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Friday, September 11, 2009

Enrico Dallman the sexy, muscular physical therapist beau of Joel Gibb, the mastermind of the Toronto indie pop band The Hidden Cameras invited me to go with them to Teufulsee (Devil´s Lake) in the Grunewald on what was probably the last warm day of summer. Surprisingly it wasn´t very far from the city. Enrico has a car so it took about 20 minutes even with some gnarly traffic. I am a glamour girl, not a nature girl but even my cold heart was warmed by the pleasant surroundings on what turned out to be a glorious day with only wispy clouds in the sky. Being it was mid week, the place wasn´t very crowded. Of course most of the people were butt naked laying out in the sun macking on leather skin worship. Thank god there was plenty of shade for me, so that I could protect my delicate Estonian skin and violet colored Liz Taylor eyes. Lots of men and women letting all their saggy, flabby, cellulite skin bounce to the five corners of the wind. The few faggots with bodacious bods were of course wearing board shorts, selfishly hiding themselves from my John Wayne Gacy glare.
Film Historian Marc Siegel with gorgeous girl friend Susanne Sachsse hosted a sweet little soiree for Marc´s visiting Papa from America. The elder Mr. Siegel is quite the manly gentleman, with a mischevious twinkle in his sparkling blue grey eyes. Enjoying a lovely time was all the members of kollective CHEAP including Tim & kJohnny Blue, Daniel Hendrickson as well as experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his art photog girlfriend Annette Frick. Later I went down to the Nobel Elf to see Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras DJ for art fagula crowd. Had a wonderful time running into the great Allessio of bbooks kollective and Barbie Deinhoff´s with his sharp Serbian gal pal Theodora, plus Ibadette of Super 700, Enrico Dallman,and NYU Scholar Tavia Nyongo.
Marc Arthur who had a hit art show in Hamburg came through Berlin for a whirlwind of a visit. Mark produced and edited my DeRohan Chabot film series and is one of the sexiest young beauties in Christendom. If you see him on the street, you will want to have his penis in your gaping hole called a mouth.
Those of you visiting Berlin and want to know where to go I got this info forwarded to me by the great G.B. Jones about one of her collegues doing some exhibitions and performances in Europe. If G.B.Jones recommends it I know it will be amazing.
friday sept. the 11th"blow the gaff out of ghosts"an art exhibition by ANGO THE MEEK DEAD vernissage fri. 11th h.18:00-22:00
performance by Alice Masprone and Marco Pezzotta
OkiDoki Gallery, allerstr. 38, berlin exhibition open ultil sept. the 25th
saturday sept. the 12th "hEART(h)"a group exhibition vernissage sat. the 12th h.18:00
Art-Port, Palazzolo dello Stella, Udine, Italy exhibition open ultil oct. the 9th
saturday sept. the 12th
sabot°age party djs: WarBear, Franzuss, Helga P, AXP vjs: Boxikus, Oskur
raw tempel, revalerstr. 99, berlin
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Rising Stars, Falling Stars returns from its summer pause with a showing of Eisenstein´s first feature film The Strike from 1924. Accompanying the film live are those experimental music heroes Tim & kJohnny Blue. After the screening the little lady Ms. Davis will host a dainty wine reception in the Rote Foyer. So those of you visiting Berlin this Sunday Sept 13th don´t forget to stop by Rising Stars Falling Stars my monthly performative film event at Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst at 2 Potsdamer Strasse at the Sony Center Filmhaus Kino 2 in historic Potsdamer Platz 9pm.
Saturday was the event of the late summer season, the 23rd birthday celebration of intermedia actress/director and curator Susanne Sachsse, the star of the Bruce La Bruce films Rasberry Reich and Otto:Up With Dead People. Seen drinking, eating and shmoozing at la Sachsse´s stylish East Berlin compound: Dapper curator Carolla of Kino Asta Nielsen,butch icon Manuela Kay editor of LMag,Hanna Hurtzig of Black Market, art historian Marc Siegel, The Gersh Twins: Richard & Salome, Anna Muelter of HAU, scholar Christiana Voss, stylish culture critics Diedrich Diedrichson & Juliana Rebentisch, curator Stefanie Wenner, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with Arsenal Experimental´s Nanna Heidenreich with DJ Olga Damnitz, Daniel Hendrickson, Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick, lovesexy art couple Peter Priegnann & Sophie of Switzerland, Ibadette & Mickey One of hot Berlin indie pop band Super 700, Koen Clarehout, French filmmaker Michel Belague, Belgium artist Christophe Chemin, Joel Gibb of the Toronto band The Hidden Cameras with yummy lover Enrico Dallman,the physiotherapist to the German stars, DJ Snax, Pretty Sasha Waltz dancer Laurie Young who will be doing the choreography for the new Bruce LaBruce stage project The Bad Breast in the fall at HAU 2, and InGlorious Basterds breakout star Christoph Waltz.