partner Ursula. I have been a huge fan of Hans since Shari Frilot of Sundance New Frontiers section turned me on to the groundbreaking work Dandy Dust back in the late 90s. Leave it to Austrians to be way ahead of the curve. Hans & Ursula´s work that was shown was made in the 80s but is so current that it will make you scream with joy. Sitting in the audience with me was downtown New York legend Penny Arcade who was literally on fire during her performance on Saturday. More about Penny later. Sunday ended with a discussion with special Live Guest Mario Montez with Tony Conrad that was illucidating. Ms. Montez looks incredible, and is equally a gracious grande madame. Callie Angell presented her with a Warhol Superstar Award. No one is more deserving, and she has a magnificent life partner who is warm and loving. Ms. Montez and her lover will be coming back to Berlin for a residency and may move here. Lets hope this comes true and soon. The last new premiere was Christophe Chemin´s first feature film a meditative longing that was like a Carravagio painting come to life. It looked stunning, and featured incredible performances headed by Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP. Within a Chemin work all his influences are seen in full repose, and the sexy, handsome young Frenchman has stayed close to the great traditions of experimental film. My favorite aspect of the movie was the carefully guided long shots, which is a curse in mainstream circles, but here is a blessing. The feature is actually 4 hours long. The version we were treated to was only 1 hour and 15 minutes. I would love to see all 4 hours but early in the morning in a comfy movie house after a well rested night of sleep. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes and other casualties of not having my program in front of me. I promise to make corrections when i have more time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry I have been remiss in writing, but the lady has been battling a cold, and trying not to make it worse by exerting herself, and I am under a lot of stress with my upcoming performance for the Jack Smith!Live Film Event. Memory Island my new piece that features handsome and studly young Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and beautiful Alex & juicy Julian of the Chocolate Grinder Kollective will premiere at HAU 1 on Friday Oct 30 at 9pm. Don´t be late! Lovely Alex designed my new gown especially for this performance and its simply gorgeous. Thank god Love Camel, Andreas Novarin is in town to help me, and keep me half sane. Everyone needs their own personal camel to get them through rough situations. I am also doing some more filming on the Hannah Hurtzig La Ronde Project and moderating a panel discussion on Sunday 5pm at the Arsenal that features Isabel Spengler, Nao Bustamente, Deidre Logue and Oliver Husein. If that isn´t enough i also start rehearsals on Bruce la Bruces´s Bad Breast theatre piece and then run off to New York for Performa Biennale. I am a walking mess, and to make matters worse its raining today. So please be patient with me.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

LA punk rock legend Brendan Mullen died age 60 this week of a massive stroke while on holiday with his beautiful long term companion Ms. Kateri Butler. Brendan ran the famed punk rock club The Masque that was situated in a basement below the Pussycat Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. The entire building is owned now by the TV and film production offices of World of Wonder. The Masque looks the same as it did in its 70s heydey and should remain that way as a shrine.
I´ve known Brendan for what seems like centuries. I never performed at the Masque, but i did perform many times at Club Lingerie, the niteclub that he booked from the mid 80s to early 90s. Brendan was also my house DJ for the performance art boutique GIMP UnLtd that i curated with Ron Athey from 1999-2000. Brendan also guest DJ´d many times at Club Sucker at the Garage and at the first Platinum Oasis endurance art festival at the Coral Sands Motel that i also co-curated with Mz. Athey. Brendan was also one of the artists to create an installation for the 2002 edition of Platinum Oasis. Brendan and Kateri Butler were a hot love-sexy power couple. I worked with Kateri who was my managing editor at the LA Weekly for many years, and she and Brendan were family. An event wasn´t really complete without them. Mr. Mullen´s sense of humour was notoriously gallows. We both didn´t suffer fools, and whenever we would get together the hooting, hollering and gossiping would not stop, plus riotous giggling like two teenage school girls. Brendan also managed the yearly LA Weekly Music Awards ceremony, and DJ´d many entertainment industry events like the Emmy´s and Grammy parties. His writings on the punk scene was clear and sharp. I will miss that mischieveous twinkle in his eye, and its very difficult to lose someone you loved dearly, and admired so.
