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Saturday, May 22, 2004


My new sexy caucasion husband is celebrity photographer Kevin Abosch. I wonder where we're going to go on our honeymoon? Capri? St. Moritz? I'm so thankful to the Ditty Bops for introducing me to the perfect man.

The Ditty Bops performed at Bricktops as part of their May residency, to the delicious theme: "They're Wearing Them Higher in Hawaii" Amanda, Abby and their gang of sweet talented boys are the most amazing act that Los Angeles has ever seen or will see. I'm so fortunate that I get to showcase them at my little speakeasy. Soon they are going to be HUGE stars.

Lots of dignataries came out to pay homage to The Bops: Cute Gallic actor, Guillaume Canet of the new film "Love Me If You Dare" and his Belgian director Yann Samuel, who is very ugly. Mr. Samuel was putting the mack daddy moves on me, but i wasn't ready to receive them.
It was great hanging out with rock legend Rebecca Tucker Sevrin of Fright Wig fame and her good time sally girlfriend, also the dynamic Donita Sparks of L7 who came by with songbird Abbie Travis and Miss Exotic World Kitten DeVille,joined by a bevy of Bollywood Follies Beauties. I also got to chittle chat with archivist/videographer Robert Coddington and writer Joel, experimental filmmaker Thomas Gabela, Steak of Steakhause Productions and the great and glorious vision of true loveliness Miss Mink Stole, looking young and chic.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Forgot to write down that director Darren Stein of Jawbreaker fame took me to a delicious lunch at that cute greek restaurant at Normandie and Pico in what use to be LA's Greek district. Remember the Greeks invented homosexuality back in 1437. Darren is a very good looking Princess of Judea. Darren is going to be directing a gay romantic comedy written by my old pal Craig Chessler.
It was nice being able to hang out with Darren and have a sweet conversation outside of a crowded niteclub or party atmosphere.

Cute New York Times photographer Jamie Rector took my picture riding my bike on Hollywood Blvd near my apartment. I hope they use the shots of me under the Music Box Theatre Marquee which read something like: Hollywood's Most Talented Women Awards what a hoot that would be.

Met with style editor Guy Trebay of the New York Times at Andrew of Gould's compound. Andrew cooked some snax and a bunch of the cute kids came by for a little pre-Bricky boozecanning. I adore that Markie Mag and his Suburbia Stable of bubble butt boys. He brought along some fine specimens: Matt, Jovin and Spense. Spense is going to be my bathtub gin baby-sweet. Immanuel Martin de la Felaise is back from Japan and is wearing an authentic dough boy uniform from the war to end all wars. He also has his 20s typewriter, chair and table where he will do the installation "Letters from an Unknown Soldier" Our special musical guests will be Robbie D and Squeeky Blonde aka: Tony performing a selection from their Telekensis show.

Cuddly crowd came to the club this friday including that sultry mulatto son of Edgar Bronfman Jr. named Ben Brewer who kept staring at me like he didn't believe i existed. Well i do Blanche, i do. This Brewer kid looks like a younger version of Lenny Kravitz. He has this band called The Exit that have been getting a lot of notice. I noticed his cute piece of snow bandmate named Jeff DaRosa. I'd like to munch on his darosa. The lovely designer of my 20s frocks Miss Morgan Olsen came by with her pretty beau. Its going to be fun having her hanging out at the club now that she's graduated from Otis Parson.

Saturday i spend with Immanuel. Was supposed to take Guy Trebay on a Ms Davis style bike tour, buts its way too hot for that. Sunday Guy comes by the studio and we have a lovely chat that goes on for hours, but seems like minutes. Is always a pleasure being around a great mind.

Tuesday in Belgium and Jeffreyland Hilbert takes me shopping for a new desk for the studio. That Jeffreyland he always comes to my lady rescue. I'm so delighted to report that my studio has a radiant fresh new look. Its a wonder what a new piece of furniture can do. I am one happy clam.