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Monday, October 04, 2004

Note to ladyself: pick up a copy of the novel Une Vielle Maitresse by Barbey d'Aureuilly.

Bricktops Lee Miller salute was a resounding smash. The Ditty Bops are back as the October visiting artists in residency and they performed au natureul. Lots of dignataries abounded that evening. One of my favorite controversial french directrices Catherine Breillat whose new flick Anatomy of Hell, i can't wait to see. I saw her other film, "Romance" and loved it. Also chatted with hot young german actor Daniel Bruhl(Good-Bye Lenin) who is living in LA now. He knows a lot of my Berlin friends. Daniel was getting cozy with sexy movement artist Jean Spinosa and designer Shauna Leone who was wearing an amazing Little Bo Peep outfit. Regulars Don Spiro and Augusta were their usual charming selves and Velvet Hammer stage manager Dirty James was looking very handsome and robust. I almost didn't recognize Victor Rasuk, the sizzling young star of Raising Victor Vargas. He's living in LA now preparing for his role as skateboarding legend Tony Alva. Victor was very much taken by our taxi dancer Summer Peaches of Augusta, Georgia. So was Jailbait Velasquez, the husband of punk rock legend Alice Bag who was in a playful, frisky mood.
The next night i was back at the parlour for the early evening LA premiere of Rosa Negra a telenovella produced, directed and starring Viva Ruiz. I adore Miss Viva. She is a downtown legend, one of the house of domination, jackie 60 girls and was also in the punk sex band Thrust with Kelly Webb.
The event was produced by Bryan Rabin, who was looking very handsome. The tela novela also stars tranny superstar Sophia LeMarr, latin fanclub's porn papi Tiger Tyson and comic Marga Gomez. Howie Pyro was the DJ playing a great eclectic mix of tunes. I was exhausted but had a good time.
Sunday with Jason El Norte as my escort i went to the west coast Guido menswear fashion show at the Hotel Figueroa. The boys were pretty hot looking, but only one had a bountiful buttocks. The only free drinks - champagne and no food except tortilla chips, which in my book doth not a good party make. But Riley Moore was DJ-ing and i adore her.

The best thing about the fashion show was there was little attitude among the guests. It was pretty comfy and low key and the hotel is lovely. My fav outfit was a pink micro cord gigolo suit. At the new york show, one of the Gotti grandkids modeled adding Guido realness, the rep was telling me how awful he looked, but in the video he looked fine to me, he was wearing his own Diesel jeans, but he has that requisite Staten Island suburban look that i love--part choirboy/part hustler. And his swagger was better then the professional models. Also ran into Clint Catalyst who quit working for Tyra Banks' TV show, Jeremy from In Style Magazine, Billy Patchen of the infamous Patchen Bros and 99 Fuck You. He was hanging with Charlie of the band Rex Aquarium and Brian O'Keefe of the underground hit record "New York is So Cool"