Jason Segal the cute young comic actor gave me a surprise phone call. Jason was a semi regular at my Bricktops at the Parlour club. He is one tall young man standing 6´4" and has a Jewish father and Christian mother. He looks very Jewish, and so being that I am a fierce Hava Nagila queen he always has a place in my foolish heart. Jason grew up priveledged in Pacific Palisades, but is not like you would expect him to be. I do have this natural disdain for people who come from wealthy backgrounds. When i first met Mr. Segal i didn´t know he was an actor. He had appeared on the unsuccessful TV show Freak and Geeks in the states, that now has a cult following because it produced the very successful director Judd Apetow, and actors Seth Rogan and James Franco. I have never seen this program.
Jason is somewhat obsessed with me, but in a good way. I think he has a little sugar in his tank, and doesn´t know what to do with it. Usually i get these nutty emails asking my opinion on stupid things like his film career. I have only seen one of his movies, a pic co-starring another cuddly Jew named Paul Rudd. I don´t remember the title of this flick, it had something to do with a bromance, and was amusing, Jason and Paul were very appealing in it. Jason also appears in a current TV sitcom I have never seen. I guess reality TV shows havent completely taken over yet.
Also got a surprise long distance phone call from my best girlfriend Glen Meadmore. Glen and his christian cuntry band had some big successes on a recent tour of Europe. Ms. Meadmore is a mega talent, and I am so glad she is getting recognition and appreciation. Can´t wait to reunite with her, Dean the babe Opseth, and Big Dicque Sneaky Pete Tomlinson in New York on November 16th at Santos Party House for a special performance as part of the 2009 Performa Biennale.
In political news here in Germany this fugly uber tired openly gay politician named Guido Westerwelle who use to be the head of the FDP has joined in a coalition with the divinely beautiful Chancellor Angie Merkel and is now the new Finance Minister. This guy is really creepy. A lot of German faggots are super right wing and fascistic, they make Log Cabin Republicans look downright liberal in comparison. Old Guido with his Italian first name, which is really weird because he is so nationalistic is 47 years old, but looks and acts stiffer then any 77 year old spinster. I can´t imagine what his life partner is like, and I don´t want to. Major yuck appeal.
Was treated to a lovely business luncheon with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst. Looks like there may be an Arsenal Annex located on Potsdamer Strasse which is down the street from where I live in the Rote Insel section of Schoneberg. Wowza if this happens, as that could be a magnfi development. A lot of Mitte galleries are moving to Potsdamer Strasse as the rents are cheaper. It was also nice to hang with the Arsenal Experimentale crew of Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, Nadja Talmi and Garret one of the sweet Arsenal Kasse girls.
Last night i DJ´d along with Sheila Chipperfield of Elastica at the opening of Phoenix Radio art exhibit at Kunstraum Bethanien. It was a fantastic show of young Berlin queer artists, and I will give a full report a little bit later. Tonight i am part of a group show that opens at the St. Montgomery Gallery space in Wedding - 13 Pankstr. Drop by if you can. I think it begins at 8pm or so.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday the doll was treated to high tea with rum and dainties by two of my former Weissensee art students Lydia Hamann and Jenny „Cyber Cashy“ Hauke at the Bierhimmel in Kreuzberg. Lydia & Jenny are wonderfully talented pretty girls with a very bright future ahead of them. They will have a big exhibition called Phoenix Radio-Politik Queer Feministischer Räume that opens Friday October 16th 7pm at Projectraum 1 Kunstraum Bethanien, Raumerweiterrungshalle Mariannenplatz 2. I will be VandDJaning in the exhibition space from about 9pm to midnight along with super lovesexy British DJane Sheila Chipperfield from Elastica. So stop by and say Hi while we are doing our spinderella thing behind the wheels of steel.
