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Saturday, April 28, 2018


The Basis of Spring

Hunty Molyneaux couldn't believer her lucka. “Exclaim, she said. Brandeis Lintelman is the best 90 minute man I have ever had.

He was diminutive, but was well proportioned with a sturdy rack, broad shoulders, a throat stretcher if ever there was one, with klick-klacky hangy downey mildew Baoding balls.

It had been many years since Hunty had a Spring romance. Winter had been harsh and dismal. Brandeis of the steel grey eyes made her feel desire under the elms, or rather Linden trees.

Hunty had felt so invisible before meeting him. He was old enough to be her godson. When he asked her exactly how old she was, she smiled and gave him her standard How old do you want me to be?

He took a moment to think about it, then mumbled, “Thirty-nine”.

So that became her age, just like comedian Jack Benny. All her points of reference dated Miss Hunty miserably. Brandeis doesn't know who Tom Cruise is let alone Jack Benny. 


Congrats to Ms. Vaginal Davis' former NYU student Beatrice Glow who is an official Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow. She will be researching with world class experts at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery and the National Numismatics Collection at the National Museum of American History. 

Another one of Ms. Davis' brilliantine students is Lydia Hamann. Miss Lydia was in Ms. Davis' Do or Die Performance Art Seminar way back in 2007 at Weissensee Art Akademy in Berlin. Now Lydia is involved in a myriad of fantastic, fascinating projects, the latest a book called Radical Admiration along with fellow artist Kaj Osteroth. Please consider contributing to their crowdfunding effort. You won't regret it, as it helps to finance young feminist art, and there is no more important cause I can think of supporting:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Raum der Moeglichkeiten
Enjoyed a lovely Spring awakening with Fearless Leader of CHEAP kollektiv Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marcuse Siegelstein at the Schwules Museum to see Dynasty Handbag perform. Her performance was a longer version of what she did in Oslo recently.
Ms. Jibz Cameron the woman behind the designer purse is revitting on stage. There are no bounds to the Dynasty Handbag genius, plus she always knows where her light is, captivating the young queer audience.
Happy to report that on this particular day the musuem was delightfully void of the usual gay lizards that are their typical publicum.
The next day I breakfasted with the hot, sexy lesbian schtarina at a cute little boite on the Mehringdamm Corridor. I had no idea that she had first come to Los Angeles from New York to work on a project with the production company of mainstream comedy film star Jack Black, whose wife has a background in the underground scene.
Had a lovely girlish time bonding with Ms. Cameron as a coupla of hot chix sitting around shooting the shit.
Was able to do some site specific location scouting for Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson. We found a very cool space, but I don't want to talk about it as I feel that would jinx it. Keep posted to this very blogina for future developments.
Been painting like mad to make my deadline for the upcoming Art Basel. Was able to take a break from painting to hang out with one of my best girlfriends the famed make-up artiste Akira Knightly. Mz. Akira and I love to Barney Google cute boys and gossip gossip and more gossip.
So thrilled I got to listen to handsome Jamie Stewart of XiuXiu in town for an impromptu solo gig at the Volksbuhner's Rote Salon. Was sitting on a sofa with Senol Senturk and was able to just close my eyes and drift in Jamie's illustrious voice and sounds without physically seeing him as he was surrounded by throngs of attractive young admirers. With my swollen feet and bad knees I can't stand at a concert so I had to park it in one place and marinade in an aural swell of complete utter joy. Will be going back on tour with Jamie & Gang for the Original Sin concert/installation project soon.