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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sorry for the delay in giving you a report of what is happening to me in post Hurricane Sandy New York.  Well its a mess let me tell you.  All of lower Manhattan is still in the dark.  No lights, phone, heat, hot water.  Just awful.  But it could be worse.  I am still alive.  I lived through my first hurricane and it was very frightening let me tell you as i cant swim and my biggest fear is drowning in a flash flood.
In regards to my first major visual art exhibition at participant inc. it will not happen on sunday Nov 4th.  Please keep checking the participant inc facebook page for updates.  My Gallery is on the lower east  side and with no power, no show.  Hopefullly power will be restored and we can proceed with mounting the show.  Love Camel is with me and we are squabbling as usual.  He leaves Nov 6th.  Hopefully my Bricktops husband Andrew Gould will also come.  I miss him so much.  Writing this blog at the gorgeous downtown Brooklyn penthouse apartment of Lia's gorgeous sister.  I was able to take a nice hot bath.  With no heat in my apartment that means no showers, so i have been very funky.  The other day we walked across the Williamsburg bridge to shower and check emails at Lia's pal Roberts gorgeous spacious flat where we watched a crazy zombie movie starring sexy nerd Jesse Eisenberg, with Emma Stone , Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray.
Special thank you shout out to my child of high art Jonathan Berger who brought me plenty of water, seltzer, juice, fruit, snacks, flashlights and candles to last me through the disaster. 
Before hurricane i had a nice interview with a lovely journalist named Ryann Donnelly from Interview Magazine.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Traveling from Berlin to New York on Air Berlin came off without any major complications.  The pursor felt sorry for me and gave me an exit row aisle seat and there was no one sitting next to me which was divine.  The only bad things being that I wasn't able to get any sleep the night before and this weird stomach flu re-emerged keeping me projectile excreting in the lavatory during most of the flight.  A lot of the passengers thought I was a junky.  I was also freezing from either a fever or hot flashes.  I don't know which.  Being trapped on a plane sick is the worst.  My dooky is still liquid but at least I am able to eat some solid foods.  Lia and the Participant Inc gang of Bassera, Tom, Cy & Company have been divine.  My east village flat is cute with a large loft bed turret.  I am close to everything, and everyone I love like Bruce Benderson, Glenn Belverio, Patty Powers, Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny.
There is a TV in my flat and I watched two late night old movies: Billy the Kid vs Dracula starring a cockeyed John Carradine and Jesse James vs Frankenstein's Daughter.  Both are hilarious!!!!!
A big perfect storm combined with a Hurricane strangely named Sandy is barreling in on the Tri-State area with predicted floods, high winds and assorted damages.  So I guess I picked the perfect time to come to Man!hattan.
The transgressive independent Japanese director Koji Wakamatsu who produced Nagisa Oshima's In The Realm of Senses died age 76.  I love kinky Japanese men.  He was all over me at the Berlinale Film Festival back in 2010.