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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Last nite my date to the Talking Eyes lecture series presented by The Research Group Visual Culture was none other then the infamous Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson of kollective CHEAP who is also the favored translator to all the academic shtars of the world. A little known fact about Daniel is that he is mulatto. You can see it in his phat juicy ass and giant penile swagger. One of his nephews also has subtle Negroid features. A lot of white people from the South have black in them, but are unaware of it due to light skinned black ancestors who were successful in passing for white, but alas black features have a habit of sometimes skipping a generation and pop up at the oddest and most inconvenient moments.

Daniel and I began the evening with dinner at a cute Indian boite on Akazien Strasse that features the saddest waiter in the world, then we went peddle mad on our bicycletas to see the Berlin premiere screening of United in Anger-A History of Act Up by the wonderous Jim Hubbard of New York and writer Sarah Schulman. Mr. Hubbard was in the audience and after the screening was very gracious and looked swellegant during the Q&A. Berlin Q&A´s can sometime feature a lot of showboaters, but there were also some series questions asked. I loved that Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Radio Magazine asked why the Panorama Section of the Berlinale didn´t accept the film back in February.

I found the film exceptionally moving, educational and informative. The film didn´t shy away from the sexual energy at play at Act Up, and gave credit to the many women whose expertise and leadership gave the movement its gravitas as well as people of color plus the class divide in the gay world that tends to be ignored. Maxine Wolf´s voice in the film was a standout, but it was also great to see people I know like Catherine Gund Saalfield, Douglas Crimp, Greg Bordowitz and Maria Majente.

In the 1980s my New York mentor was the late former model and fashionstylist/accessories designer George Byron aka: Mommy. Mommy along with others like Hudson of Feature Gallery financed my trips to New York during that era. Mommy and his boyfriend once lived in the same apartment building as Richard Gere and his then girlfriend Penelope Milford the forgotten actress who was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress for Coming Home. Whenever I was in New York I went with Mommy to the Act Up meetings and they were electrifying, so different from the west coast Act Up and Queer Nation.

The concept and organization of Talking Eyes series was based at DFG Graduate School of ´Gender as a Category of Knowledge`at Humboldt-University in Berlin with Nana Adusei-Poku, Lukas Engelmann, Marietta Kesting, Katrin Köppert, Anne-Julia Schoen and Todd Sekuler.

Earlier in the morning I was treated to breakfast at Café Berio by my handsome NYU Performance Studies Phd student Joshua Lubin Levy who was one of my young collaborators on the New York edition of VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm at PS 122 back in 2010. It was invigorating to hang out with Josh and his super hot patrician looking blondine lover and their Danish friend. After breakfast we went by the Christopher Isherwood flat in Nollendorky Platz and ran into Edwin Seth Brown a good friend and associate of Warhol superstar Bibbe Hansen. Mr. Brown is a hysterically funny black status queen who lives in Berlin only during the spring and summer, in the cold months he is back in Los Angeles where he languishes in hauteur splendour. La Seth Brown works for some kind of corporate entity the specifics of I can never remember, but he makes tons of filthy lucre---god bless him.

Josh and his posse will be going on to Leeds for an art conference but will be back in Berlin for a bit in early July.


Looking for something to do in Berlin?. Here are some suggestions sent to me via emug:


Paper & Iron Booking, La Moustache and Marie-Antoinette present:



July 4 @ Marie-Antoinette (Bogen 47, Holzmarktstr.15-18, Berlin 10179) doors: 9pm, show: 10pm


Dass sich Screaming Females in den Kellern ihrer Heimatstadt New Brunswick, NJ am wohlsten fühlen, hat sie nicht davon abgehalten, innerhalb von sieben Jahren mit fünf Alben (das neuste: "Ugly" von Steve Albini produziert)und 700 Konzerten Stück für Stück die coolen Musikszenen dieser Welt und nebenbei noch die internationale Presse zu erobern. Egal, was sie machen, mit ihrer unbekümmerten Energie rütteln die Screaming Females so wild und heftig an deinem Schreibtischstuhl, dass du nicht sitzen bleiben kannst. Sängerin Marissa Paternoster wurdevom amerikanischen Rolling Stone als Antwort auf das Ende Sleater-Kinneys bezeichnet und damit könnten die verdammt recht haben. Grund genug, mal herauszufinden, was an die Wand spielen eigentlich bedeutet.

OPA (Punk/Berlin)

OPA are a brand new punk outfit that you haven't heard of yet because they're clever and know that for a thrilling band like them there's no better place than the rehearsal room. They are fast and loud, straightforward and know when to keep a speed and when to let go of it.

