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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve dinner at Piero Bellomo’s of La Collezione was enchanting.Helping Piero with the delish menu was his beau Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim.For the first course Daniel made FagionSi Linguini from scratch just like a Southern Italian washer woman. The dish was cradled in fresh and dry Shazaki mushrooms—superb. Next came more traditional fare reflecting Piero’s German background in the form of Rot Kohl, wirey brussel sprouts, hog boiled potatoes and homo healthy baked chicken breasts with herbs. The handsome Piero’s mother is a blondine German who lives in Italy, and his late father was Italian but spent most of his life in Berlin.Piero and Daniel have been a couple for over ten years. Sweet Piero is one of the most sincere, and generous people I know of in Germany, and over the last four years since I’ve been living in Berlina he has clothed me from his personal kolleczione that also includes housewares. So thanks to Piero when I am in boydrag I always look lovesexy chic and stylish. Also at the little gathering was Piero’s tight bodied dancer friend Daniel who is Andulusan.Daniel brought to table his Northern Spain dance partner in his newly formed Flaminco troup. Senorita Laura is simply ravishing and vivacious and her juicy handsome lover Yuri came with his best friend the studly French actor Yannick Renier who looks so hot in that awful film Plein Sud that I saw at the Berlinale last year.Of course I didnt tell him that.
Joining us later for a mindblowing dessert of almond pine nut tart was Piero’s muscular Greek opthamologist Elestheris.
Having grown up for the most part as a Jehovah’s Witness, Christmas is a very foreign concept to me.Piero gave me a beautiful flannel hot water bottle covered in diadems which I have christened my new teutonic husband Edsel. Herr Edsel is going to come in handy this winter.Catching the bus home the temperature went down to 19 degrees Fahrenheit, and tonight it drops down to 14 but still I will meet Piero and Daniel at the Arsenal to continue watching Vicente Minnelli films with a screening of the Oscar winning musical of 1951 An American in Paris starring bubble butt Gene Kelly and French gamine Lesley Caron with that homo wit humorette Oscar Levant.Too bad modern movies don’t have any Oscar Levants in them, they are greatly needed in Hollywood.I was friends in the 1980s with Gene Kelly’s son Tim Kelly who use to do several underground dance clubs like The Nairobi Room and Rhythm Lounge SoHo among others.Tim had the same built as his father with a hairy muscle butt that just wouldn’t quit. His hair was curly while his fathers was straight.I even went to a New Year’s Eve party in the mid 80s at the Kelly mansion in Beverly Hills off of Sunset Blvd that had a maze like garden. That house later burned to the ground.
But getting back to Christmas. I really don’t have any Christmas memories as it was just like any other day growing up.We also never celebrated birthdays or other commercial holidays that have some loose connection to Christianity. My cousin Carla Duplantier of the LA punk rock band The Controllers also was a Jehovah’s Witness and my colleague at the LA Weekly the black writer Donnell Alexander was raised a Witness.Witnesses don’t grow up with the same religious damage that Mormens who leave that faith tend to fester in.Especially if they turn out gay, like Carla and I. Since JW’s are so rebellious and outside the norm in their beliefs, that background helped me not feel displaced by standing out and being different. Plus the religion is routed in constant study,reading and supplication. Being a child who was a complete bookworm I could relate to that on all levels, and theocratic ministry school was just like a theatre class to me. If I hadn't been a Jehovah's Witness I would have never invented the character of Her Most High Right Reverend Saint Salicia Tate. I also enjoyed prosletyzing on the weekends which was called field service that consisted of going door-to-door early in the morning talking to complete strangers about their favorite topic in the world-God.
I was such a cute, articulate child with a magical smile, that people were always charmed and invited me inside their homes, and being a nosy bitch of a kid I loved seeing how other people lived, especially those in single family homes.Having grown up only in project housing or apartments all my life the thought of a house with a front and backyard really intrigued me. My sisters are still Jehovah’s Witnesses, and its brought comfort to my oldest sister who is now 71 and dying of breast cancer. When she was in the hospital at Cedar Sinai in October she was joking with all the nurses and doctors and telling the people from her congregation when they called her room that she didn’t know why she was there.It must be that the doctors are madly in love with her.So she still has a great deluded sense of humour.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thank god my back problems have subsided a bit.Berlin is not the best city for gimpdom, especially with all the snow and slippery clumps of ice everywhere, an Olympic athlete would find it difficult to circumvent this city in winter.I must be nuts for moving to a cold clime.
