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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Iranian prinzessinbad via Montreal´s McGill University Leila, and her lovesexy all-girl poontang posse invaded Berlin for phun and phrolic. I am forever indebted to Ms. Leila for bringing me back to the French Canadian wonderland in March of this year, after a six year hiatus.
The last time i was in the land of giganticus uncut meatsis was when i opened up for Margaret Cho´s Notorious C.H.O. tour in 2001-2
Along with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and a gamut of Canucks, Francophiles and an uber hung Moroccan stud treat we took over the Nobel Elf cantina at KottbusserDamn Crusty to raucausly celebrate Laila´s 12 1\2 year of living on the planet.
A few nights before i went drinking with teen lovers Travis and Mario who now work as high paid male courtesans via Madame Toucanana and her elite acting, grifting, hooking, hustling, modeling and talent agency.
Kjohnny Blue, younger brother of Cheapie Tim Blue is now living in Berlin. Two brothers with penile sizes of 25 centimeters each-----Wow!!!! it doesnt get any better then that. Tim hosted a welcoming party at his flat that included all the usual stars of the scene plus the lovely Stefanie of the Arsenal Kino.
Got to run I am having lunch with the handsome German actor Til . . .