You are in for a treat. Today I begin a new feature with Speaking From the Diaphragm blog. Yes a special re-occuring series called The Loves of Danithy, 1919. Its almost like the Pearl White serial from the early days of cinema substituting Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim for Ms. White. Herr Hendrickson is one of the most fascinating Ex-Pat flaming creatures living in Berlina. He can speak fluently100 different tongues including Polish, Turkish and Korean and possesses the largest English language library in all Brandenburg. Besides being a founding member of the well respected CHEAP art collective Danny is known as the translator to the stars collaborating with an international array of publishing houses, renown academics, and the world famous Berlina Film Festival. On a personal note he has been lovers for almost 10 years with hunky, young Italian fashion designer Piero Bellomo. Danny is a jackhammer power top who sends his lover to the hospital for repairs everytime they fornicate.
The Loves of Danithy-Part One
One of his major loves is Canto pop, or Cantonese pop music. And when it comes to Canto pop there is no bigger star then Grace Chang, the heroine to Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming Liang. Canto pop music stars are also movie stars, and this has been true from the 1950s to the present day. Leslie Chung, Tony Leung and Anita Mui, who died around the same time that tragic Leslie Chung died was one of the most famous of the singer/film stars of Canto pop.
Danithy´s alltime favourite however is the unbelievably beautiful Edmund Leung, who is a real musicians musician in that he writes his own songs and isn´t just an overly hyped Taiwanese mega product. Danithy also adores Edmund for not shying away from using overt homosexual imagery in his rock videos, many of which reference the films of Wong Kar Wai, like Happy Together and Days of Being Wild. Because of the Chinese Mafia cartel, the Hong Kong film industry has been in crisis for the last ten years or so. The heydays of the 80s and 90s with stars like Michele Yeoh and director John Woo are way OVAH with a capital Oh!
Well that’s it from Danithy for now, but when he returns to this blog expect a some timely info on Turkish pop music with a mini profile of Turkish Ganymede stars Zeki Müren, the Turkish Liberace and teen idol Tarkan.
Got an email from director Spike Jonze of the films Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are. Spike who is the heir to the Speigel Catalogue fortune is coming to Berlin to see the Live Film!Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World Art Festival. I guess Mr. Jonze is going to make a Hollywood movie about Jack Smith. For those of you who have been reading my blog since the 1990s, then you know that I have known Spike Jonze before he was a famous film auteur. He use to be just a nerdy queer boy going to see my performances at Jeffreyland Hilberts LA clubs Trade, Sit & Spin and Hai Karate and hanging out at my HAG Gallery. In fact he was the editor of Dirty Magazine, the boy version of the teen girl glossy Sassy. The magazine didn´t last very long but Spike courted me to write for it, and also was involved in a relationship with a muscular wannabe singer named ”K” who later was signed to the vanity record label of Elton John. Spike works with KK Barrett as his art director for movies, and KK use to be in the legendary LA punk band The Screamers with Tomato du Plenty and Tommy Gear. See how Vaginal Davis connects all the purported dots.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Filming Saturday at the Haus de Kulturen de Welt for Hannah Hurtzigs invigorating version of La Ronde. For this project the head of the circle revolves around intermedia couple Susanne Sachsse & Marc Siegel, and the intimate cosmos that surrounds them, from the Cheap Kollective members Daniel Hendrickson, and Tim Blue to pretty Stefanie Schulte Strathaus the leader of programming & curating at the Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst, legends Zazie de Paris & experimental film master Wilhelm Hein, Israeli art star Keren Cyter, interdisciplinary studkin Christophe Chemin, make-up dynamo Tan Bihn Nguyen and la Sachsse´s beautiful, charming 16 year old son Richard Gabriel Gersh who I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful insightful discourse on friendship. Young Mr. Gersh relayed to me how he is missing his adorable best boy friend Jakob, who is living in Washington Sttate as an exchange student in a very small town. Jakob´s new American family are religious fundamentalists who listen to Christian music 24/7. I have known Richard and his amazing twin sister Salome since they were six years old, which makes me like their unofficial black grandmother. All of their friends are fresh faced and personable teenagers. When Jakob is in Berlin he pretty much lives at their Prenzlaurberg compound and is completely part of the extended family of close friends and associates. I couldn’t help but start thinking about when I was a teen, so many hundreds of years ago. I lived in my own crazy universe, and was a bit of a loner to say the least. I even turned my Barbie dolls into punk rock vixens dressing them in tiny versions of Betsy Johnson and Claude Montana outfits. I wish I had a super best friend like Jakob. Come to think of it I do in Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who lives in London and is completely devoted to the Doll. I am not as good of a friend as Richard is to Jacob. I treat the poor Love Camel horribly and I am always taking him for granted. I guess its human nature to always hurt the ones you love the most. Excuse me a moment while I cry.