Poor Daddy Ron Athey has been having quite a hard time in London because of the unusual frost like conditions.I love the messages that the Dadster sends to me via emug occasionally in his inimitable style:

homegirl i got a bad cold over a week ago that was threatening to turn into bronchitis, winter wonderland was never in my vocabulary let alone desires.
why aren't i grand enough to have a hustle in oz or south america this time of year, or cape town for that matter. yesterday i had to do a talk at queen mary with kira, sick as a dog. i put on underwear, long underwear, a lined track suit bottoms, t shirt, long shirts, hoodie, with an ugly wool sweater over that, wooly cap, coat with big hood, gloves, two pairs of sox, and i had a newish tattoo which i can't cope with thinking about whether its healing or not so i just bandaged it back up for the second day.
my stupid birthday was thursday, which i didn't feel like celebrating this year. i'm super sour-puss. 49, i suppose i'll be a desperate attention whore when i turn 50 and have a month of celebrations in various cities.
luckily thursday i had a marathon phd philosophy seminar followed by a holiday party with food. i am digging that program as much as i hate this weather. and now xmas and new years holding everything hostage just when i got my hustle in gear to book some gigs for feb. uggghhh. i'm going to try to take a nap.
Got word from Los Angeles that the legendary gay bar The Spotlight pub is closing after being in operation since 1963.This would be a shame as it’s the last of its kind in Hollywood proper.The Cahuenga Corridor use to have lots of gay dive bars, but they have all been bought and turned into horrible celebrity rat traps that attract the likes of the Lindsey Lohans and Paris Hiltons and that ilk plus the retarded bridge and tunnel crowd from exurbia.It’s a sad day for Hollywoodwoodland when the Spotlight closes in early January.Too bad I won't get a chance to visit the bar one last time when I am in Los Ang next year.
Little tiny Alex of Macedonia whose real name is Tielemarchos Alexiou invited me to his new SonnenAllee flat for a scrumptious Greek passive feast. Also on hand was Alex’s cute Korean/German professor from the Frei University Suigi.Alex is an amazing chef, and I adore his new spacious compound.
After dinner was a private screening of his new Chocolate Grinder Kollective film that he made in the summer in his homosexual homeland.The movie is loosely based on the writings of Jean Genet and is very stylized in the way that most student filmmakers these days seem to function. His cinematographer Tasty Tim Shenkl really can make things look beautiful with black&white photography that shimmers in a James Wong Howe or Leon Shamroy like manner.At 70 minutes this was Alex’s first attempt at a feature film.I would edit it down to a 10 minute short and work it as a video installation.
Today is Christmas Eve which like Latin America is more important then Christmas day.I have been invited to a dinner party hosted by the great Italian/German fashion designer Piero Bellomo.The French actor Yannick Renier will be at the party, and I am anxious to meet him.He was so masculine and humpy in the films Plein Sud and the Christophe Honore’ musical Love Songs starring Louis Garrel.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My lower back has given out so I am an old lady in pain. Not glamorous for the winter solstice let me tell you. Getting older is no William Holden picnic let me tell you. With problems with my knees due to gout, and having just had my wisdom tooth taken out what is next? A Liza Minnelli style hip replacement?
Speaking of Minnelli on Minnelli before my newest ailment I was able to meet up with the CHEAP collective Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, Marc Siegel and fearless leader Susanne Sachsse along with Piero Bellomo, Assaf Hochman and Little Alex of Masadonia to see the Vincente Minnelli screening of The Bad&the Beautiful at Kino Arsenal. This is part of a rare salute to the faggot father of Liza May and husband to Judy Garlandish. I hadn’t seen The B&B for many centuries. Lana Turner was looking a little double chinned in some scenes but was still giving good face. Even better was hornpig Gloria Graham who won an Academy Award for one of the shortest performances on record. Ms. Graham is famous for the scandal of chucking her husband director Nicolas Ray for his 13 year old son, whom she later married. She is my all time heroine. Some of the other Minnelli films that will be shown are Lust For Life, The Cobweb, Two Weeks in a Small Town, An American in Paris, Gigi, Some Came Running,Brigadoon,The Band Wagon and Madame Bovary.
One of my hot and sexy young phd students at NYU Leon Hilton who is related to the famous hotelier family wrote a nice piece on David Wojnarowicz and the politics of representation up on Bully Bloggers, a site run by some NYU professors that will also go up on the Social Text site later. Below is the link so please check it out my darlings:
German Experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his brilliant art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta for a formal dinner that was filled with lots of laughter and intimacy. I am not the best cook,but thanx to the Turkish market OzGida and the very cute, young butcher boy who always flirts with me and gives me the best sweet meats i was able to make my Lamb Obscura Cutlets with soy and olive sauce, a frazzle cucumber & leak kurbist salad, roasted katzmajama veggies and prickle pasta salad. It actually turned out very nice. Wilhelm & Annette brought me a lovely tea&saucer set and the latest copy of their tome Jenseits Der Trampelpfade Heft 12 with the legendary Mario Montez on the cover.
Judy LaBruce is in town editing the Arte film she made in Paris with Beatrice Dalle, and working on the new opera project starring CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse. She contacted me and I suggested she come over to the Cheese Endique Trifecta, for a girlish one-on-one, but the farmers daughter has a case of cabin fever and wants to haunt the Nollendorf rent boy bars like Tabasco and Blue Boy. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little flesh for LuLu, but in my current state of disrepair a romp in the sleet and snow and 14 degree farenheit weather is completely out of the question, so I had to wish the Canuckian directrix luck, pluck and gander