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Monday, June 21, 2004


June 11th Larry Bob came down to LA to perform with his combo Larry, Hall and Jack at Bricktops. They looked amazing wearing cute matching college seaters and knickers. Just adorable. The theme was Lorenz Hart and their group features Jack Curtis on vocals and Hall Hall playing trombone. I wish Larry could have spent more time down in Los Ang just hanging out with la diva, but he had other committments.

One of my old time pals the poet Tim Donnelly who lives in Berkeley, came to see Larry's group. Tim brought his baby brother.

Saw that English movie The Mother where this granny bopper starts to get it on with her daughters young lover. I loved the scene when the hunky younger man starts getting all hustler mean on her, and she's just cowering right next to his giant peterfication. Boy did that pull a cord. Us gals will go to whatever lengths to be able to chug on a nice full lug.

The Ditty Bops and Michael Lucid came by the studio for a visit. So great having them all. I just love mentoring young talents. Did a guest performance at Largo with the Ditty Bops on Thursday June 17th. Hadn't been to Largo since the mid 90s. I use to be a fixture on that stage, but the place kind of became this industry hub and i stopped hanging out east of Western so we lost touch, but the owner Flannagan and the sound guy both remembered me so it was a nice reunion.

June 18th and another Bay area visitor to Bricktops. This time song stylist and storyteller Jill Tracy. Jill is a great talent and captivated the audience with her moody pieces. I loved her quiet, sophisticated presence, so unlike other San Francisco performers who sometimes come across as shrill. Jill has an English husband who i found very sexy in a Daniel Craig kind of way.

The celebutants in the house included Samuel Frenchs Mark Simon, UCLA'S film and TV archive programmer David Pendleton, Marcu Siegel visiting all the way from east Berlin, director Roland Joffe and his wife, Mean Mommy of the Cheap Beer Club, Steak of Steakhause Productions, the beautiful Pigpen Myers Rifkin, poet Remy Matin, choreographer cutie Jean Spinosa and filmmaker Jedidiah. Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carrillo came by with Jake Gyllenhaul and Kirsten Dunst. I was so glad to meet Jake. I adore him. His sister Maggie has been coming to Bricktops a lot, but i was wondering when Jake would show up. Thank you Bibbe for bringing to me the boy of my dreams.

I started filming some videos for my new Technova project with Cyril and Jim. We had a lovely time romping through the subway system, kutting up in Hancock Park and in my studio. We're going to film some more on Tuesday and Wednesday in Valencia. Can't wait.

Lenny and Andrew of the Parlour club took me to dinner at Tantra in Silverlake. This trendy Indian restaurant use to be the Olio Theatre where i had great successes with The Afro Sisters back in the 80s. Was really weird being in that space as it is now. The food at Tantra was surprisingly good and so was the ambiance. I was expecting it to be really icky the way Silverlake is starting to become, but i was taken aback.