After a day of filming I went back to the Sachsse fortress to eat and relax and got to watch MTV´s tired dating show Next with Richard and Marcu. Next was mildly amusing. I´m certainly not missing anything by not having a television or cable.
It starts to pour liquor rain while on our way to Exile Gallery to see the Jack Smith: Cologne, 1974 opening featuring a film by Brigit Hein and photographs by Gwenn Thomas. This gallery exhibition is the first happening that is part of the larger Live Film!Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World eventa. Seen sniffing about the gallery: British artist Andrew Kerton, Ludwig Schönherr and his prima ballerina wife Trixie, Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick, Anna Muelter & Nadja Talmi, Nanna Heidenreich, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Uli Ziemons, Michael Bryntrup, hunky South Afrikan Adrian, Christian Siekmieir and his ginger beau, actor Daniel Brühl who I just found out lives on Hufaland Str, the same street where la Sachsse and Herr Siegel reside, Tim Blue, Daniel Hendrickson, sexy Italian clothing designer Piero Bellomo of La Collezionne, silver foxxx Weiland Speck of the Berlinale´s Panorama Section, The Chocolate Grinder boys: Little Alex, Juicy Julian, Elektra! Tasty Tim and his super model girlfriend, director Francesco Scianna with English Live Artist Richard Hancock, Liz, Gunnar and their youthful Kz.Kölln posse.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dinners, Dinners and Luncheons, Luncheons! Scumpteous feast of roast duckling at Wilhelm Hein´s studio on Kopenhagener Str in Prenzlauberg, prepared with much love by his gifted art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick. Joining forces at the Hein table the young and vivacious artists Julia Pfeifer and Rosaline Rannoch who run the art space Montgomery in Wedding. There was a strong whiff in the air that Herr Hein´s new neighbour might make a special guest starring appearance during desert. The neighbour in question is gorgeous Ossip, the radiantly youthful son of artist Katharina Sieverding and photographer Gwenn Thomas. Mr. Thomas along with Birgit Hein have an opening at Exile Gallery Saturday Oct 10th 7-10pm that is part of the Live Film! Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World festival, curated by Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. My film and performance “Memory Island” that features Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and the Chocolate Grinder Kollective boys premieres Oct 30th at HAU at 9pm. So don’t forget to mark your calendar.
Monday lovesexy Yusuf Etiman, the art guru of Basso in Kruezberg held an intimate supper at his amazing Leipziger Str penthouse compound that has some of the most devastingly beautiful views of Berlina. The menu consisted of pototo leak soup, lamb stew with quince and a semen lovelle desert---divine! Seated at the Turkish prince´s rectangular table Brazillian art star Eli Sudbrack of Assume Vivid Astro Focus, flanked by a handsome South African and a manlische ash blonde German. I didn´t realize that the wonderful Mr. Astro Focus has been living in Berlin for over a year. I guess I sometimes live in my own bubble.
Was treated to a power lunch at WAU Café by the delightful Hannah Hurtzig the curator and creator of the famous Mobile Akademy and Black Market projects. Hannah was looking stunning in a post modern sailor suit that she picked up while in Israel. I wish I had her boundless energy and enthusiasm, she must do yoga to keep such a tantalizing spirit and zest.
