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Saturday, May 17, 2003

oh Bricktops you are so full of surprises. Who would expect a visit from actress Asia Argenta the star of that movie XXX with Vin Diesel. She came with the first lady of harsh Lydia Lunch and writer/actor Chris Campion. I guess she's making a movie set in the 20s and wants to film a scene at Bricky's or something like that. I spun a little Carlo Buti in her honor during my DJ set. She seemed to appreciate it. I can't wait to tell Bruce La Bruce about Asia's visit. Bruce took some scandalous pictures of her for Index Magazine where she was shown smoking and drinking while preggers. She told me to tell Bruce "Judy" , "HI!"
Also at the club was that youngish actor Ryan Reynolds who is in that new movie with Michael "flat ass" Douglas and Albert Brooks. Ryan is really cute with nice skin and pretty eyes, but i think the club freaked his mainstream middle class sensibilities because he came in during the performance of Beyond Joy and Evil and left almost immediately. They had the crowd either loving or hating them, which i expected. The band is actually quite genius. Mr. Uncertain was really brilliant as well impersonating Death taking a tap dance holiday. I even coached Hector Martinez into performing as a foul mouthed hispanola Bruce Almighty----he was fantastible!!!!!
Got some Xanax from little papa Frank Rodriguez, so hopefully that will calm me when i have to get on the dreaded plane Monday to Brittania. Lookingg forward to Visions of Excess. At the Bleekly i got forwarded a email sent out by Shari Frilot looking for artists for their successor to Platinum Oasis, this time called Platinum Snapmeat. The call to artists was a bit confusing and i ran it by a few people and they couldn't make heads or tails out of it either. I guess they are trying to do some kind of Cybersex event at the Ambassador Hotel. All i can say to Outfest this year is Good Luck, and all the best.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Went down to Funkytown to the Slauson Super Mall Swap Emporium on Slauson and Western Avenue in deepest darkest South Central Los Angeles. My Cholita sister and Bricktops door girl Meesh of the Epiladies recommended it as the place to get the cheapest jubilee ghetto fashions and she wasn't kidding. The place is amazing and so cavernous. The beauty supply sections alone you could write a thesis about. I got me some cheap ass $199 a pack hair weave extentions to make my cornrow pubes look that I'm going to display for Visions. I also bought a nice flesh tone bra and panty set for when i premiere Pleather, The Dorian Corey Story in Brittania. My sweet arab dry cleaner said he would have my Vanessa Beecroft outfit ready for me today, but he didn't even open the store. I hope he's there Saturday or I'm sunk with no VD as VB look.
I'm all excited about Udo Kier's performance impersonating Bataille. He'll do an installation where he's attacking Genet, the person Bataille had a feud with via Sartre. O sweet intellectualism.
I'm still gagging over the lovely extravaganza of Kembra's installation where she distilled Bataille to the simplist quotient. He's just a librarian. Hahahahahaha
I still don't have my work permit, and I'm not one of those last minute girls. Poor Dadster he left for Engly today with no permit. They are supposed to have it all ready for him at Customs when he lands at Heathrow. We'll see.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Going to do a photo shoot for my new CD with David Harrow’s Technova project. For those of you not familiar with Dave he is the father of the electro clash movement. Back in the early 80s he put out a series of records in Berlin with poet Anne Clark that jumped started the post Kraftwork electro dance scene that gave us The New Romantics and Synth pop craze. All the current stars of electro trash$ owe him a myriad of kudos for giving them careers. I don’t know exactly when the record we collaborated on is going to actually come out, perhaps in the fall or maybe the summer, but today we’re going to do the shoot at my studio, perhaps on the roof if it doesn’t rain or even if it does. Its deliciously overcast today. I’m not going to do my traditional lady look. I decided I’d throw out a salute to The Beale’s of Grey Gardens fame and use an old sequined sweater of Barbara LaMay’s as a headress/headwrappe. Just to be ill.
I’ve got so many last minute odds and ends to sew up before leaving for Europe. Yesterday I did my weekly Bricktops rehearsal with Mr. Uncertain. That Uncertain kid is really talented. Not only as a singer/song stylist and musician but also as a painter. He painted the backdrop that we use for the club. As we were rehearsing we came up with a neat little extemperaneous piece to serve as an intro and that connects our salute to Aleister Crowley and the Thelemites this Friday. The fun thing about Bricktops is putting stuff out there and not knowing whether it will work or not. I’m Brian Mitchell Stoked.

Monday, May 12, 2003

Was Invited to a dinner party at Daphne and Olivier's Mulholland Drive Manse that is courtesy of their Vivendi Universal connections. D&O are a charmed french couple. Life is good for them and they live it to its fullest. Olivier went to Harvard and obviously comes from a wealthy priveledged family, so life is his oyester and he can climb the highest James Baldwin mountain. So really I'm not jealous that they live rent free in a big house with original Warhols scattered throughout and a heated pool. Just because i live in a box, its no reason for me to be bitterella, right? Thats just the way the cookie crumbs are dealt. They are very sweet peoples and are expecting a bundle of perpetual joy in the next four months. The wonderful delicate supper Daph prepared was very delicioso and she also made this incredible homemade Lemon tart that was out and beyond this world type of perfection. La D. is one multi-talented lady and that man of her's Olivier is so lovesexy and dreamy, you want to tear his clothes off and rub cocoa butter all over him they are both too gorgeous to be believed and make a scrumpteous couple. Ok i have to admit i am jealous and envious of them. Can you hear the viola playing in the background?
Lively conversation was the order around the din table. A lovely New Orleans lass was one
of the other guests and to my surprise Mike Figgis the director of Leaving Las
Vegas. We gossiped about Nicky Cage for what seemed like forever. Nick has
really sold what was left of his three horned penis(and there really wasn't much) to
Baalzebub so that he could make $21 million a flick. Though i have to give
him his due in the movie Adaptation. He was really good in that, and it
reminded me why i use to like him when he was in movies like Valley Girl.