Presale tickets: FB event:


Newsletter Living Archive –

Archivarbeit als künstlerische und kuratorische Praxis der Gegenwart / Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic and Curatorial Practice

In diesem Newsletter möchten wir Sie über zwei Veranstaltungen informieren. Am 1. Juli findet die Vorführung des Films ZU FRÜH, ZU SPÄT von Danièle Huillet und Jean-Marie Straub (Frankreich / Ägypten 1989) statt. Ala Younis, derzeit Stipendiatin des Goethe-Instituts, wird diesen Film gemeinsam mit dem Living-Archive-Teilnehmer Tobias Hering diskutieren. Am 7. Juli präsentiert Eunice Martins den ersten Teil ihres Projekts in Zusammenarbeit mit Mehmet Can Özer: "Pieces for the Archive", eine Live-Komposition mit Kurzfilmen aus dem Arsenal-Archiv.

In this newsletter we would like to inform you about two upcoming events. On July 1, a screening of Straub's and Huillet's ZU FRÜH, ZU SPÄT (Too Early / Too Late) will be presented and discussed by Ala Younis and Tobias Hering. On July 7, Eunice Martins will present the first part of her project in collaboration with Mehmet Can Özer. "Pieces for the Archive", a live composition drawing on short films from the Arsenal archive.

Weitere Informationen zu „Living Archive – Archivarbeit als künstlerische und kuratorische Praxis der Gegenwart“ finden Sie auf unserer Webseite:

You can find further information about „Living Archive – Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic and Curatorial Practice“ on our website:

For English version see below!

ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT, Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub, Frankreich / Ägypten 1980, dt. OF, 16mm, 104 min

Anschließend Diskussion mit Ala Younis und Tobias Hering (Sprache Englisch)

1. Juli, 16.15 Uhr in Kino Arsenal 1

„Über eine Revolution sprechen, wie es dazu kam, was darauf folgte. 1980 drehten Jean-Marie Straub und Danièle Huillet in Frankreich und Ägypten einen Film über verblasste und verpasste Revolutionen, ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT. Im Laufe des Jahres 2011 wurde dieser Film verschiedentlich wiederentdeckt als vermeintlich zeitgemäßer Kommentar auf die revolutionären Ereignisse in Ägypten und andernorts. Einige Kommentatoren sprachen ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT im Licht der aktuellen Ereignisse visionären Charakter zu. Das Screening im Arsenal soll diese jüngste Wahrnehmung des Films kritisch befragen; es ist als eine Einladung gedacht, seinen Ort und seine Zeitlichkeit neu zu diskutieren, und dabei auch auf seinen Produktionsprozess, seine Distribution und seine Rezeptionsgeschichte zu reflektieren.“ (Ala Younis, Tobias Hering)

ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT ist ein Film in zwei Teilen (Teil 1 : Friedrich Engels; Teil 2 : Mahmud Hussein). Teil 1 basiert auf einem Brief von Engels an Kautsky, Teil 2 auf Ausschnitten aus dem Buch „Luttes sociales en Egypte“ von Mahmud Hussein.

Engels setzt den historischen Verlauf der Französischen Revolution von 1789 – wer diese Revolution gemacht hat und wer von ihr profitiert hat – in Beziehung zur Einkommens- und Lebenssituation der französischen Land- und Stadtbevölkerung zu diesem Zeitpunkt. Mahmud Hussein skizziert die Geschichte der ländlichen und städtischen Revolten im Ägypten des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts bis zum Nasserschen Staatsstreich von 1952. Die Straubs haben die historischen Orte, um die es in den Texten geht, wieder aufgesucht und Bilder und Töne aus dem Frankreich und Ägypten der Gegenwart zu diesen Texten in Beziehung gesetzt.


Live-Komposition von Eunice Martins und Mehmet Can Özer mit Kurzfilmen

7. Juli, 20 Uhr in Kino Arsenal 1

Eunice Martins präsentiert den ersten Teil ihres Living-Archive-Projekts: „Pieces for the Archive“, eine Live-Komposition mit Kurzfilmen aus dem Arsenal Archiv. Ausgehend von diesen Kurzfilmen, die mit Bild und Ton und deren Kombination / Abwesenheit experimentieren, entsteht live im Kinoraum ein Stück mit Eunice Martins (Piano) und Mehmet Can Özer (Live-Elektronik), das reflektiert, dialogisiert, sich abwendet oder pausiert.

