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Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was stellar by starlight Sunday evening post Gay Bottom Feeder Shame Parade and Festival with a screening of the 1934 Mexican rarity Redes.  The best comment about the film came from gorgeous Israeli baby dyke Noam Gorbat, who's working on a low budget historical-phantasized lesbian feature film which will stage a love triangle in the then british mandate in palestine who said the film screening of Redes was proletariat labor porn!  Enjoying the pornocupia and post screening fiesta complete with tequila body shots was a group of legendary West Berliners from the 1980s Super 8 filmmaking scene including Barbara Kasper, Lothar Schuster the photographer and documentary cineaste, Universitaet Bochum Professor of Media & Gender Studies Astrid Deuber Mankowsky with Cilly Kugelman the director of the Jewish Museum, film editor and Laurie Anderson co-hort  Ruth Schoenegge, that dashing piece of virile masculinity Vegard Venge the genius stage and film director with buddy Max of the Volksbuhner ensemble, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein looking like he is 32 though he just turned 50 with his lady love Susanne Sachsse, Atlanta of the University of Oldenberg and her hot gal posse that included Sudanese super model Alek Wek, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson, that sexy Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus back from the middle-east where she has been brokering peace initiatives, dorkaholic film director Colin Trevorrow who has a mad unrequited crush on Vaginal Davis, incogNegro writer Mat Johnson (Loving Day),academic IT GIRL Nanna Heidenreich whose new book V/Erkennungsdienst, das Kino und die Perspektive der Migration just dropped and is already getting tons of international acclaim.  Congrats Nannoothka-----we love you!!!!