Bricktops was just teeming with art stars, Friday. Not only was there a Bjorkless Matthew Barney, but Asian Punk Boy of SARS infected Toronto, who has his first solo show at Chinatown’s brand new Peres Projects Gallery. Cute Cubano/Princess of Judea, Javier relocated his galleria from tired San Francisco to trendy Chung King Road. The space useto be the Loy/Ford Germanicus clothing emporium. Gorgeous snow queen beauty prize and photographer pin-up boy Ryan McGinley also stopped by sniffing for hot cha cha. Ryan was flown in to town to DJ at the APB opening. Also on hand was Mr. Straight-Edge himself Ian MacKaye of Fugazi and Minor Threat fame who was getting a little too cozy with me and that made my well endowed young English husband Andrew squirm. I have to admit i love making my man jealous.
Sweet Marlene of Prospect 44 charmed everyone with her dada inspired clothing in the leatherrack boutique in the foyer. Perhaps she'll make Bricktops a regular hang for her designer palttet's. The Parisienne duet Cabinet of Curiosities really had the crowd vested with their extroidinary talentsa and sophisticationeze. I love it when a lady sings playing a stand up bass.
Our celebutante quotient consisted of the sparkling gamina Abbie Travis, chain mail designer to the stars and Charlie's Angels costumer and former Squeezebox impressario Michael Schmidt, Mapplethorpe muse and Chateau Marmount hostina Constance, who mentioned something about doing a show in Monte Carlo with Sade. "Miss Size 12" model Sophie Dahl who must have been trying to drown her sorrows in gin over being dumped by that ancient rocker Mick Jagger.
This Friday, we will summon the restless spirit of the wickedest man of the worldly world, Aleister Crowley with a thelemite musical performance by the volatile Beyond Joy and Evil which features Archive of Aesthetic Nihilism mastermind John Aes-Nihil with special surprise faustian guests.
Saturday-The boys from the art collective Science Holiday brought me some goodies for my new apt. They are so thoughtful and generous, and really take care of this lady Doll. What would i do without them? I'd surely perish. Also Freddie Berk of Video Ten Porno Fame came by and used his butch realness skills to give me some much needed shelving. We went by both the Homo Depot and Osh Ganosh. It took forever so i was a bit late getting to the Peres Projects for their grand spam opening.
The Chung King Road scene isn't really my thingy, but i needed to support little Javier, not that he needs my support, he comes with a pedigree, and before becoming a gallery owner was a lawyer. The Asian Punk Boy show was fantasticle. I loved the tons of cocaine that you had to wade through to see the art and the crystal meth'd albino parakeets flying tweekily through the throngs. A+++++
Sunday- Daddy Ronald P. Athey Jr. had a little super post modernist mothers day brunchina at his (Slither) Lake studio. The food was his usual gourmet best. The guestable list included LA Weekly Deputy Editor Joe "Cadillac" Donnelly and his sizzling showgirl wife Candy who is starring in the big Celine Dion extravaganza in Vegas. Candy and Joey are a dynamite coup. Candy has incredible energy. She's a natural ginger headed girl with personality plus. They just bought a house in Silverlakey and Dadster gave them some sound gardening advice. Everyone else at the partay was family, like Kara Hunger, "Crepe" Suzette Mathelson, Maxmillian(Daddy's hot Swiss lover) Tad and his actor beau Juan Fernandez (who is starring in that new Vin Diesel film "A Man Apart") David Harrow of Technova and his pretty wife and darling newborn baby, who just bought digs in Solano Canyon. I usually don't like children, but the Harrow newborn literally stole my cold comfort heart, and Professor Jennifer Doyle was also on hand, La Professora may be leaving her position at UC Riverside to teach in the imperial motherland of Great Britain. Oh and let me not forget Kyle who use to dance with David Rouseve's company and also Bill T. Jones (who I've heard hardly pays his dancers, but he makes sure he lives in the lap of piss elegant luxury) Kyle is up for the lead role of Kimba the White Lion in the German production of The Lion King.
After brunch daddy kicked everyone out and we had to buckle down and work on Visions of Excess. The great Kembra Pfhaler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black is doing this amazing piece that involves... well let me just let her explain it in her own profound words:

My tribute to George Bataille will be about the "Allist" movement, a new genre related to the disassemblage of artist hierarchy in mediums. It will contain librarianism and an edification performance where the audience will be invited to file things."

Visions is going to be the best thing we've curated. I'm also really looking forward to Lee "Sexmutant" Adams piece that is called The Language of Flowers:

... even more than by the filth of its organs, the flower is betrayed by the fragility of its corolla: thus, far from answering the demands of human ideas, it is the sign of their failure. In fact after a very short period of glory, the marvellous corolla rots indecently in the sun , thus becoming ... a garish withering. Risen from the stench of the manure pile – even though it seemed for a moment to have escaped it in a flight of angelic and lyrical purity – the flower seems to relapse abruptly into its original squalor ...

Oh don't let me forget to mention that when Ryan McGinley DJ's he does it all using two Ipods. Now that is technology babester. No need to carry any vyn or CDs.