Die Filme des Programms:

SUSAN THROUGH CORN, Kathleen Laughlin, USA 1974, 16mm, ohne Dialog, 2 min

TAILS, Paul Sharits, USA 1976, 16mm, stumm, 4 min

4000 FRAMES – AN EYE OPENER FILM, Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, Australien 1970, 16mm, ohne Dialog, 3 min

RAILROAD TURNBRIDGE, Richard Serra, USA 1975/76, 16mm, stumm, 17 min

LA MARCHE DES MACHINES, Eugène Deslaw, Frankreich 1928, 16mm, stumm, 7 min

EYE MYTH EDUCATIONAL, Stan Brakhage, USA 1972, 16mm, stumm, 2 min

LIGHTS, Marie Menken, USA 1964/65, 16mm, stumm, 6 min

SAILBOAT, Joyce Wieland, Kanada 1968, 16mm, ohne Dialog, 3 min

English version

ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT (Too Early / Too Late), Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub, France/Egypt 1980, German OV, 16mm, 104 min

Afterwards discussion with Ala Younis and Tobias Hering (in English)

July 1, 4.15 pm, Arsenal Cinema 1

„How to speak of a revolution, the times before, the times that followed it. Made in 1981 on faded French and Egyptian revolutions, the rarely seen film ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT by Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet was proposed through several screenings in 2011 as a timely means to open up and reflect on the events that had recently culminated in revolutions in Egypt and elsewhere. Many commentators praised the film for foreseeing the current, present, moment. However this screening at Arsenal is meant to take a critical perspective on these claims and to investigate how the film can be positioned in relation to its production process, temporality, circulation, and appreciation.“ (Ala Younis, Tobias Hering)

ZU FRÜH / ZU SPÄT is a film in two parts (part 1 : Friedrich Engels; part 2 : Mahmud Hussein). Part 1 is based on a letter written by Engels to Kautsky and part 2 on excerpts of the book „Luttes sociales en Egypte" by Mahmud Hussein.

Engels describes the development of the French Revolution in 1989 – who initiated it and who profited from it – in relation to the income and living standards of the french rural and urban population at that moment. Mahmud Hussein outlines the history of the rural and urban revolts in Egypt in the 19th and 20th century until the 1952 military coup d'état. Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub revisited the historical places mentioned in those texts and related images and sounds recorded in France and Egypt in the present to the texts.


Live Composition by Eunice Martins and Mehmet Can Özer with short films

July 7, 8 pm, Arsenal Cinema 1

Eunice Martins presents the first part of her Living Archive project. „Pieces for the Archive“, a live composition drawing on short films from the Arsenal archive. Taking these short films as a starting point, which themselves experiment with image and sound and how they can be combined or treated separately, a performance piece will be created live by Eunice Martins (piano) and Mehmet Can Özer (Live-electronics) in the auditorium which reflects, enters into dialogue with, departs from or pauses the short films included in the program.

The following films are part of the program:

SUSAN THROUGH CORN, Kathleen Laughlin, USA 1974, 16mm, without dialogue, 2 min

TAILS, Paul Sharits, USA 1976, 16mm, silent, 4 min

4000 FRAMES – AN EYE OPENER FILM, Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, Australia 1970, 16mm, without dialogue, 3 min

RAILROAD TURNBRIDGE, Richard Serra, USA 1975/76, 16mm, silent, 17 min

LA MARCHE DES MACHINES, Eugène Deslaw, France 1928, 16mm, silent, 7 min

EYE MYTH EDUCATIONAL, Stan Brakhage, USA 1972, 16mm, silent, 2 min

LIGHTS, Marie Menken, USA 1964/65, 16mm, silent, 6 min

SAILBOAT, Joyce Wieland, Canada 1968, 16mm, without dialogue, 3 min

"Living Archive – Archivarbeit als künstlerische und kuratorische Praxis der Gegenwart" wird gefördert durch die Kulturstiftung des Bundes und die Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin. Das Stipendiatenprogramm des Projekts Living Archive wird gefördert durch das Goethe-Institut.

„Living Archive – Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic and Curatorial Practice“ is funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin. The grant program of the project Living Archive is funded by the Goethe-Institut.

Für weitere Informationen / Further information

Markus Ruff

030 269 55 282 oder

Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst e.V.
Potsdamer Straße 2
10785 Berlin

Hinweis zum Abonnement / Regarding your subscription

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And this little item from one of my brilliant former Weissensee Art Akademy students

WHERE: Museum für angewandte Kunst

Schaumainkai 17, Franfurt am Main, Germany

Mi 27.6., 19 Uhr Eröffnung: Entdeckung Korea!

