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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Very sorry I haven’t been writing anything new in this very blogina, but I caught a bit of a cold while in London for my birthday and have been stuck in bed with occasional forays to the loo to projectile excrete.
Thank goodness for Italian/Slovenian artist JanezJansa aka: Davide Grassi and his beautiful and serene wife and art partner/producer Marcela of the Aksioma Institute for Contemporary Art and their cute crew who came by my Cheese Endique Trifecta studio to film me for a new project and brought me soup, crackers and fresh fruit.I didn’t have much of an appetite but managed to get some fruit and soup down. Marcela is a mother of two gorgeous children and was lovely in nursing me back to health and vigor.
The other day film historian Marc Siegel and Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim took me to luncheon for my birthday at Café Azul, where that nice Jamaican waitress works. Marc & Daniel completely shocked and surprised me by presenting a card with the names of old and new friends from the fatherland and motherland who joined forces to buy me a birth gift of a brand new bed. I have never owned a new bed in my life having always slept on hand-me-downs that were somewhat falling apart at the seams. What I've been sleeping on for the last few years is a divan that was used in the CHEAP Gossip studio back in 2006 when I first moved to Berlin. Its from the 1950s and is quite comfy but its old and worn, plus it would be great to have a real bed to sleep on that actually fits a gigantic woman. Its so nice to know that so many people wanted to contribute to my comfort in getting me a present that I really,really need. Here is a list of the people who contributed, some from the states and some who I met here in Europe.

Sophia New/Dan Belasco Rogers of the performance collective Plan B
Sabine Friesz and Ali Janka of Gelitin
Mickey One and Ibadette of Super 700
Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental
Toby Raucher and his large penis Dagmar
Berlin legend Zazie de Paris
Achmed Constantine Berger the hot, well endowed Arab/German actor
Stefanie Wenner the fun loving HAU curator
Alessio, Nico Siepen and Michaela Wuensch from bbooks kollective
Writer and poet Travis Jeppeson
Anna Muelter of HAU
Malte Goebel, New York Underground legendina John Edward Heys, Gunther Baby Papi,the hot lover of Ali of Gelitin
Damon Young the young Berkeley fagademic
Elly Clarke the British art fotog
Juliane Rebentisch the pretty Teutonic art scholar
Dedrich Diederichsen the famous German writer
Vassily Bourakas of the Experimental Section of the Athens Film Festival
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, the Empress of the Arsenal Institute for Film und Video Kunst
Marc Siegel,Daniel Hendrickson, Susanne Sachsse and her kids Salome & Richard Gersh
Nadja Talmi the pretty junior art and film curator
Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in all of Europa
My dear friend and protector of her doll The Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin
Evie Ruessler the fabulous feminist German filmmaker
Clemens Stoltzenberg the sweet beautiful young student at the Frie Universitat who worked at the CHEAP Gossip Studio,
Filmmaker Marie Losier who won a Teddy Award and another cash prize this year at the Berlinale for her documentary on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Anne Kohl and Katja Helldorf two wonderful and talented young artists.
Piero Bellomo of la kollezione
My academic saviors starting with the always coming to my rescue in all my hours of needy need---Dr. Jennifer Doyle, followed by Dr. Jose Munoz and Dr. Tavia Nyongo and my very generous sister of the clothe Bruce “Judy”LaBruce.
Thank you so much I can’t express fully my appreciation. I have to get everyones mailing address so I can send a proper thank you individually via post.
My birthday in London was lovely. I stayed at the gorgeous Hackney compound of Dr. Dominic Johnson a lecturer in the School of Lesbian Drama at Queen Mary University. His flat is like a little bit of Miami or LA was magically transported to the East End. Dominic cooked an amazing vegetarian feast for me an invited some London pals over for a small intimate soiree that included Ron Athey, charming Israeli artist Oreet Ashery, Lee Adams of Club Kaos and his sweet boyfriend, dashingly dapper Martin Hargreaves and his stylish collegue from the Dance Theatre Journal Thom Shaw,and Tara Perkins aka:Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Show and manager of the band Gossip with her pretty boyfriend.
After Berlinale everyone gets sick in Berlin, but a lot of people were ailing in London as well. Love Camel, Franko B and Nando all came down with the flu and couldn’t attend my birthday party.
That dear sweet Camel besides staying with me in Berlin during the Berlinale Film Festival got me my ticket to London, wined and dined me and also bought me some delicious books that I have been wanting including Dear Stinkpot-Letters From Louise Brooks to Jan Wahl, a box set of the incredible British TV series Shameless that is being remade in the US which doesn’t seem like it will transfer well, and an assortment of other rare film and TV box sets. Love Camel really knows what his Doll loves. Mr. Hargreaves of Dance Theatre Journal bought me a hardback copy of the hilarious new John Water’s tome Role Models which I am reading very slowly to savor every delicious page.
Mr. Johnson besides just making my short stay in England so dreamy and grande, gave me a copy of the Cult Film Reader edited by Ernest Mathijs& Xavier Mendik.
The night before my b’day gathering I was invited to the birthday shindig of Beth Ditto of Gossip at the rooftop pavilion of The Shore Ditch House. I had heard of these private members only clubs. Berlin has one called SoHo House where I have never been. To get to where Ms. Ditto’s party was you had to go through these other fetes which looked dull with people in the financial or banking service industries all gussied up. My entourage that included Love Camel, Dom Johnson and Martin Hargreaves enjoyed the snax and open bar. The heated outdoor pool was also a nice touch. We almost shared an elevator ride with Boy George of Culture Club fame but he had to step off as he was overloading the freight compartment. Ms. Ditto was completely surprised when she entered the room and not acting surprised as usually is the case with these situations. The diva looked glam and was crying as her mascara was running in many directions. I didn’t stay very long and was told that many of the other guests were people in the fashion industry. The rumour of the evening was that pop star Usher was going to drop by with his new boyfriend.
I am going to end here,I am still feeling under the weather but I am going to try and attend the Bob Mizer film screenings that are a part of the Billy Miller Bob Mizer exhibit at Exile Gallery.