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Friday, May 09, 2008

Went to a sumpteous dinner party hosted by hunky teen writing sensation Travis Jeppeson and his gorgeous 14 year old Slovakian beau, Mario Dzurila who can cook like nobodies bizness. The emancipated minors live in the Moabit section of Berlin in a huge compound that has a great view of the Tiergarden. Travis not only writes sharp profiles for international magazines like Zoo, but is a well regarded poet and novelist, and publishes other young writers on his own Blatt books imprint, with offices in Berlin, Prague and New York. Their latest tome being C(o)urt Interpretations by young, swivel hipped Slovenian writer Ales Muster. Mario designs all the Blatt book releases, and is one of the youngest, most sought after graphic designers in Europe with a unique style that is youthquakingly fresh and original.
The guest of honor at the din din was legendary writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus of Semiotext(e) fame. The lovely Ms. Kraus is in Berlin where she will be showing one of her films at a new gallery at Bulowstr tonight at 8pm, and on Saturday will read from new work at Pro Q M bookshop in Mitte. I've never met Chris before, even though we both lived in Los Angeles, and her offices were in the same medical building in MacArthur Park that housed my Cheese Endique Trifecta studio since 2002. I do believe i've come in contact with her former lover Sylvere Lotringer. I wish i could go see her in action, but i have to prepare for my art classes with students at the Wiesensee Art School and also at the University in Stüttgard.
As you can imagine this was one sophisticated soiree that also included film historian Marc Siegel, kollective Cheap's luscious lady leader Susanne Sachße, who had my New York intern Marc Arthur all schtar struck, Paris "It" boy Christophe Chemin who brought his delectable baby sister Lucile, editor of Text Zur Kunst Stefanie Kleefield with Berlin based artist Henning and Chinese movie star and pop singer Edison Chen, who came by earlier in the evening, but couldn't stay to eat as he already had a dinner engagement. Mr. Chen was recently embroiled in a shocking sex skandal, and has given up his illustrious career, and is in Berlin to cool his heels. I wouldnt haved picked Berlina to dry out---i'm sure he'll just wind up getting himself into more salacious trouble.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

O i forgot to mention that while i was in Krems, Austria Dr. Jennifer Doyle of UC Irvine and Dr. Dominic Johnson, of Queen Mary University in London, treated the doll to a nice, fancy luncheon in the old towne section of the city. The weather was perfect, and joining us was Ron Athey who filled me in on all the LA gossip of who was drop kicking whom. Daddy Athey is hardly in Los Ang, as he is always traveling someplace performing or lecturing. When he is in the southland he spends the majority of his time tucked away at the desert home of movie costume designer Susan Matheson aka: Crepe Suzette. Ron designed her landscaping, and since she is forever on location working, and isn't able to enjoy the house that use to belong to Zza Zza Gabor, Ron makes full use of its case study charms.
The famed French gay blue movie director Jean Daniel Cadinot died, aged 64. If it wasn't for Mr. Cadinot, modern porn companies like Bel Ami, which specializes in pristine eastern European male ingenues, wouldn't be so popular or financially successful. He definately paved the platinum path for them.
The lesbian rap duo Bunny Rabbit was performing in Zurich while i was there with Cheap Blacky. Some of the Cheapies got to check them out, but i was fighting a sore throat, so wisely decided to stay in my lovely little hotel room and nest in front of CNN. While at dinner earlier in the evening i was introduced to the strapping British motor bike racer James Toseland. What a fine specimen of manhoodliness he turned out to be. Yowza!
Had a late bruncheon with my New York intern Marc Arthur, who is in Berlin as an exchange student till August. Mark is a beautiful and very bright teenager with the prettiest eyes imaginable. We're going to have a lot of fun together this summer.