This Saturday morning I will take part in Frau Hurtzig´s latest vision an omnibus recycling of Artur Schnitzler´s La Ronde (Reigen in German) which i think she is calling Shadow Cinemic and will feature Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, Diedrich Diedrickson, Daniel Hendrickson, Tan Bihn Nguyin, Christophe Chermin, Richard Gershe and others. Should be spectacular.
The Australian spoken word charmer Lady Gaby who has lived in Berlin for decades is always doing something playful and alluring. Lady Gaby and I were in the play Daddy a few months back, and she was marvy in it as a cult leaders wife. Got a cute emug from her about some upcoming events, but alas my server was done for a few days so I wasn´t able to do any updates, so make sure you go to her website at to find out the latest with her. She also operates a Kreuzberg salon called The Wonder Bar. Gotta run off to a rehearsal and then to the Arsenal Institüt für Film und VideoKunst to see their Syrian program. Ta!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got a nutty email from the musician Pete Yorn the other day. I haven´t heard from him since we had our extremely brief fling years ago. At the time he said I made him feel too sexually ambiguous so he opted for a more sensible temporary contemporary pairing with Winona Ryder. Of course that didn´t work either as she is the most self-absorbed person on the planet, but with perky large breasts. I can only gather that Mr. Yorn wants me to write something positive in this very blog about some new album he´s recorded with the Hollywood starlet Scarlette Johansen. I know i havent been living in the states for years now, but when did Scarlette Harlot become a singer? All i can say is that they must be coughing up some scary hairy eyeballs------i like lil Ms. Johansen, she is quite the sweet top heavy ingenue.
The black artist Kalup Linzy Lohan breezed through town as part of Art Forum Berlin, doing a performance at the KW. I was busy in the editing studio working on my film Memory Island for the Jack Smith Live Film event so i wasn´t able to go see the show. But the brilliant and lovely art photog Annette Frick was there and here are her comments:
We were visiting the performance of Kalup Linzy at KW but I tell you, it is no real concurrence as some people tell.You have much more filling Aura and stage presence,but he is not bad,(better than most of the bullshit we see) he is this kind of postpopmainstream gender-art performance which is hip now,and he is o.k. But you are another dimension and to stay this dimension you have to concentrate always on your specifics-dirty and sweet, elegant and punky,but always with content in your voices, and also this gospelig chanting which you are able to do and the whispering strange thing too a queen, and stays unique MISS DAVIS REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS and by the way You were the first performing queen at the KW and I think they wanted to repeat this a bit, but just more arty more proper than our crazy evening. stay shining and disturbing,crying and singing.
Annette will also be part of a program of women video artists this Sunday October 4th at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst.Seit 10 Jahren präsentieren wir die Ergebnisse des Bereichs Film des
Künstlerinnenprogramms der Berliner Kulturverwaltung. Wie jedes Jahr
bietet das Ergebnis Experimentelles, Strukturelles, Narratives und
Dokumentarisches -- vor allem fallen die Grenzbereiche ins Auge, die
Unerwartetes hervorbringen.
VATER, MUTTER, WAS SOLL ICH HEUTE FILMEN? heißt eine neue konzeptionelle
Arbeit von Isabell Spengler, EINE FLEXIBLE FRAU ein Filmprojekt von
Dokumentarfilm von Annette Frick. Die drei Titel kennzeichnen einen
Diskurs: Innovationszwang und die Forderung nach Flexibilität verdrängen
den Raum für Utopie. Mediale und ökonomische Bedingungen lassen die Rolle
der Künstlerin und der Kuratorin immer mehr verschmelzen. Daher fördert
das Künstlerinnenprogramm nicht nur die Produktion, sondern auch ihre
Präsentation im Kino, in der Ausstellung, als DVD oder als Buch.
