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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Knackige Hintern

The weather is warming back up after a sharp cold spell and I'm suddenly getting a lot of attention from people in my kiez.  My sweet  and slightly lovesexy SouthAmerican neighbor invited me to a party for his new girlfriend. He lives with his daughter by his German ex-girlfriend, and  her new boyfriend.  Wow now thats what I call a modern family.
Was heading to the local markt to get my coin deposit on the water bottles when I started chatting to a strikingly beautiful older woman.  She turned out to be Elga Sorbas the former Fassbinder star from his early days in Munich in the late 60s.  Our conversation grows increasingly animated and she invites me to luncheon with her and lover of over 20 years Eddie of the Australian rock n roll theatre group The Busby Berkeleys.  Eddie must be one of the most androgynous heterosexuals I´ve ever met and is wild, friendly and energetic---a true star. 
Elga shows me one of Eddie's short films from the early 1980s called “Hey Max Relax” and it reminds me of New Wave Theatre mixed with The Revillos and The Tubes.  Elga whips up on the PC some scenes from the Fassbinder film The American Soldier and another sexy clippy of her in the Radley Metzger film Little Mother,Bloody Mother.  Elga was a knockout when she was young and is still a glamazon and great beauty at 71 years.  She was also a confidante of the German filmmaker Werner Schroeder and the rock and cabaret singer Bruno Ferrari who was a protégé of Leonard Bernstein and was lovers with the blues rock singer Ron Williams who does the successful tributes to Ray Charles.  Ron Williams was also involved with Donna Summer when they were in the German cast of Hair in the 1960s and he fathered a child with her.  Elga and Eddie told me so many great and wonderful stories of their life in Europe and in America from San Francisco to the Chelsea Hotel. 
My hard eye candy honorare for the week goes to the breathtakingly beautiful blondine boy I watched doing exercises in Gleisdrieick Park the other day when the weather was still quite warm.  Is he a personal trainer or male concubine? Who knows.  All I can say is he had a perfect marble ass, thick thighs, meaty meat calves,lick worthy abs a muscle titten cavity and a penis that can open feral clams.  If that isn’t enough he was barefoot with some über shrimpable Barney Rubbles.  He gets a 110 Plus.
Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and I have been busy working on the premiere of Rising Stars, Falling Stars at our new location at the silent green Kulturequartier.  We´ve inlisted that sexy ginger art shtar Gwenaël Rattke to design our fliers and poster and he has delivered in spades.  Gwenaël designed the hit book Edgewise about John Waters Dreamlander Cookie Meuller.