The next day i met with pretty Katja Maya, a smart and self-possessed art student who will be one of my kids in the class i am teaching at the Wiesensee Art school. She even designed a great poster for the seminar. We met at Bierhimmel in Kreuzeberg and chittle chatted for hours. We were interruped by a lonely unnattractive little man sitting next to us in the cafe. Its very strange indeed for a German to insert themselves into another parties conversation. I am always intrigued when someone breaks the usual protocols. We both talked to him for a while, I sensed that he was in dire need of human contact, and was one of those types that would probably wind up commiting suicide, so great was his desire to be noticed in an unforgiving world. However my compassion for him could only go so far as he was dull beyond belief.
We decided to have one more drink someplace else, and Katja took me to this new queer space in Neu Köln called Silver Future on Weser Str ran by her very personable friends Katta and Jan. What a nice and comfy atmosphere. The bar was intimate and appealing, and i liked it much better then Barbie Dienhoff which its constantly compared to. The place has only been open since September of last year and i encourage my Berlin blogina readers to check it out.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Second part of tour with Cheap Blacky, the Bruce LaBruce directed performance piece, and the weather is beyond major Miss gorgeous in Zurich Switzerland, the white collar crime capital of Europe. Our first performance is on May 1st. May Day. Never get booked on May Day unless you enjoy seeing protesters and police battling it out with rubber bullets, water canons and the like. Actually it was kind of exciting, and didnt affect people coming to the theater as we had a very full house, but i wouldnt recommend it.
Half of Cheap is staying in to the cute little Hotel Rothaus in the Redlight District- how appropriate. The hotel use to be a bordello. The rest of the group, plus lighting designer Hans, production coordinator, Anna Multer and set dressing expert Senol, are in a large apartment owned by the Theaterhaus Gessneralle where we will have a long run of the show. I am the only one who gets a room of their own, and my view is scrumpteous--- hookers, pimps and drug dealers. My favorite kind of people, and especially refreshing in a boutique city like Zurich, where everything is super expensive, even McDonalds. Luckily as a performer we get a 50% discount on our meals at the Theatre restaurant and the food and service is top notch. The director of the Theater Niels Ewerbeck is sweet and attentive, but theatre people in German language countries don´t realize that its considered a grievous faux pas not to treat their guests to at least one free meal and drinks, and since the theatre is generously funded by the city, and makes the majority of their $moula from the food and dwinks that should be a top priority for them. But other then that, i was very happy with this leg of our tourina, and it was also nice seeing Ms. Gunda Zeeb who use to work at the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, and has always been a fervent Cheap supporter.
A nice sampling of celebs attended our premiera-Filmmaker Raphael Glucksman with his famous public intellectual father Andre´Glucksman, booty pie pop star Clueso who is all wrapped up in the house of the doll, but didnt even trying bagging her. Whats that about, eh? Jewelry designing rebel Shaun Leanes who was with the wonderful Messimo & Pierce of Black Sun Productions, who came to the piece twice, also on hand was hunky Swiss conceptual artist Urs Fischer, Katerina Clewinghaus the star of Bruce La Bruce´s Otto, Up With Dead People, buger boy Nicholai, one of our Cheap Gossip Studio interns who is from the French part of Switzerland, portraiturist Rosina Kuhn who had a retrospective of her early work on display in the city, queeny tyro art star Luka Beyerler and his beau, young, pretty and super smart art concubine Tom Dura, who also came to see the show twice, and some long on the tooth tranny chasing footballers Bastien Girod, Donat Grimm and Loca Tonis. Cheap Blacky Video and Stage designer Christophe Chemin gave me a glorious present, some heritage jewelry from his great grandmothers Fulco Santostefano Della Cerda, Duke of Verdura collezione. The queeny Italian Duke use to work with Coco Chanel, and his unique designs were a favorite of high society during the 1920s till late 40s. Christophe´s patrician great grandma was a famous writer, and early feminist. Christophe inherited her jewelry and loves giving his friends bits and pieces of it. He is soooo amazingly generous, besides being a major artistic talent, he can also give great back massages.
Loved watching TV in my hotel room. All the news stations are still aflutter about the fugly incest Daddy from Austria, who kept his daughter imprisoned in a dungeon for 24 years. I was just in Krems, Austria for the Donau festival, and to think i was only a few miles from the epicenter of this international scandal.
Will write a little more after i have properly recovered from the tour.