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Sunday, December 24, 2006

So wonderous to be in Europa during the pagan holiday celebrations, and working with the lovely and talented Cheap kollective de Berlin. Its official. I've signed my contracts with Theare an der Parkue where i will have steady employ for a year with the Cheap production of Max und Moritz.
Cheap's minister of disinformation Marcu Siegel has been programming at the Arsenal Film Forum with delicious and strikingly successful results. His underground film series began with a boomba retro spectacle of the German guru of subterranean cinema Wilhelm Hein. You Killed the Underground or the Real Meaning of Kunst Bleibt . . .Bleibt. Wilhelm and his art photog girlfriend Annette Frick are the ultimate joys to be around. They are smart, sexy and super knowledgeable about EVERYTHING.
The Arsenal is like my second home in Berlina, nice crowds came out to see Electrocute Your Stars with hilarious George Kuchar, Bird, Bath and Beyond with his brother Mike Kuchar, Chumlum von Ron Rice and Ken Jacobs Little Stabs of Happiness featuring all the downtown new york cineastezzara superstars Jack Smith, Mario Montez, and the usual gang of flickfits. I've also fallen madly in love again with Curt McDowell and his bubblicious butt, and brilliant performance in The Devils Cleavage.
Hot greek studkin supreme, Vassily Bourikas presented a special screening at a reconstituted church, of Tomothy Carey's mad opus The World's Greatest Sinner. This movie was filmed in and around late 50's Pasadena, and made me a little homesick for LA, but only a smidgeon, believe you meesis, i really don't miss lady LA one bit, just Salvadoran pupusas and my sweet friends.
Bros Timothy Blue has cooked me some fancy gourmet meals at his comfy, zen style flat, and treated me to alcoholika night at Frankenstein 5000 bar in Kruetzburg where we ran into production designer Fred Pommerhn, who is working on an edgy new version of Frank Kafka's The Metamorphis for children. Bros Daniela Romana hosted a fantastic Chanukah Latka din din that included his saucy Southern baptist take of Nig Nog. All the Cheapies were at the Chanukah din including Marcu and gorgeous fearless leader of Cheap Suzi Su, who will host one of her big supper parties on Christmas day which i'm really looking forward to.
I'm once again staying at the Johanes Hotel, a tiny boutique establishment near the Hebbel theatre, which includes a subcontinental breakfast of continentinal proportions.
Rehearsals have been going well. I've even written two brand new songs The Love Camel, which sounds very Raw Power mixed with L7, and a funky ditty called The Shakiest Gun In the West. So nice working on music again with Mickey One Halves and Ibadette of The Super 700. They played some of their latest stuff for me and i was really impressed. The Super 700 are poised for mega stardom . I have to write about them for Zoo magazine.