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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Just read in The Daily News that Downtown LA Central Library will feature an exhibition called “To Live and Dine in LA that displays a collection of historic and visually arresting restaurant menus.  USC communications professor Josh Kun facilitated and selected some of the best items.  Josh use to work at UC Riverside along with Dr. Professor Jennifer Doyle.  Josh is one hot piece of hava nagila and I have had a longstanding crush on him.  Haven’t seen him in years but I am sure he has aged well like Manneshevitz wine.
Had a delightfully zany time being photographed by Wolfgang Tilmans at his fancy Prinzessinnen Strasse studio rooftop garden on top of the FSK Kino for Fall issue of Document Journal Magazine.  I was outfitted by Miu Miu in a Lana Turner They Won’t Forget Sweater and dripping in Prada jewelry.  The delightful fashion assistant was Katherina Korbjuhn and Servullo Mendez who was my make-up artiste last year for a Dazed&Confused portrait beat a face of sheer perfection this time as well.  Special thanks to Miss Evelyn (Wolfgang’s no nonsense right hand gal) and all the other cute and cuddly staff at the Tilman studios. The Vagimule doll had a blast!
Did a telephone interview with Bruno Horta from Time Out Lisbon that was a lot of fun as I chittle chatted with him at twice the Camille Paglia speed of light. I will be in Lisbon in July  for the Are You For Real Art & Film Congress that explores Blaxploitation cinema and afrofuturism at the Portuguese Cinematheque.  I hope a bunch of young big peniled boys named Joao will pull a train on me in my hotel room.
Attended the 50th birthday party of Marcuse Siegelstein the other evening.  It was a small intimate affair with just a few visiting fag&dykademic royals that included Heather Love and her wife Mara and daughter Juliet, New Zealand via Ozzie scholarinas Anna Marie Jagose and Lee Wallace, fashion plate Sianne Ngai and hubby Mark McGurl, New York’s lovesexiest gay “IT” couple Damon&Michael,Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim, beautiful Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and her glam sister Bettina, The Gersh Twins Richard& Salome with Juicy Roman and his pet puppy, art shtar Yael Bartana and artiste wifette Saskia, UCLA academe Gil Hochberg, Steffi whose boyfriend is in the UK band Travis, Norweigan genius theatre hunksis Vegard Venge and his ravishing costume& stage designer Ida Muller, intermedia actress & director Susanne Sachsse and Canadian/Ukranian dance academica Chris.
I was feeling a little sickly the other day so i missed the lecture at the ICI Berlin that Heather Love gave on the work of Samuel Delany, but I am sure it was as fabtastular as the handsome Heather who is one of the brightest stars in the heavenly academy firmament