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Monday, August 15, 2022

Die Antwort auf Hollywood

Back in the early aughts when I was still living in Los Angeles hosting, performing and DJaning at my performance space/speakeasy Bricktops at the Parlour Club in the Russian Quartier of Hollywood I got an amazing amount of national press within the period of two months. A big feature article in Paper Magazine, a spread in Vogue thanks to Rick Owens and two Sunday calendar profiles in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times nicely written by the tall, handsome patrician journalista Guy Trebay. Not bad for a dusky woman from the wrong side of the tracks. After the press I got besieged with offers for things from Hollywood lunatics big and small. A lot of it was nonsense as these were the early days of reality television so a lot of these infidels basically wanted to just follow me around with a camera and see where the sparks landed. Of course I let them wine and dine me. I was so shameless having them take me lunches and dinners at the expensive Pacific Dining Car Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles and I would eat one meal with them and get another to take with me. Of course I wasn´t interested in the genre of reality television, but they didn´t need to know that. 

One particular successful Hollywood producer whose name I won´t devulge has continued to follow my career since leaving Los Angeles for Berlin. What is hardly ever talked about is that most people in Hollywood aren´t very creative at all.  They have the personalities of dullard accountants.  They think they are creative, but actually hate those of us who are creative.

This particular producer is one of these people.  Ever so often he contacts me trying to put a carrot to my face in tempting me to come back to Hollywood for what he says is a starring role in a movie he is producing but I always politely decline or rather I get my assistant Gleeson Brevard to reply: Thank you for your interest in Ms. Davis, unfortunately . . . Get the picture?

Well more recently since the pandemic he has been contacting me with trying to get me to write and star in a Netflix style series. The problem with certain Hollywood power types is that they become more intrigued by you when you say No.  No is one of my all time favourite words. I left Los Angeles and the USA a very long time ago and most people are still clueless how anyone could do that. Of course I follow my own instincts no matter where they take me, and love the adage by the great Diane Vreeland, "There is elegance in refusal".