*Attched das kommentierte Filmprogramm zum Künstlerinnenprogramm 2009 *
*Für weitere Informationen:*
Christine Sievers | Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
030 269 55 143 oder **
Kino Arsenal 1 & 2 | Potsdamer Straße 2 | 10785 Berlin |
One of these days i have to check out Mz. Linzy Lohan as I have been hearing many people say that she is Baby Vaginal Davis. From what I have seen of her, we look nothing alike.
I am so glad the German elections are over. I was so sick of looking at those giant fugly political posters everytime i went cruising through the Tiergarten. The Vivacious Angie Merkel gets her dream of dreams, and the pro business Free Democrats will be the junior party in Germany´s federal coalition. Mrs. Merkel wins another term, and frees herself from the constraints of a partnership with the center left. It also looks as if the Green Party has made some political gains. I like the Greens, but they seem just a little too hippy dippy for this lady.
Editing Memory Island with my gorgeous Chocolate Grinder boys little Alex and Julian was a lot of work, but filled with joy. When we took a lunch break Sunday we ran into actor Daniel Brühl(Inglorious Basterds) who is a lot cuter in person. He must have some major sugar in his tank, as he really heavily cruised my two youthful companions. I couldn´t tell if the guy Herr Brühl was with is just a friend or paramour. Our editing facility was in the Kolwitzplatz area of Prenzlaurberg so there were lots of spessig heteronormativs floating about with their giant SUV baby strollers.
Congrats to my pal, actress Zooey Deschanel who just got hitched to lovesexy singer Ben Gibbard of dull indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie. I wonder if their marriage is going to be a post modern one, where Mr. Gibbard´s super hot boyfriend will be part of their nuptial bliss.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Had a wonderful time at art photog Annette Fricks salon Casa BauBou hosted by Frau Frick and her handsome, elegant boyfriend Wilhelm Hein, the guru of German experimental film. The event was a salute to artist and filmmaker Kurt Kren who was part of the Vienna Akshunist movement. Casa Bau Bou is located in Wedding in an old electronic store front. The salon environment is perfect for a sweet and casual atmosphere of performances and screenings of short films mixed in with coffee, sect and dainties. Among those presenting work: poet and songstress Hermoine Zitdauliest, kJohnny Blue and Axel providing a live score to a delicious new film by Tim Blue called Lenaustr 25, the work of Gary Goldberg featuring Bill Rice and Taylor Mead, music from Mad Angus, short films by Ludvig Schönherr with his ballerina wife Trixie Curdua, Evelyn Rüssler´s Hippo Narcissus and a juicy reading from the famous German actress Carola Regnier the daughter of Charles Regnier. Enjoying the afternoon frivolities: Film historian Marc Siegel and Susanne Sachsse, the fearless leader of kollective CHEAP, Anna Muelter of HAU; North African beauty boy Karim with Nadine of Neu Kölln with the Neu Köllnettes, visiting scholar Tavia Nyongo & lovesexy American pal Michael Scaturro and posse.
Junky punk rock poet Jim Carroll died age 60. Mr. Carroll was a bit of a dinge queen I believe as he gave me the hairy eyeball once after I did a Manhattan show. I was never a huge fan, but I did like the film version of his Basketball Diaries that starred Leo DiCaprio and Marky Mark.
Vaginal Davis has some strange admirers. Got a weird request from some college age looking kid named Tim Tebow who wants an autographed pic amongst other naughty things from the doll. One of my student interns who is here in Berlin studying abroad recognized Mr. Tebow from the provacative pic he sent me. Seems like he is a big American college football star. I never got it clarified as to whether the football in question was pigskin parade or soccor. Just another example of the perpetual wierdness that is the life of la diva.
