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Monday, December 19, 2005

Leave it to good ole "Flake" Gyllenhaul my new name for the Bareback, i mean Brokeback Mountain ingenue, who is also here in Berlina. Flake is very unreliable. We were supposed to have drinks together, but the pisser didnt call me at the appointed time, so your favorite diva is writing him off for good. I met the star a few months back at a special private screening of his movie that director Ang Lee arranged for cultural taste makers and social critics. Smart move on his part to work that very necessary word of mouth buzz. The film is brilliant, especially the musical score, and the performance of Aussie Heath Ledger. No praises for Flake, until he learns to give black drag queens more of his manly attentions in a timely fashion. Honey, I am one of the most powerful women in the world, and can make or break careers. I can use my sword both ways as Joan Crawford was fond of saying.

My Berlin husband Tim Blue of kollective Cheap has been taking care of all my lady needs of late. Tim cooks me delicious gourmet dinners, and whisks me to all the strumpet bars for eye candied gazing. I love you Timothy. I also love and worship Susanne Sachsee who i wrote about in the latest Zoo Magazine, which is now out on the stands and looks amazing with plastic surgery victimima Mickey Rourke on the cover. Buy it now.
Susanne is also a righteous cook and made a heavenly din din and bruncheon where i was able to meet my new band members for the Ruth Fischer project. These kids are so young and cute. I really adore hot hunky Steffan. He has rosy cheeks and peaches n cream complexion and a mighty, juicy round asstrovar. Yum. I bet his bussy(boy twat)
tastes fresh and scrumpteous.
Hung out with the lovely Joel Gibb of Canada´s Hidden Cameras. Joel is madly in love with a young opera prodigy from Norway. He and his new lover will be in Espana for a few days before returning to Berlin, where Joel has relocated permanently.
Its been snowing almost every day since arriving and me thinks this is the best place to spend the Kwanzalic holidays.