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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Les Nobel Genevois a l’honneur

Entarteurs, allez voter!

That train set go getter Ms. Vaginal Davis Jr. is now back in Geneva at Work Master HEAD teaching her Perverse Assemblages labzone/seminar with Olga Rozenblum.

Our Autumnal Rohypnol lady has had quite a season with giving an artist talk and screening as part of the Fringe Queer Film and Art Festival in London. The multigenerational audiences seemed to adore her 1990 short subject Dot where the diva impersonates with a bad mid Atlantic accent the famed wit Dorothy Parker co-starring with her is a former crush Alfredo Botello playing Robert Benchley.  Mr. Botello is now a married man with two teenage sons and fluctuates from being a bar owner in Oakland and screenwriter.

The other films screened were VooDoo Williamson the Dona of Dance and The White to be Angry. All these films made their UK premiere decades after being made in Hollywoodland back in the1990s. La Davis’ screening and artist talk were surprisingly sold out. The lady also had a private viewing at the Stoke Newington Library Gallery of her new painting series In Search of Gnost Time.

The celebutant quotient was high with appearances by Narcisister, Bishop Black - the handsome blue movie star of Bruce La Bruce’s last omnibus flicker with the galpals of Erica Lust, gorgeous artiste Elly Clarke, and partner Roux Malherbe, Helen de Witt (Programme Advisor for the Experimenta strand. She is also a curator and lecturer in Film Studies at Birkbeck and University of the Arts London. Helen was previously Head of Cinemas at the BFI) and Bart McDonagh (Senior Project Manager at Domino Records), juicy artist and scholar Lewis Church, Jen Smethurst (performance producer), Alex Eisenberg from Live Art Development Agency, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson and Nichol (arts producers), Christa Holka (an awesome photographer) and Adriana Disman (artist), Hunky ginger English cricketer Ben Stokes, actor and renowned art collector Russell Tovey, Canadian filmmaker Kevin Hegge, young artiste Chris Cole who works with Kembra Pfahler and Billy Miller of STH, Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin, and soap opera male ingĂ©nue Parry Glasspool. Ms. Davis sends special thankx to everyone at Fringe Festival including Muffin, Alek and Marta, Dan Gunn Gallery London, plus the Goethe Institute who paid for the lovely stylish boutique suite Ms. Davis enjoyed at Kip Hotel in Hackney Central.

After London Tante Vaginal Davis was off to Frankfurt am Main to host and DJane the closing party of REMAKE. Frankfurter Frauen Film Tage at the Goethe Universitaet. This amazing feministiche Film Festival is the brainchild of the great and glorious team of Heide Schluepmann & Karola Gramann of KinoThek Asta Nielsen.

Ms. Davis was housed at the glamorous Hotel Villa Orange on Hebbelstrasse which has the most delicious Bio breakfast in Christendom and a gracious staff.

Ms. Davis was so excited to be engulfed in the incredible atmosphere of the screenings and being around so many accomplished women. La Ms. Davis felt so fortunate that she got to meet one of her feministiche heroines in the form of the badass B. Ruby Rich who lives in the Bay Area now after years in New York City. Ms. Rich was regaling Ms. Davis of how she can’t stand the San Francisco Yoga culture and has traded in her mat for boxing which keeps her looking youthful and fit. If you get into any hassle B. Ruby Rich has got your back girls. 

 Lots of laughs during luncheon with Ms. Rich, Heide Schluepmann, Karola Gramann, and the beautiful and talented Hindle Wakes. Ms. Davis enjoyed the screening of the films of Ella Bergmann-Michel introduced by a teenage looking Bettina Schulte Strathaus. During the closing night party Ms. Davis Djaned along with locals Han of the Safe & Sound who spins vinyl with cassette tapes and Djane Karaj who spun Afro Beats and Grime. Ms. Davis loved seeing former students from Geissen, Offenback, Mainz, The Steadeschule and Goethe Universitaet and would love to send heartfelt thanks and give shout outs to Heide& Karola, Gaby Babic, Esra Kartal and her marvelous rock steady crew.