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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

oh i got nominated for the Alpert Award in Video/Film. Its somewhat like the MacArthur Genius Award in that you don't apply for it you are just nominated, and then one day out of the blue you find out that you've won $50,000. I sure could use that money believe you me. So wish me pluck.
Went to see He Pounces at the Evidence Room. Wow this play sure had some hot bodies in it. It was conceived and choreographed by Ken Roht who use to work with long dead Reza Abdul. There are a lot of Reza touches, but the performers are made more vulnerable then in Reza's control freak debacles. Don't get me wrong Reza was a visionary, but i didn't think everything he did always worked. He had a knack of finding extroidinary talent, though and he could abuse them in extroidinary ways. The Dramaturg for this piece was Michael Silverblatt from NPR fame and so it had a nice homo literary foundation behind it
Standouts in He Pounces is the trannyboy Ilya Pearlman who has quite the beautiful voice, Tad Coughenour who is Juan Fernandez' lover and a delicious actor, Lee Avent an amazingly graceful black dancer lady, Katie Puckrik who has incredible stage presence, and Dylan Kenin who is the knockout hunk with piercing eyes and a sharp nose, who i wants to make an appointment with to chow down on his fine, fine ass.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Saw Madame Sata, the new Brazilian movie about this fiesty macho black queen who didn't take any excrement from the establishment during the 1930's . Of course she spent most of her life in prison, but the gal kicked major asstrovar before getting stuffed under that Jean Genet jail cell. Ms. Sata wound up a Carnivale folk hero in her later years then got knocked by deaths doorknob in the mid 70s.
My friend Professor Jose Munoz of NYU told me to see his pal's documentary on the Weather Underground that will be opening soon in Los Ang--- I can't wait. I should create the New Weather Underground. This time the Revolutions WILL be televised.
Friday was Bricktops. Jane Cantillon performed and was wonderful as usual. I love it when she's bawdy. Jane is one of LA's Punk Princesses, though these days she works in the mainstream TV industry as a producer for Entertainment Tonight. Before ET she was a producer of Hard Copy. I've known her forever and talk about breastage. She has lovely large binockers. Her busom is real not store bought, a rarity these days. Leave it to Jane she is a classic bohemian beauty.
Matt Trynauer, the cute editor at large for Vanity Fair came by the club, but for some reason couldn't stay for the show. He said he is going to come back next week for Josephine Baker Nite. Well he better. Also putting in a pitt stop: Handsome Kid Congo Powers of the Gun Club and Nick Cave Band. Kid just looks better and better the older he gets. Musical genius Kristian Hoffman(Swinging Madisons, Klaus Nomi, Ann Magnusen) stopped in along with zany artist Skot Armstrong and his lover James Talon looking very dapper in vintage Tux's, Lesbian pin-up Gwen Turner came with Sundance Film Festival main programmer Shari Frilot. Maxfield muse Richard Velasco and Sony Pictures big wig Michael Dykes seemed to hit it off as well.
This labor day weekend I'll be housesitting on the Silver Lake. Its going to be nice having a giant house all to myself. My little Hollywood Blvd crashpad is so confining.