Schätze aus deutschen Museen

Die Ausstellung „Entdeckung Korea!“ zeigt erstmals verborgene Schätze aus zehn deutschen Museen ‐ koreanische Kunst vom 6. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. Dabei werden mehr als einhundert hochkarätige Werke der Malerei, Kalligraphie, Skulptur, Keramik, Textil-, Lack- und Metallkunst sowie Möbel, Holz- und Jadeobjekte gezeigt.

Zur Vernissage führen die Künstler Anne Duk Hee Jordan und

Hong Yoo ihre Performance „Das Lied der Leere“ auf. Auf der

koreanischen Traversflöte Daegeum begleitet Hong Yoo mit dem

Stück Jeongseonggok (wörtlich “das Stück mit der klaren Stimme”) die Kalligraphieperformance von Anne Duk Hee Jordan, in der sie die buddhistische Idee der Leere aufnimmt.

And please sign up for this hot opportunity to take a photo workshop with one of my sizzling ex NYU students who is working in New York and Paris but will be in Berlin soon.

(info taken from:


WORKSHOP DATES: July 6 & 7, 2012 (Times to be announced upon registration)


This 2 day workshop will focus on the hands-on experimentation with the newly obsolete photographic process of working with instant film. Polaroid ceased production of its legendary instant film in 2008, leading to new digital phenomenons like the Instagram App available through mobile devices, to re-live the nostalgia associated with the rich look of Polaroid photographs. This course will allow students to rediscover analog photography in a digital world without the need of a darkroom. Within the workshop we will practice image lift/transfers, classic manipulation and other creative techniques with instant film.


Polaroid Camera, PX Film Silver or Color shades, Exacto knife, scissors, hair dryer, brushes, acid-free paper

Workshop Breakdown:

DAY 1:

Introduction and brief history on the use of instant film and Polaroid photography in Contemporary Art.

Discussion of Materials, basics of analog photography: light, film speeds and contrast, composition, using your Polaroid camera correctly.

Weather permitting we will take a tour of different sites in Berlin (Templehof Former Airport now public park) to photograph nature, architecture, people, whatever your heart desires!

DAY 2:

Practice of several creative process using your instant photographs:

Turning your instant film into a transparency (works best when your film is at least 24 hrs old)

Emulsion lift technique where you will remove the image from your film and apply it to another photographic surface where you can later add other artistic materials to complete your piece.

Cost: 20 euros per day. The instructor will purchase polaroid cameras for you at a discounted rate on Ebay, if you agree. The cameras can be borrowed as well and discussed once you have registered.

Artist/ Instructor Bio:

Jessica Gispert is an artist originally from Miami, FL, works with video, photography, sculpture, and installation. Currently she lives and works in New York City and Paris. She received her MFA from New York University and has exhibited in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America. Since 2009, she has specialized in photographic technique, Gispert has been teaching Black + White and Color analog photography, as well as Digital photography, at New York University Steindhardt since 2009.

Jessica Gispert:

Monday, June 25, 2012


Last nights Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music screening of the 1985 Chantal Ackerman musical Golden Eighties was an SRO delight.  The film which stars a radiant Delphine Seyrig captivated the crowd even though there were no English or German subtitles for this French speaking romp.  The VIP celebrity quotient in the audience was high with stellar appearances by New York royalty Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes whose closing program of their IntroSpective at Arsenal was full of wonder and surpirse with screenings of Carmelita Gets the Spirit(1988) Loisaida Lusts (1985) and Jack Smith in the Silence of Marcel Duchamp(2010).  Seen chittle chatting with the power tag team of Ela&Uzi the gorgeous curator Dorothee Wenner, Daniel Hendrickson, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Uli Ziemons and the stunning experimental filmmaker Pauline Beaudry with hot girl gang posse.  Also seen:  the manlische art porn shtar Colby Keller of the lovesexxxy  blogina Big Shoe Diaries.  Mr. Keller is one dynamic ginger boy who is virility plus and very John Wayne is big leggy with tragic gay mulatto actor Wentworth Miller.  Straight from Art Basel the pretty British artist Hilary Lloyd, junior art star Jeremy Shaw, dealer JeanClaude Freymond-Guth  Whitney Museum curator Scott Rothkopf, and Little Alex Telemachos of Macedonia and the Chocolate Grinder Kollective who did a fab job on Ms. Davis hair and make-up. The VD doll was sporting a Slauson Super Mall multi-colored $1.99 frock which was a gift from her West of Rome assistant Daniel Flores Estrella, on her clop hoppers Rick Owens wedgies that were especially designed for her.