The marvelously talented Belgian/Frenchman Christophe Chemin has a solo show this weekend in Berlin. Give yourself a treat and check it out:

Christophe Chemin - Rats & Children
Exhibition runs from 26th September to 25th October 2009
Opening Times: Friday to Sunday, 13.00 to 19.00 h
Rise Berlin, Hertzbergstrasse 27, Neukölln, 12055 Berlin

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Aztec Warrior who occasionally sends me emugs from the outpost of his sexual life is a bonafide phenomena on the Speaking From the Diaphragm blog. I´ve already encouraged him to start his own blogina—yes an old fashion spin-off like how The Jeffersons, and Maude were a spinoff of All in the Family. Staying true to form Azteca as I like to call him, sent me this little Burning Man addendum missive:
Oh Fechesita,
The festival was 6 days long for me, it's all a blur! At first i was a little uncomfortable about going by myself, even though i'd have friends at camp, last year i was with drew. so this year it is was great being on my own, with my own schedule and interests. I met this one cool dude who was from hollywood, tall skinny guy with long hair and at least a 10inch uncut white dick. we were talking about our tattoos, and the regular things, where are you from, etc. Once I said i lived in silverlake he was all cool since he lived in Hollywood. He was wearing a very short Sarong around his waist showing off his very lean body. So he had mentioned that some of the events reminded him of an art exhibit he had seen in Hollywood, i asked was it Vaginal Davis´ Platinum Oasis, he said, Yeah. So we had a cool talk about Platinum Oasis, we hung out for a couple of hours, he had pot, i smoked a bit, maybe 3 puffs, and then of course things turned very horny. I was very impressed with his penis, wow it was beautiful, so was his ass and he was cool and handsome, just a regular guy. so that was fun.
oh this was cool---my lesbian friend and i met two young cute french boys. we were doing this organized pub crawl. so the lesbian asked if they were together, they laughed and said no, were buds. oh, ok, cool. so as the pub crawl progressed and the booze flowed, these two boys were getting a little bit more and more daring. somehow, i became their big brother/sister and they stayed very close to me and my friend. a few people were asking if they could photograph the two boys, the boys would look at me as if waiting for my approval. they had fun getting pics taken, being flirted with and chatting with everyone. by the last bar, the lesbian tells me, check out the frenchies, well they were at the bar towards the end of all the craziness and the red head frenchie pie was on his knees sucking his little french buddies dick! it was hot, they switched back and forth a few times. when they saw us, they smiled and the lesbian asked the boys, wow that was sexy! the red head smiles and says, i think he's my boyfriend! she hugged them, they hugged us both while looking very nervous. i put my hand on both of their hearts and they both had pounding hearts. i told them that would be fine and that they needed to find a private place to get off otherwise they'd be uncomfortable. they were so cute the both turned beat red! One was 19 and the other was 20. I took a pic of them, they were not beauties, they were just nice cute young boys with natural hair, no shaved or plucked body parts
Just received this sweet invite from lovely art photog Elly Clarke who has her own gallery that reminds me of my own Hag Gallery-small, contemporary, haggard that I ran out of my apartment back in the mid 1980s. I won´t be able to go to her opening as i will be in the editing booth working on my Jack Smith-Live Film movie Memory Island.

You are invited to the Opening and Exhibition of SPLASHBACK. This is Clarke Gallery's first group show, celebrating nearly 12 months of exhibitions in the space. The artists are, in order of their appearance over the past year, CHRISTIAN SIEVERS, ELLY CLARKE, VICKY LUCAS, ALEXANDER HEATON, NATASHA WHEAT and LIZ FLETCHER. Work spans the mediums of painting, sculpture, artist books, sound art, print work, photography and video and will be shown throughout the gallery - in the kitchen, hall, bathroom and living room. Where else can you watch video art sitting on Elly's Granny's sofa?All work is also for sale at a very reasonable price.
Please join us for the opening night reception or during the following week, for a quieter interaction with the work. For further info please visit our website:
Opening Night: Saturday 26th September 19.00h-22.00h
and then open daily 28th September - 3rd October 17.00h-19.00h or by appointment.
Clarke Gallery
Friedelstrasse 52
12047 Berlin
Hinterhaus, 4. Stock. Bei Clarke Klingeln.